Burials from January 1813 to January 1889

A few items which need checking (difficult to see on my photos) are purple if reasonably certain, or green if vague.

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YearDateNameAbode (if not Elmswell)AgeBy whom the Ceremony was performedNo.
181317-JanThomas Pattle.2mJ Lawton1
.17-FebJohn Osbourn.75J Lawton2
.03-MayRobert Fuller.2mJ Lawton3
.02-JunMary Seadon.35J Lawton4
.06-JunElizabeth..J Lawton5
.23-SepAnn Baker..7
.01-NovRobert Thomson..8
181418-Jan.21J Lawton9
.19-JanSarah LockBury59J Lawton10
.16-FebHannah Osbourne.70J Lawton11
.04-MarNathaniel Plumkin.47J Lawton12
.14-MarLydia Spencer.10mJ Lawton14
.17-AprWilliam Ralph.45A Roper15
.24-AprRobert Sayer.73A Roper16
.27-AprEdward Howes.28J A Rogen17
.20-JunGeorge Baker.4J Lawton18
.09-JulWilliam Dickson.24wJ Lawton19
.20-JulHarriet Eliza Hoggit.4mJ Lawton20
.06-NovChristopher Oxer.74J Lawton21
.30-JunSarah Cuthbert?.33J Lawton22
.06-NovChristopher Oxer.Repeat!74J Lawton23
181507-FebJames Borley.2mJ Lawton24
.16-FebSarah Ann Rebbams?..J Lawton25
.10-MayLucy Rebbams?..J Lawton26
.29-JunElizabeth Baker Wills..J Lawton27
.10-SepElizabeth Baker.77J Lawton28
.17-SepSamuel Pegg.30wJ Lawton29
.17-OctMary Gutterick?.71J Lawton30
.11-NovMaryAnn Lonsdale?.inf.J Lawton31
181604-MarHannah Manning..J Lawton32
.18-AprGeorge Langham.16?J Lawton33
.26-AprWilliam Gamer.21J Lawton34
.20-JanElizabeth Sparrow.J Lawton35
.16-JunGeorge BrowneWoolpit.J Lawton36
.22-JunMaryAnn Cook..J Lawton37
.16-AugEllen Southgate.wife of George.J Lawton38
.22-OctMaryAnn.26J Lawton39
181709-JanGoymer Nouse?..J Lawton40
.14-JanSarah Leeder.19J Lawton41
.20-FebSarah Gooderick..J Lawton42
.AprMary Gutterick?.37J Lawton43
.20-AugRobert Leeder.53J Lawton44
.19-OctAnn Wills.daughter of Elizabeth.J Lawton45
.02-NovJohn Mulley.12J Lawton46
.08-NovMaryAnn Wright..J Lawton47
.23-NovThomas Goddard..J Lawton48
181804-JanMaryAnn Davey.inf.J Lawton49
.13-JanThomas Goodman.11J Lawton50
.25-JanAnn Leeder.50J Lawton51
.30-JanSarah Wright.45J Lawton52
.22-FebHannah Manning..J Lawton53
.24-FebSusannah Wright..J Lawton54
.26-MarSarah Rose?..J Lawton55
.30-AprJames Baker.50J Lawton56
.05-JunElizabeth Sayer.84J Lawton57
.12-SepJohn? Howes..J Lawton58
.27-AprSimon Cross?.infJ Lawton59
.25-Sep(wife of) Saunders..J Lawton60
.15-NovSimon Thomson.76J Lawton61
.25-NovMary Catchpole.11J Lawton62
.03-Dec.2J Lawton63
.04-DecJames Wright..J Lawton64
.11-DecAmey.22J Lawton65
.20-DecJames Browne.73J Lawton66
181914-FebRachael Cross.31?J Lawton67
.FebElizabeth Wright.infJ Lawton68
.14-AprElizabeth Bauley..J Lawton69
.18-MayElizabeth Balaam.55J Lawton70
.12-JulHarriot Goddard..J Lawton71
.02-SepSamuel Seadon?Ipswich72J Lawton72
.12-OctElias? Pegg.8J Lawton73
.Sarah? Browne..J Lawton74
.25-NovWilliam? Bruce?..J Lawton75
.11-DecAmey Fuller?.51J Lawton76
182004-JanWright..J Lawton77
.22-FebSamuel Hart.infJ Lawton78
.27-FebRobert Rice.3wJ Lawton79
.13-MarEliza Wright..J Lawton80
.27-FebThomasia Cook?Ashfield.J Lawton81
.25-MayElizabeth Grott?.88Spencer Cobbold82
.01-JunSamuel Lock?.74J Lawton83
.06-JunSusannah Horzek?..Spencer Cobbold84
182108-JanSusannah Blomfield.38J Lawton85
.12-JanEdmund Goddard..J Lawton86
.06-MarElizabeth Wright..J Lawton87
.24-MarEmily Goddard.32?J Lawton88
.12-AprEnoch Wright..J Lawton89
.19-AprJohn Cuthbert.63J Lawton90
.17-MayWilliam Catchpole.11J Lawton91
.24-MayRobert Howes.76J Lawton92
.19-MarMary Osbourn.91J Lawton93
.JuneElizabeth Goymer..J Lawton94
.07-SepMarci Mulley.21J Lawton95
.Charlotte Wright..J Lawton96
.04-OctSarah Woolard.68J Lawton97
.08-NovGeorge Wright..J Lawton98
.10-DecPatience Chandler..J Lawton99
.18-DecElizabeth Sparrow..J Lawton100
182214-FebHannah Fuller.1mJ Lawton101
.23-FebMary Marsh.84J Lawton102
.02-MarJames Baker.22J Lawton103
.05-JunWilliam Thomson?.60J Lawton104
.15-JulEliza Martha Bridges?.2J Lawton105
.27-OctThama Marshall.8mJ Lawton106
.31-OctDavid Spencer.6mJ Lawton107
182313-JanJames Borley.78J Lawton108
.10-AprJames Cole.87J Lawton109
.01-JunRobert Balaam.24J Lawton110
.06-JulMary Goymer.33J Lawton111
.04-AugJohn Wright.70J Lawton112
.15-SepSarah Langham.84J Lawton113
.18-NovJohn Dixon?.34J Lawton114
.16-DecAnn Cocksedge.54J Lawton115
182401-JanGeorge Borley.6J Lawton116
.26-JanMaryAnn Elliston.22J Lawton117
.19-FebElizabeth Elliston.73J Lawton118
.09-MarJohn Wright.35J Lawton119
.12-MarElizabeth Ramsbottom.74J Lawton120
.16-MarEliza Plummer.7wJ Lawton121
.17-JunWilliam Jackson.77J Lawton122
.13-JulHarriot Wright.21J Lawton123
.15-AugJohn Alexander..J Lawton124
.19-OctSarah Marshall.1J Lawton125
.22-OctSophie Clarke.3J Lawton126
.11-NovJemima Turner?.75J Lawton127
.09-DecLouisa Exton?.24J Lawton128
.19-DecElizabeth Fenton.85J Lawton129
182506-MarJohn Blomfield.88J Lawton130
.26-MarGeorge Jackson.79J Lawton131
.25-AprRobert Mulley.25J Lawton132
.17-MayMary Prilly.96J Lawton133
.19-MayWinifred Barnes.69J Lawton134
.14-AugMary Southgate.50J Lawton135
