Sale of Sir G Smyth’s properties in 1848

New material added: catalogue of some Elmswell-related documents in the Ipswich Record Office

In May 2006 James Fisk spotted this website, and contacted the webmaster. He mentioned that several hundred years ago his forbears owned land in Elmswell, and his genealogical research had led him to a considerable body of documents now housed in Ipswich R.O. He kindly forwarded his catalogue, which itself mentions a number of Elmswell families and names of parcels of land. Sadly, the only surnames with resonances elswhere the records on this site are Marsh (gravestones 1693 in the churchyard) and perhaps Cocksage (=Cocksedge).

Other documents

Manorial Account 1374, in Bury Record Office; quite badly damaged, and in latin. I have taken photos of the whole scroll, and maybe someone can be found to decipher it. Here are just two samples:
Property sale, 1848.

A carefully drawn map shown below in the image gallery shows the landowners of most of Elmswell.

Transcription Service

Historical documents, particularly concerning Suffolk, read from Latin or English, by James G. Fisk. Contact by email in first instance – fisk.transcriptions@fsma