.14-AugMartha Manning.16J Lawton136
.18-SepMary Spengicz?.22J Lawton137
.16-OctIsaac Rice.82J Lawton138
.27-NovMary Bull.43J Lawton139
.13-DecSpencer Clarke.1J Lawton140
182629-JanJohn Southgate.84J Lawton141
.14-MarThos Couldham Anny?.32J Lawton142
.26-AprCharlotte Wright.7mJ Lawton143
.MayMary Wretham.37J Lawton144
.26-MayJohn Jackson Wright.35J Lawton145
.11-JunMaryAnn Manning.13wJ Lawton146
.09-JulRebecca Sayer.18wJ Lawton147
.22-AugMaryAnn Jackson.infJ Lawton148
.17-OctDennis Goddard.29wJ Lawton149
.07-DecWilliam Jackson.26J Lawton150
182711-FebEdmund Jacob.92J Lawton151
.05-MaySusan Mulley.82?J Lawton152
.06-MayWilliam Cobbin?.8?J Lawton153
.18-MayMary Bridges.36J Lawton154
.22-JulThomas Davey.18J Lawton155
.31-JulPeter Bridges.59J Lawton156
.25-SepPatience Beeston?.31J Lawton157
.15-NovDavid Davey.23J Lawton158
.30-NovClara Kate Beeston?.18wJ Lawton159
.26-DecSusan Bumstead.61?J Lawton160
182813-JanJames Clarke.1J Lawton161
.10-FebHarriot Ruddock.2J Lawton162
.30-MarElizabeth Baker.19J Lawton163
.25-AprAnn Mills.84J Lawton164
.08-MayGeorge Sparrow.67J Lawton165
.23-JunJohn Scase.6J Lawton166
.10-AugEnoch Clarke.3J Lawton167
.31-AugHarriot King.1J Lawton168
.05-OctSarah Leeder.88J Lawton169
.11-OctJohn Finley?.76J Lawton170
.19-OctMary Rice.86J Lawton171
182913-MarThomas Bridges?.69J Lawton172
.20-MarEliza Mulley.6mJ Lawton173
.26-MarAnn Wright.31J Lawton174
.12-AprFrederic Fenton.18J Lawton175
.16-AprGeorge Langham.55J Lawton176
.Apr-26John Mulley.7? yrsJ Lawton177
.June 12thAnn BridgeWoolpit59 yrsJ Lawton178
.July 17thJacob Baker.75 yrsJ Lawton179
.August 4thEdward Case.38 yrsJ Lawton180
.August 30thAnn Rettum.6 mthsJ Lawton181
.Octr 6thGeorge Pattle BridgesStowmarket18 yrsJ Lawton182
.Novr 1stTamwith Goddard.35 weeksJ Lawton183
.Novr 11thWillm Pattle.12 yrsJ Lawton184
.Novr 25thMary Davy.54 yrsJ Lawton185
.Decr 6thWillm Manning.56 yrsJ Lawton186
.Decr 11Mary Ann Jacksinxxx Haughley3 yrsE. Lawton Offict. Minister187
.Decr 26James Cobben.38 yrsJ Lawton188
1830Janry 11James Seadon.20 yrsJ Lawton189
.Janry 25Lucy Mower.34 yrsJ Lawton190
.Janry 26Eliza Rice.5 yrsJ Lawton191
.Febry 26Mary Goddard.34 yrsJ Lawton192
.March 26thEliza Tinton.24 yrsJ Lawton193
.April 4thAmey Fuller.13 yrsJ Lawton194
.April 6thAnn Tinton.60 yrsJ Lawton195
.April 18thMartha Pamment.93 yrsJ Lawton196
.April 19thSarah Bridges.73 yrsJ Lawton197
.April 20thJane Sayer.18 yrsE. Lawton Offict. Minister198
.May 31stTryphene Graham.2 weeksJ Lawton Offict. Minister199
.Novr 28(not on photo).63 yrsJ Lawton200
1831Febry 1stDennis ChandlerStowmarket73 yrsJ Lawton201
.Febry 6thElizabeth Hayard.76 yrsJ Lawton202
.Febry 14thMartha GrimwoodDrinkstone36 yrsJ Lawton203
.Febry 20thEdward Goddard.1 dayJ Lawton204
.June 26thEdward Marshall.2 yrsJ Lawton205
.July 4thGeorge Baker.74 yrsJ Lawton206
.Jul-17Susannah Clarke.1 hrJ Lawton207
.Jul-21Joseph Goymer.84 yrsJ Lawton208
.August 21stCharles Wretham.14 weeksJ Lawton209
.Novr 27George Baker.35 yrsJ Lawton Offict. Minister210
.Novr 30thLydia Croft (or Cross).98 yrsEdward Lawton Offict. Minister211
.Decr 30thAnn Dixon.45 yrsJ Lawton Offict. Minister212
1832Janry 5thSarah Mulley.77 yrsJ Lawton Offict. Minister213
.Janry 5thJoseph Baker.35 yrsJ Lawton Offict. Minister214
.Janry 21stGeorge Dixon.12 yrsE. Lawton Offict. Minister215
.March 11thMary Ann Barrell.21 yrsJ Lawton Offict. Minister216
.March 13thWilliam Buckle.22 yrsJ Lawton217
.April 13thMary Rice.98 yrsJ Lawton Offict. Minister218
.August 6thCharles FentonBury7 yrsJ Lawton Offict. Minister219
.Aug-12Mary Hovell.76 yrsJ Lawton220
.Aug-12Mary Buckle.39 yrsJ Lawton221
.August 16thPrudence Steel.30 yrsJ Lawton Offict. Minister222
.August 26thJohn Marriot.11 mthsJ Lawton223
.Septr 27thDaniel Jeffery.2 yrsJ Lawton224
.Novr 18thFrances Elizabeth Bradley.20 wksJ Lawton225
.Novr 27Willm Bacon Goldsmith.21 yrsJ Lawton226
.Novr 18thWilliam Fenton.67 yrsJ Lawton Offict. Minister227
1833Janry 19William Marshall.17 daysJ Lawton228
.Janry 31stRobert Leeder.5 yrsJ Lawton229
.Febry 27Mary JacksonStowmarket84 yrsJ Lawton230
.April 1stIsaac BridgesWetherden53 yrsJ Lawton231
.April 2ndHannah Wright.46 yrsJ Lawton Offict. Minister232
.April 28thHarriet Thoughts.33 yrsJ Lawton233
.May 16thEdward Clarke.2 yrsJ Lawton234
noteJune 4thElizabeth Clarke.8 yrsome other minister235
.June 7thHarriet Thoughts.15 monthsJ Lawton236
.June 11thWillm Berman.9 yrsJ Lawton237
.August 4thRobert King.1 yr & halfJ Lawton238
.Septr 27thSarah Ralph.25 yrsJ Lawton Offict. Minister239
.Octr 4thElizabeth Oharway.90 yrsJ Lawton240
.Octr 22ndJoseph Goymer.19 yrsJ Lawton241
.Octr 27thWalter Manning.27 daysJ Lawton242
.Octr 30thElizabeth MarshallFrom Bury28 yrsJ Lawton Offict. Minister243
.Novr 11thElizabeth GardinerFrom Ipswich1 yr & halfJ Lawton xxxx244
.Decr 25William Theophilus Wright.14 weeksJ Lawton245
1834Janry 1stSarah Rettum.21 yrsJ Lawton xxxx246
.Febry 2ndIsaac Alfred Wright.10 weeksJ Lawton247
.Febry 11thWillm Eliz eth Ralph.20 weeksJ Lawton xxxx248
.Febry 20thElizabeth FentonFrom Bury5 monthsJ Lawton249
.Febry 20thJames Hazelwood.73 yrsJ Lawton250
.March 18thElizabeth FentonElmswell thought from Bury30 yrsJ Lawton251
.June 13thLouis Borley.15 yrsJ Lawton252
.August 10thElizabeth Robinson.16 daysJ Lawton xxxx253
.August 28thJames Clarke.9 weeksJ Lawton xxxx254
.Octr 26thJames Goodman.16 daysJ Lawton255
.Decr 27Mary Barrell.xx yrsJ Lawton xxxx256
1834Oct 31stMary PattleAshfield15 yrsJ Lawton257
.Dec 15thMarthaSeadon83 yrsJ Lawton258
.Dec 21stAdam Clarke.3 yrsJ Lawton259
.Dec 26thJohn Jackson GreenDennington23 yrsJ Lawton260
1835Jan 2ndPatience Howes?.16 yrsJ Lawton261
.Jan 27thElizabeth Baker.68 yrsJ Lawton262
.March 1stWillm Fuller.47 yrsJ Lawton263
.March 14thJohn JacksonDennington73 yrsJ Lawton264
.March 25thElizabeth Clarke.38 yrsJ Lawton265
.April 7thJames Laffling?.2 monthsJ Lawton266
.April 9thFrances Wright.61 yrsJ Lawton267
.April 13thJane JacksonHaughley36 yrsJ Lawton268
.April 13thSarah Jane JacksonHaughley7 yrsJ Lawton269
.April 28thReuben? JacksonHaughley2 yrsJ Lawton270
.May 4thEllen SouthgateBSE58 yrsJ Lawton271
.May 14thHannah Skipper?.24 yrsJ Lawton272
.May 18thThomas FentonBSE25 yrsJ Lawton273
.June 30thJane Langham JacksonHaughley3 monthsJ Lawton274
.July 13thEliza LeederNewton3 monthsJ Lawton275
.July 23rdMary Worledge.81 yrsJ Lawton276
.July 29thMary Fuller.18 yrsJ Lawton277
.Sept 26thJane Seadon.25 yrsJ Lawton278
.? 26thIsaac Rice.57 yrsJ Lawton279
.?27thJames Howes.29 yrsJ Lawton280
.Dec 5th?James Goodman?.32 yrsJ Lawton281
1836Feb 25thElizabeth Thomson.53 yrsJ Lawton282
.Mar-12Ann Baker.18 m?J Lawton283
.Mar-27Martha Mulley.5 mJ Lawton284
.March 29thJames Marshall.9 yrsJ Lawton285
.April 1stJosiah Waller.3 wksJ Lawton286
.April 4thHarriet OsbourneBacton30 yrsJ Lawton287
.April 28thBenjamin Mulley.18 mJ Lawton288
.May 13thAlexander Goddard.49 yrsJ Lawton289
.May 15thJohn Poole.38 yrsJ Lawton290
.May 16thHarriet Ellen OsbourneBacton11 mJ Lawton291
.May 31stMary Baker.75 yrsJ Lawton292
.June 16thElizabeth Mulley.75 yrsJ Lawton293
.July 1stMary Ann Manning.9 yrsJ Lawton294
.July 24thSusan Catchpole.58 yrsJ Lawton295
.Nov 3rdCharlotte Poole.40 yrsJ Lawton296
.Dec 13thEliz. Ralph.26 yrsJ Lawton297
.Dec 13thSarah Hart.17 mJ Lawton298
1837Jan-29Hannah Pearce.9 mJ Lawton299
.Feb 7thJohn Howlet?.66 yrsJ Lawton300
.Feb 13thLouisa Fenton.20 yrsJ Lawton301
.Feb 29thHenry Baker.7 wksJ Lawton302
.April 12thElizabeth Wright.36 yrsJ Lawton303
.May 5thAnn Spencer.52 yrsJ Lawton304
.June 12thCaroline Fuller?.12 yrsJ Lawton305
.June 15thJohn Clarke.15 mJ Lawton306
.June 16thBridget Baker.55 yrsJ Lawton307
.July 11thAbraham Goodman.65 yrsB. Norgate??308
.July 27thSarah Lucas.26 yrsJ Lawton309
.July 27thJohn Osborne Seaman?Walsham-le-Willows28 yrsJ Lawton310
.August 21stSophia Fuller.30? yrsJ Lawton311
.Sept 21stMary Hunt?.42 yrsJ Lawton312
.Nov 3rdSophia Ruddock.53 yrsJ Lawton313
.Nov 26thRobert Clarke.21 yrsJ Lawton314
1838March 18thJames Farrow.13 yrsJ Lawton315
.May 17thMary Ann Salmon.10mJ Lawton316
.June 11thLydia Robinson.33 yrsJ Lawton317
.June 13thJohn Robinson.2 yrsJ Lawton318
.June 29thJames Fuller.77 yrsJ Lawton319
.June 29thWilliam Lord.3wJ Lawton320
.July 22ndJohn Jeffery?.1 yrsJ Lawton321
.August 1stMary Goddard.96 yrsB Robinson322
.Sept 16thSarah Barrell.55 yrsJ Lawton323
.Oct 18thIsaac JacksonFrom Woolpit15 yrsJ Lawton324
.Oct 21stMartha Sayer.72 yrsJ Lawton325
.Nov 25thMartha Howes.72 yrsJ Lawton326
.Dec 16thThomas CatchpoleFrom the senior house24 yrsJ Lawton327
.Dec 21stMartha Mulley.33 yrsJ Lawton328
1839Jan 29thAbraham Pamment.11wJ Lawton329
.Feb 19thJohn Lord.25 yrsJ Lawton330
.April 22ndMary Goldsmith.49 yrsJ Lawton331
.April 26thWilliam Cook.86 yrsJ Lawton332
.May 9thMartha Mulley.9mEdwd Lawton333
.June 1stJohn GoddardWalshamblank yrsEdwd Lawton334
.May 26thHenry Syer?.8m335
.June 9thHarriet E?.12 yrsJ Lawton336
.August 4thSusan Brinkley.94 yrsJ Lawton337
.Nov 4thWilliam Leader?From Beyton70? yrsE Lawton339
.Dec 3rdAdam ClarkeFrom Hepworth2 yrsEd Lawton340
1840Jan 19thSamuel Hawes.66 yrsEd Lawton341
.Feb 14thEnoch Mulley.19 yrsEd Lawton342
.April 1stGeorge PettittUnion House86 yrsEd Lawton343
.April 23rdMary GoddardWalsham90 yrsEd Lawton344
.April 1stGeorge PettitFrom Stow Union House86 yrsEd Lawton345
.June 7thJohn Fordham.18 yrsJ Lawton346
.June 7thJames Armstrong.2 yrsJ Lawton347
.July 18thSophia Armstrong.5mEd Lawton348
.Sept 1stJonathan Mulley.20mEd Lawton349
.Sept 3rdMary Laughlin.8mEd Lawton350
.Sept 6thEliza Elsea.24 yrsE P Hammond351
.Sept 15thJohn Manning.1 yrsEd Lawton352
.Oct 4thGeorge Harwood?.22 yrsE P Hammond353
.Nov 1stAnn Leader.50 yrsE Lawton354
.Nov 1stCharles Manning.6mE Lawton355
.Nov 8thAnn Barker.81? yrsJ Lawton356
1841Jan25thGeorge Spencer.0 yrsE Lawton357
.Feb 11thElizabeth Borley.24 yrsE Lawton358
.March 8thElizabeth Borley.3 yrsE Lawton359
.March 11thSamuel Davey.65? yrsE Lawton360
.March 21stWilliam Rice.1 yrsE Lawton361
.March 28thGeorge Goddard.11wJ Lawton362
.May 17thSampson Gray?.2wE Lawton363
.Sept 5thAnn Howes.80 yrsJ Lawton364
.Nov 21stMary Drinkmilk.81 yrsE Lawton365
.Oct 25thPytches Rout?From Stowmarket71 yrsJ Lawton366
1842Jan 21stMary Ann WrightFrom Hawkwell, Middlesex26 yrsJ Lawton367
.Jan 29thCatherine Lawton.64 yrsB Norgate368
.March 15thAmos Elliston.15 yrsE Lawton369
.April 24thThomas Cocksedge.76 yrsE Lawton370
.May 13thCharlotte Baker.23 yrsJ Lawton371
.July 5thPeter Spencer.21 yrsE Lawton372
.August 4thDavid Spencer.18 yrsE Lawton373
.August 10thJohn RamplyWoolpit70 yrsE Lawton374
.Sept 8thIsaac Jackson BridgesStoke by Nayland20 yrsE Lawton375
.Sept 8thSarah Wright.10wE Lawton376
.Sept 23rdJohn Lord.50 yrsE Lawton377
.Sept 30thSarah Jane Mulley.1 yrsE Lawton378
.Oct 10thWilliam OsborneBacton36 yrsE Lawton379
.Dec 8thWilliam Moyse.84 yrsE Lawton380
.Nov 8thElizabeth Ranson.84 yrsJ Lawton381
1843Jan 17thMary Bridges.30 yrsJ Lawton382
.Feb 8thPearl Buckle.61 yrsE Lawton383
.Feb 24thElizabeth Howes.3 yrsE Lawton384
.June 1stNaomi Steel.20 yrsE Lawton385
.June 12thSusanna Daughton.34 yrsE Lawton386
.June 21stJohn Drinkmilk.80 yrsJ J Lawton387
.August 27thAnna Fuller.20 yrsJ Lawton388
.Sept 10thWilliam Waller Hobbs?.8mJ Lawton389
.Nov 8thBenjamin Spencer.17 yrsE Lawton390
.Dec 14thMary Ann Sayer.20 yrsE Lawton391
1844Jan 3rdRose Markall.74 yrsE Lawton392
.Jan 6thAnne FentonBury57 yrsJ J Lawton393
.Feb 19thElizabeth Stevens.22 yrsE Lawton394
.May 31stGeorge Baker.6 yrsE Lawton395
.June 8thMary Elizabeth FentonBury St Edmunds30 yrsE Lawton396
.July 8thMiranda Smith.24 yrsE Lawton397
.Aug 11thAnn Manning.46 yrsJ J Lawton398
.Sept 11thWilliam Pearce.42 yrsE Lawton399
.Oct 2ndSarah Elizabeth BridgesStowmarket57 yrsJ J Lawton400
.Oct 2ndAnn Spencer.38 yrsE Lawton401
.Nov 18thHarriet Mulley.23 yrsE Lawton402
.Dec 16thMary Garnham.67 yrsJ J Lawton403
1845Jan 17thMary Goodman.78 yrsE Lawton404
.Feb 16thJames Burroughs.78 yrsE Lawton405
.Feb24thMary Ann Goldsmith.31 yrsE Lawton406
.March 20thHarriet Wretham alias Goddard.28 yrsE Lawton407
.August 17thMary Ann Mulley.2mE Lawton408
.Sept 21stWilliam Clarke.22 yrsJ J Lawton409
.Sept 22ndThomas Salmon.49 yrsE Lawton410
.Oct 8thSamuel Fuller Peachey.2mE Lawton411
.Nov 1stAbraham Clarke.91 yrsE Lawton412
.Dec 25thThomas FentonBury St Edmunds65 yrsE Lawton413
1846Jan 1stJoseph Baker.70 yrsE Lawton414
.Jan 10thMartha Laughlin.46 yrsE Lawton415
.Feb 10thMaria Howlett.70 yrsE Lawton416
.Feb22ndHannah Adams.9mE Lawton417
.March 11thJames Armstrong.3 yrsE Lawton418
.March 7thBenjamin Wright.16 yrsE Lawton419
.May 6thJohn Robinson.44 yrsE Lawton420
.May 25thMary Mulley.55 yrsE Lawton421
.June 5thSophia Clarke.4mE Lawton422
.June 21stGeorge Simmons.9mJ J Lawton423
.August 9thElizabeth Clarke.59 yrsE Lawton424
.August 30thCharles Rice.1 yrsE Lawton425
.Oct 19thJohn Wright.64 yrsE Lawton426
.Nov 8thJames Sayer.9mE Lawton427
.Nov 21stJames Salmon.2 yrsE Lawton428
.Nov 26thJulia Charlotte Clarke.1 yrsE Lawton429
.Nov 26thMary Smith.65 yrsE Lawton430
1847Jan 20thSarah Jane Mulley.1 yrsE Lawton431
.Feb 19thElizabeth BridgesStowmarket73 yrsE Lawton432
.March 24thWilliam Baker.1 yrsE Lawton433
.April 20thWilliam Spencer.29 yrsE Lawton434
.June 3rdJulia OsborneBury St Edmunds21 yrsE Lawton435
.June 4thEdmund Retham.58 yrsE Lawton436
.June 20thJames Burroughs.25 yrsE Lawton437
.July 2ndAnn Langhamfrom the Union House76 yrsE Lawton438
.July 29thSarah Howe.1 yrsE Lawton439
.August 1stPeter Spencer.50 yrsE Lawton440
.August 26thSeth BullBury St Edmunds34 yrsE Lawton441
.August 28thSarah Goldsmith.26 yrsJ J Lawton442
.Oct 16thGrace Sarah Cole.3wE Lawton443
1848March 7thAnn Rice.67 yrsE Lawton444
.March 7thElizabeth Mulley.2 yrsE Lawton445
.May 3rdJane Rice.11 yrsE Lawton446
.May 24thMary Ann Melton.10 yrsE Lawton447
.June 11thRobert Mulley.8 yrsE Lawton448
.June 25thSarah Barker.58 yrsE Lawton449
.August 6thJohn Hart.2 yrsE Lawton450
.August 30thRobert Howes.78 yrsE Lawton451
.Sept 1stEliza Howard.4mE Lawton452
.Oct 18thSarah Hart.57 yrsE Lawton453
.Dec 14thCharlotte Goymer.50 yrsE Lawton454
1849Feb 22ndCharlotte Goymer.3mJ J Lawton455
.March 12thWilliam Catchpole.77 yrsE Lawton456
.March 18thJohn Farrow.67 yrsE Lawton457
.June 25thZachariah Davey PattleWetherden35 yrsJ J Lawton458
.June 25thThomas Steele Wright.3 yrsJ J Lawton459
.July 2ndJames Mulley.30 yrsE Lawton460
.Sept 22ndSusan Pegg.68 yrsE Lawton461
.Oct 14thHannah Adams.2 yrsE Lawton462
.Oct 21stEmily Ralf.17 yrsE Lawton463
.Oct 22ndGeorge Samuel Wretham.7? yrsE Lawton464
.Nov 4thRebecca Clarke.59 yrsE Lawton465
.Nov 11thLaura Cross.6 yrsE Lawton466
1850March 17thSarah Finch.77 yrsE Lawton467
.March 28thMary Bruce.86 yrsE Lawton468
.April 12thSarah Barton?.50 yrsE Lawton469
.April 17thHenry Elsey.1 yrsE Lawton470
.June 21stSarah Dewes.4wE Lawton471
.July 7thHenry Rice.19 yrsE Lawton472
.July 6thWilliam Adams.17wE Lawton473
.July 16thSamuel JacksonWoolpit59 yrsE Lawton474
.August 9thGeorge Turner.75 yrsE Lawton475
.August 19thGeorge Jackson BridgesStowmarket64 yrsE Lawton476
.Dec 15thWilliam Horrex.24 yrsE Lawton477
1851Jan 9thSarah Fenton.58 yrsE Lawton478
.Jan 26thAnn Maria Salmon.2mE Lawton479
.March 27thJonathan Goymer.60 yrsE Lawton480
.March 31stElizabeth SeamanWalsham81 yrsE Lawton481
.April 13thSarah Fuller.61 yrsE Lawton482
.April 25thElizabeth Bridges.79 yrsE Lawton483
.May 4thAlice Rice.8mE Lawton484
.May 7thDennis Bridges.60 yrsE Lawton485
.May 17thLydia FentonBury St Edmunds23 yrsE Lawton486
.May 18thEmily Farrow.1 yrsE Lawton487
.June 22ndThomas Salmon.11mE Lawton488
.June 22ndElizabeth Salmon.11mE Lawton489
.July 25thMary Ann Moyse.13 yrsE Lawton490
.July 29thSusanne Mulley.41 yrsE Lawton491
.Oct 19thAmbrose Wretham.21 yrsE Lawton492
.Oct 23rdSamuel Seadon.76 yrsE Lawton493
.Dec 12thZachariah Pattle.75? yrsE Lawton494
.Dec 18thMary Jane Fisher.33 yrsE Lawton495
1852Jan 6thThomas Elliston.83 yrsE Lawton496
.Feb 19thElizabeth Salmon.80 yrsE Lawton497
.March 11thThomas Avis.69 yrsE Lawton498
.March 19thEddward Fenton.49 yrsE Lawton499
.March 19thJacob Mulley.11mE Lawton500
.March 31stWilliam Pilbro' Fisher.9mE Lawton501
.April 4thGeorge Baker.5 yrsE Lawton502
.May 1stWilliam RansonThurston88 yrsE Lawton503
.May 9thAmy Moyse.41 yrsE Lawton504
.May 10thRobert JacksonWoolpit58 yrsE Lawton505
.May 23rdHarriet Mulley.3 yrsE Lawton506
.June 13thAmbrose Wretham.2mE Lawton507
.August 4thWilliam Mulley.6mE Lawton508
.August 14thMary Bridges.63 yrsE Lawton509
.Oct 3rdJohn Cuthbert.76 yrsE Lawton510
.Oct 17thRobert Frederic Elliston.2 yrsE Lawton511
.Nov 25thThomas Salmon.84 yrsE Lawton512
1853Jan 21stPatience Merelina? BridgesStowmarket27 yrsE Lawton513
.March 13thSamuel Farrow.6 yrsE Lawton514
.March 31stIsaac Pegg.76 yrsE Lawton515
.April 3rdDorothy Moyse.27 yrsE Lawton516
.April 4thFrances Jane HowlettNorton45 yrsE Lawton517
.April 7thElizabeth Howes.72 yrsE Lawton518
.June 23rdJohn Balaam.8mE Lawton519
.July 10thFrederic Ruddock.10mE Lawton520
.Aug 20thSophia Wright.45 yrsE Lawton521
.Sept 17thMary Ann Sayer.1 yrsE Lawton522
.Sept 20thRobert Murton.46 yrsE Lawton523
.Oct 14thSamuel Smith.80 yrsR Alderson524
.Nov 15thJane Dew.2 yrsH S Marriott525
.Dec 22ndMary King.82 yrsH S Marriott526
1854Jan 15thMartha Mulley.7mAnother527
.Feb 12thJohn Fuller.44 yrsAnother528
.Feb 21thEdward Claydon Lawton, Rev..54 yrsH S Marriott529
.Feb 27thSarah Burman.63 yrsH S Marriott530
.March 3rdGeorge Baker.1 yrsL F Page531
.April 11thLaura Elizabeth Catchpole.20 yrsH S Marriott532
.April 16thCharlotte Lauglin.2 yrsAnother533
.May 11thJohn SeamanWalsham le Willows79 yrsH S Marriott534
.June 23rdWilliam Cornell.88 yrsH S Marriott535
.June 26thRobert Clarke.18wH S Marriott536
.Sept 6thGeorge Goddard.71 yrsH S Marriott537
.Dec 10thSarah Fuller.6mH S Marriott538
1855Feb 24thJacob Baker.74 yrsH S Marriott539
.Feb 24thEliza Sayer.0 yrsH S Marriott540
.Mar 10thSarah RoutStowmarket72 yrsH S Marriott541
.Mar 23rdHarriet CheneryStowmarket77 yrsH S Marriott542
.Mar 26thAlfred Simmons.9mH S Marriott543
.Mar 29thMartha Clark.87 yrsH S Marriott544
.April 3rdMary Lord.73 yrsH S Marriott545
.July 1stWilliam Rice.? yrsH S Marriott546
.July 3rdGeorge JacksonWoolpit67 yrsH S Marriott547
.July 8thJohn Carter.83 yrsH S Marriott548
.July 22ndSarah Howes.7 yrsH S Marriott549
.Aug 18thHarriet Borley.24 yrsH S Marriott550
.Sept 9thJohn Leader.61 yrsH S Marriott551
.Oct 7thWilliam BridgesIpswich54 yrsH S Marriott552
.Dec 10thReuben BridgesOld Newton63 yrsH S Marriott553
1856Feb 7thGeorge Smith.18 yrsH S Marriott554
.Feb 25thFrederic Ranson WrethamThurston8mH S Marriott555
.March 15thJeanette GoddardWalsham le Willows55 yrsH S Marriott556
.March 15thWilliam Goldsmith.67 yrsH S Marriott557
.April 19thMaria BridgesLondon43 yrsH S Marriott558
.Sept 13thRobert Wright.59 yrsL F Page559
.Sept 24thBenjamin Luflin.39? yrsH S Marriott560
.Oct 18thJane Wright.62 yrsH S Marriott561
.Oct 30thLionel Goddard.64 yrsH S Marriott562
1857Feb 12thSusanna Moss.77 yrsH S Marriott563
.Feb 27thRobert PattleStowmarket91 yrsH S Marriott564
.May 10thSpencer Fuller.3mH S Marriott565
.Aug 12thCharles Manning.85 yrsH S Marriott566
.Aug 29thLouisa Wright.9mH S Marriott567
.Sept 20thJohn Pegg.9mH S Marriott568
.Sept 18thCharles William Pipe.9wR Alderson569
.Oct 17thWilliam Mulley.67 yrsH S Marriott570
.Oct 18thMary Buckle.86 yrsH S Marriott571
1858Jan 5thJohn Clarke.31 yrsH S Marriott572
.Feb 4thAbraham Dew.76 yrsH S Marriott573
.Feb 7thSusan Adams.9 yrsH S Marriott574
.Feb 14thSarah Baker.60 yrsH S Marriott575
.March 12thMary Ann Sayer.69? yrsH S Marriott576
.March 16thMary Fordham.? yrsH S Marriott577
.March 21thSarah Sayer.1 yrsH S Marriott578
.March 31thJohn Simmonds.66 yrsH S Marriott579
.May 13thMary Bridges.85 yrsH S Marriott580
.May 27thEliza Baker.5mH S Marriott581
.Aug 10thWilliam Henry Wright.6mL F Page582
.Aug 18thWilliam Sayer.38 yrsH S Marriott583
.Nov 2ndWilliam Hart.71? yrsH S Marriott584
.Nov 14thWilliam Copping.70 yrsH S Marriott585
.Dec 17thElizabeth Bradley.18 yrsH S Marriott586
.Dec 31thJohn Bull.75 yrsH S Marriott587
1859Jan 23rdCharlotte Mary Goddard.2 yrsH S Marriott588
.Jan 25thLouisa Armstrong.10mH S Marriott589
.Feb 4thThomas Clark.68 yrsH S Marriott590
.Feb 23rdJohn Mulley.2 yrsH S Marriott591
.Mar 1stWinifred Manning.33 yrsH S Marriott592
.Mar 18thEmily Walton.2 yrsH S Marriott593
.Mar 20thJames Moyse.8 yrsH S Marriott594
.Mar 25thEliza Pegg.23 yrsH S Marriott595
.April 17thGeorge Adams.1 yrsH S Marriott596
.April 19thWilliam Sayer.13 yrsH S Marriott597
.May 1stAnn Armstrong.14 yrsH S Marriott598
.May 15thGeorge Farrow.43 yrsH S Marriott599
.May 22ndEllen Goymer.10mH S Marriott600
.June 11thSusanna Sayer.3 yrsH S Marriott601
.Oct 9thMary Ann Sayer.5wL Trevethan602
.Nov 6thElizabeth Raafe.88 yrsH S Marriott603
.Nov 9thLydia Goddard.70 yrsH S Marriott604
.Nov 19thJames Barrell.74 yrsH S Marriott605
.Dec 22ndJames Quinton.80 yrsH S Marriott606
1860Jan 21thMary Bruce.81 yrsH S Marriott607
.Jan 21thRobert Fuller.9mH S Marriott608
.Feb 11thEdward Corner.39 yrsH S Marriott609
.Mar 4thGeorge Armstrong.4mH S Marriott610
.Mar 27thWilliam John Huffey.1mH S Marriott611
.April 8thSarah Cooke.89 yrsH S Marriott612
.June 21stThos. Garnham.81 yrsH S Marriott613
.July 7thFrances Moss.60 yrsH S Marriott614
.Aug 10thGeorge Walton.24 yrsH S Marriott615
.Sept 9thMary Ann Baker.56 yrsH S Marriott616
.Sept 10thRichard Molton?.47 yrsH S Marriott617
.Sept 21stTabitha Borley.70 yrsH S Marriott618
.Dec 9thJohn Adams.57 yrsH S Marriott619
.Dec 1stNoname Dixon.6mH S Marriott620
1861Jan 6thWilliam Sayer.73 yrsH S Marriott621
.Apr 23rdSamuel Goymer.61 yrsH S Marriott622
.May 13thGeorge Burgess.10mH S Marriott623
.May 23rdAnn A?.86 yrsH S Marriott624
.Jun 10thWilliam Henry Wright.7mH S Marriott625
.July 17thHarriet Goddard.31 yrsRevd. Tuck626
.July 30thRobert Mulley.52 yrsR Alderson627
.Aug 23rdStephen Linge.50 yrsH S Marriott628
.Sept 17thJohn Borley.47 yrsH S Marriott629
.Oct 6thIsabella Wretham.77 yrsH S Marriott630
.Oct 12thWilliam Thomas Wright.33 yrsH S Marriott631
.Dec 13thSarah Sophia Wright.6dH S Marriott632
1862Jan 27thEliza Harsant.58 yrsL F Page633
.Feb 7thAdam Fordham.87 yrsH S Marriott634
.Mar 8thThomas Catchpole.87 yrsH S Marriott635
.Mar 9thHenry James Armstrong.14wH S Marriott636
.Mar 9thCharles Henry Moyse.InfantH S Marriott637
.Mar 28thJohn Ruddock.85 yrsH S Marriott638
.Apr 6thSusannah Adams.27 yrsH S Marriott639
.May 4thEllen Dixon.8 yrsH S Marriott640
.July 27thJohn Thomas Dixon.7mH S Marriott641
.Sept 6thRose Emma Wright.8 yrsL F Page642
.Oct 23rdPatience Barrell.14 yrsL F Page643
.Dec 30thAnne Rose.59 yrsH S Marriott, Curate644
1863Jan 2ndWilliam BridgesStowmarket85 yrsH S Marriott, Curate645
.Jan 8thEliza Pegg.43 yrsH S Marriott, Curate646
.Feb 5thMartha Borley.26 yrsH S Marriott, Curate647
.Feb 10thReuben Wright.64 yrsH S Marriott, Curate648
.Feb 10thPhebe Wade.79 yrsH S Marriott, Curate649
.Mar 26thJoseph Thomas LawtonElmswell Rectory88 yrsW H Glover650
.Mar 27thBridget Huffey?Woolpit37 yrsH S Marriott, Curate651
.May 3rdHenry James Salmon.19mH S Marriott, Curate652
.May 15thSarah Ann RobinsonWetherden13 yrsH S Marriott, Curate653
.July 28thEmma Dew.4mH S Marriott, Curate654
.Aug 5thSarah Barrell.29? yrsH S Marriott, Curate655
.Aug 9thMary Mulley.72 yrsH S Marriott, Curate656
.Sept 2ndJoseph Thomas, Jnr LawtonDarmsden61 yrsW H C Luke, Rector657
.Oct 18thMary Dixon.40 yrsW H C Luke, Rector658
.Nov 21thAlice Reed Rednall.2 yrsW H C Luke, Rector659
.Dec 27thWilliam Sayer.3 yrsW H C Luke, Rector660
1864Feb 15thAmy CornellNorton86 yrsW H C Luke, Rector661
.Mar 22ndBenjamin Frost.11 yrsW H C Luke, Rector662
.Jun 4thGeorge Farrow.1 yrsC Terry663
.Jun 26thEllen King.2mW H C Luke, Rector664
.Aug 14thAmelia Salmon.8 yrsW H C Luke, Rector665
.Sept 1stWilliam Manning.64 yrsH S Marriott, Rector of Woolpit666
.Sept 9thEmma Gardner.24 yrsW H C Luke, Rector667
.Oct 2ndRobert King.9 yrsW H C Luke, Rector668
.Nov 7thNunn Welham.85? yrsC Terry669
.Nov 26thDiana Cuthbert.82 yrsW H C Luke, Rector670
1865Jan 28thWinifred Pegg.2 yrsW H C Luke, Rector671
.Jan 28thJohn Henry King.3wW H C Luke, Rector672
.Feb 4thWalter Lord.81 yrsW H C Luke, Rector673
.Feb 19thRobert Baker.78? yrsW H C Luke, Rector674
.Mar 2ndAbraham Clarke.9 yrsW H C Luke, Rector675
.May 25thWilliam Bruce.51 yrsW H C Luke, Rector676
.June 18thElizabeth Bruce.16 yrsJohn Wreford?677
.June 29thLouisa Priscilla Rednall.7 yrsW H C Luke, Rector678
.Aug 13thSusan Bull.80 yrsW H C Luke, Rector679
.Aug 25thGeorge FentonBury St Edmunds55 yrsW H C Luke, Rector680
.Dec 29thJohn HowlettBruisyard64 yrsW H C Luke, Rector681
1866Mar 16thWilliam Spencer.83 yrsW H C Luke, Rector682
.Mar 20thCharles Nevill?Beyton44 yrsA H Steward683
.April 11thSarah Elizabeth Ramsbottom.0 yrsW H C Luke, Rector684
.May 20thMary Farrow.no entryW H C Luke, Rector685
.May 20thE Elsey.no entryW H C Luke, Rector686
.May 20thWilliam Sayer.infantW H C Luke, Rector687
.June 19thFrancis James Watson?.infantW H C Luke, Rector688
.Oct 9thRobert HubbardAshfield43 yrsA H Steward689
.Dec 18thJohn Mulley.74 yrsW H C Luke, Rector690
1867Jan 27thThomas Burman.77 yrsW H C Luke, Rector691
.Feb 8thGeorge Grimwood.20 yrsW H C Luke, Rector692
.March 7thMary Ann AveyWoolpit23 yrsW H C Luke, Rector693
.March 16thJohn Pegg.57 yrsW H C Luke, Rector694
.April 2ndRobert Buckle.57 yrsH S Marriott, Rector of Woolpit695
.May 3rdVictor Watson.0 yrsH S Marriott, Rector of Woolpit696
.May 13thThomas Elliston.76 yrsW H C Luke, Rector697
.June 7thGeorge Randall Baker.57 yrsW H C Luke, Rector698
.June 7thRose Ramsbottom.5 yrsW H C Luke, Rector699
.June 9thJames MulleyNorton, late of Elmswell75 yrsW H C Luke, Rector700
.Sept 17thEliza Farrow.2 yrsW H C Luke, Rector701
.Sept 23rdMary Ann Armstrong.10mW H C Luke, Rector702
1868Jan 6thWilliam Rice.81 yrsW H C Luke, Rector703
.Jan 26thCaroline Scace.21 yrsW H C Luke, Rector704
.April 18thFrederick William Robinson.8mW H C Luke, Rector705
.May 16thRose Emma Rednall.17 yrsW H C Luke, Rector706
.Aug 27thMary Pattle.81 yrsW H C Luke, Rector707
.Sept 4thMary Ann Sayer.3mW H C Luke, Rector708
.Sept 22ndHarriet King.16 yrsCharles Terry, Rector of Harkstone?709
.Oct 4thJames Manning.79 yrsGeorge Howes710
1869Jan 14thCharles Francis Durrant.4d yrsA H Steward711
.Jan 17thAlbert Jonathan Plummer.? yrsA H Steward712
.Jan 19thDennis Moyes.72 yrsA H Steward713
.Jan 22ndGeorge Elliston.5mCharles Terry714
.Mar 13thOliver Henry Lambert.12 yrsW H C Luke, Rector715
.April 28thJohn Elsey.79 yrsW H C Luke, Rector716
.July 15thHannah Mulley.30 yrsW H C Luke, Rector717
.Aug 13thWalter Mulley.12 yrsW H C Luke, Rector718
.Aug 24thRobert HowesWalsham le Willows60 yrsW H C Luke, Rector719
.Aug 27thJohn Borley.81 yrsA H Steward720
.Sept 12thEdmund Wretham.36 yrsW H C Luke, Rector721
.Sept 18thFrederick William King.28wW H C Luke, Rector722
.Oct 26thElizabeth ClarkeTostock69 yrsGeorge Howes723
.Nov 14thArthur Henry Salmon.9mW H C Luke, Rector724
.Nov 17thHarriet King.27 yrsH S Marriott, Rector of Woolpit725
.Dec 7thAlice Goddard.59 yrsF E Horne, Rector of Drinkstone726
1870Feb 6thDennis King.9mA Trower727
.Feb 18thCharlotte Fenton.71 yrsH S Marriott, Rector of Woolpit728
.April 9thDennis GoddardStoke by Nayland79 yrsW H C Luke, Rector729
.May 16thEliza Nunn.30 yrsArthur Willoughby, Curate of Hessett730
.June 18thWilliam Borley.79 yrsW H C Luke, Rector731
.July 2ndElizabeth Horrex.76 yrsW H C Luke, Rector732
.July 2ndMary Ann Goymer.83 yrsW H C Luke, Rector733
.Dec 15thAnna BuckleWetherden, late of Elmswell27 yrsW H C Luke, Rector734
1871July 31thRose Steggall MulleyBury S Edmunds1 yrsW H C Luke, Rector735
.Oct 26thWilliam Horrex.75 yrsW H C Luke, Rector736
.Dec 14thSusannah King.4 yrsW H C Luke, Rector737
1872Jan 6thSarah Bumpstead.81 yrsW H C Luke, Rector738
.May 31thJoseph ClarkeTostock80 yrsW H C Luke, Rector739
.Aug 30thJames Clarke.6 yrsW H C Luke, Rector740
.Sept 11thAnn ChadwickNorton77 yrsW H C Luke, Rector741
.Oct 18thIsaac Dennis Mulley.8mCharles Wm Cartwright742
.Nov 29thMatthias Farrow.no entryF E Horne743
.Dec 14thNelly Mulley.7wW H C Luke, Rector744
1873Jan 15thDennis Buckle.7 yrsW H C Luke, Rector745
.Jan 31thPatience BullNorton62 yrsCharles Wm Cartwright746
.Mar 13thEliza Milton.18 yrsW H C Luke, Rector747
.May 14thSarah JacksonStowmarket81 yrsHenry ??, Vicar of Stowmarket748
.Aug 10thArthur James Elliston.5 yrsW H C Luke, Rector749
.Aug 20thMaria Fenton.82 yrsW H C Luke, Rector750
.Sept 6thJane Elizabeth Dew.5 yrsW H C Luke, Rector751
.Oct 17thRichard Sayer.53 yrsJames R Turnock752
.Nov 2ndFanny Sophia Wright.6 yrsH H Page, Rector of Woolpit753
.Nov 3rdWilliam Wright?Dedham69 yrsH H Page, Rector of Woolpit754
.Nov 8thSusannah Pegg.65 yrsH H Page, Rector of Woolpit755
..0 yrs756
.Dec 19thHannah Dew.85 yrsJ B Seaman757
1874Mar 6thJonathan Turner.81 yrsJ B Seaman758
.April 9thEliza Armstrong.24 yrsJ B Seaman759
.April 14thWilliam Bloss.47 yrsJ B Seaman760
.May 9thJulia Buckle.5 yrsJ B Seaman761
.July 30thZachariah Fenton.81 yrsJ B Seaman762
.Oct 30thGertrude Ann MulleyBury S Edmunds30 yrsJ B Seaman763
.Nov 3rdAbraham Clarke.88 yrsJ B Seaman764
.Nov 9thArty Edward Mulley.1 yrsJ B Seaman765
.NovMary Ann BuckleWoolpit78 yrsJ B Seaman766
1875March 15thHelen Louise Manning.11mJ B Seaman767
.March 20thWilliam Farrow.4 yrsJ B Seaman768
.July 31thSarah Maria Elizabeth Brand.8mJ B Seaman769
.Nov 2ndWilliam John Mead.10mE E Ward, Vicar of Haughley770
1876Jan 26thJohn Mulley.80 yrsW H C Luke, Rector771
.Feb 7thJohn Rampling.77 yrsW H C Luke, Rector772
.Feb 16thRobert Moyse.18 yrsCWCartwright, Curate of Tostock773
.Feb 21thMary Ann Morter.38 yrsW H C Luke, Rector774
.March 5thJohn W Ramsbotham.51 yrsW H C Luke, Rector775
.May 7thHenry Baker.32 yrsD C Abbott? Vicar of ? Diocese of ?776
.July 3rdHarriet Goddard.78 yrsW H C Luke, Rector777
.July 11thJohn Goymer.3 yrsE E Ward, Vicar of Haughley778
.Aug 1thJulia Mulley.3mW H C Luke, Rector779
.Aug 30thDavid Seager? Clarke.63 yrsW H C Luke, Rector780
.Sept 4thAugusta Alberta Brand.6mW H C Luke, Rector781
.Nov 11thAmy Sones.27 yrsWilliam Kant, Rector of All Saints and St Julians Norwich782
.Nov 20thAnn Lambert.89 yrsWilliam Kant, Rector of All Saints and St Julians Norwich783
.Dec 14thGeorge Dennis Baker.22 yrsHenry Homer Page, Rector of Woolpit784
.Dec 29thAlice Sophia Elliston.18dW H C Luke, Rector785
1877Jan 19thMary Laughlin.77 yrsHenry H Page, Rector of Woolpit786
.Jan 29thJamse Moyse.69 yrsW H C Luke, Rector787
.Aug 18thAugusta Brand.4mW H C Luke, Rector788
.Sept 9thHarriet Dew.31 yrsW H C Luke, Rector789
.Sept 25thJames Alfred Pearson.1dW H C Luke, Rector790
.Oct 25thSarah Murton.72 yrsEdward Ledger?, Pastor in charge791
1878April 1stEmma Buckle.15 yrsW H C Luke, Rector792
.May 4thWilliam Goddard.69 yrsW H C Luke, Rector793
.May 4thHenry Samuel Denford?.6mW H C Luke, Rector794
.June 15thWilliam Farrow.72 yrsAugustus Jackson, Vicar of All Saints, Northfleet, Kent795
.July 12thHannah Mulley.7 yrsHenry Homer Page, Rector of Woolpit796
.July 12thMary Anna Mulley.1 yrsHenry Homer Page, Rector of Woolpit797
.July 20thElizabeth Catchpole.85 yrsHenry Homer Page, Rector of Woolpit798
.Dec 26thWilliam Farrow.no entryW A C Macfarlane, Rector799
1879April 5thMary Mulley.86 yrsW A C Macfarlane, Rector800
.May 22ndWilliam Charles Emery Manning.11mA Shepherd1
.June 5thFanny Rice.60A Shepherd2
.Aug 7thJohn Goldsmith.66Mac3
.Nov 19thJoseph Goymer.40F Flood, Asst. Curate4
.Dec 19thMaria Clarke.53F Flood, Asst. Curate5
1880Jan 10thMary Cocksedge.74F Flood, Asst. Curate6
.Feb 5thJames Goddard.71F Flood, Asst. Curate7
.Feb 10thJames John Mulley.11mF Flood, Asst. Curate8
.Feb 20thRobert Wretham.48Mac9
.March 1stMary Ann Self.10mF10
.May 15thRobert Smith.59F11
.May 22ndGeorge Bruce.27F12
.June 2ndEliza Goddard.54F13
.July 16thSally Bruce.63F14
.July 28thSophia Salmon.40F15
.July 28thCharlotte Goddard.21F16
.Oct 1stJames Moss.87F17
.Oct 14thRobert Bruce.70F18
.Dec 3rdWilliam Coe.78Mac19
1881Jan 25thLois Faires.75R Agassiz20
.Jan 28thSamuel Knights.80R Agassiz21
.Jan 31stAmmar Manning.49R Agassiz22
.March 23rdJonathan Morley.77Mac23
.April 22ndSarah Salmon.58Mac24
.July 4thAlbert Oscar Frostout-parishioner9mMac25
.Aug 12thCharles Rose.74H B Mason26
.Sep 3rdFlorence Adelaide Lord.10H B Mason27
.Sep 9thSamuel Harvey.26H B Mason28
.Dec 31stAlbert Arthur Finbow.2blank (certified by A Finbow under Burial Laws Amendment Act 1880)29
1882Jan 8thFrederick Wm. Scase.4Mac30
.April 3rdJames Salmon.24Wm. Hay31
.April 18thCharles Coe.73Wm. Hay32
.June 24thBridget Morley.76Mac33
.July 8thSarah Clarke.78Mac34
.July 27thArthur EdwardsNon-parishioner30Mac35
.Oct 16thWalter Woods.58H36
.Dec 5thAlbert Thomas Armstrong.18mH37
.Dec 11thAnnie Louisa Pegg.2mH38
.Dec 30thJames John Mulley.41H39
1883Feb 16thRuth Hawes.28G A Tindall, Asst. Curate40
.Jan 27thMary Ann Goymer.50G A Tindall, Asst. Curate41
.Apr 16thArthur Corner.37C H Crossley, Asst Curate at St Mary's Bury St Eds42
.Apr 27thMary Elmer.76G A Tindall, Asst. Curate43
.Aug 28thElizabeth Copping.89J H Griffinxxx44
.Sep 11thRobert Adams.not givenG A Tindall, Asst. Curate45
.Oct 12thJane Dew.24G A Tindall, Asst. Curate46
.Nov 8thMartha Edwards.56G A Tindall, Asst. Curate47
.Nov 14thMary Ann Bruce.31G A Tindall, Asst. Curate48
.Nov 29thSophia Randall Robinson.75G A Tindall, Asst. Curate49
.Nov 29thSamuel Cullum.73G A Tindall, Asst. Curate50
1884Feb 4thJohn Warren.63G A Tindall, Asst. Curate51
.Feb 22ndSarah Mulley.19G A Tindall, Asst. Curate52
.March 17thAmbrose Dixon.73G A Tindall, Asst. Curate53
.March 21stSophia LingeOut-parishioner80G A Tindall, Asst. Curate54
.Apr 4thRobert Baker.82G A Tindall, Asst. Curate55
.Aug 15thGeorge Harry Balaam.11mMac56
.Sep 1stElizabeth Mulley.86Mac57
.Nov 14thSophia Manning.79H G Beloe58
.Dec 25thPriscilla Hubbard.55Thomas Dunn, Asst. Curate59
.Dec 9thMaud Durrant.3wblank (certified by Robt. Durrant under Burial Laws Amendment Act 1880)60
.Dec 23rdEliza Borley.61Thomas Dunn, Asst. Curate61
1885Feb 20thGeorge Henry Balaam.5wThomas Dunn, Asst. Curate62
.Feb 28thMary Anne Frost.77Thomas Dunn, Asst. Curate63
.Apr 18thMary Ann King.43Thomas Dunn, Asst. Curate64
.Apr 22ndElizabeth Wretham.56Thomas Dunn, Asst. Curate65
.May 9thMary Ann Mulley.not stated on coroner's order of burialThomas Dunn, Asst. Curate66
.June 22ndGeorge Robinson.44Thomas Dunn, Asst. Curate67
.July 7thThomas Bruce.68Thomas Dunn, Asst. Curate68
.Aug 20thHarriet Spencer Hamilton.17mMac69
.Sep 12thGeorge Warner LawtonEye79Mac70
.Oct 24thAmry James King.13Thomas Dunn, Asst. Curate71
1886Jan 8thWilliam Mulley.80Thomas Dunn, Asst. Curate72
.Jan 15thNo name.0Thomas Dunn, Asst. Curate73
.March 6thWilliam Henry King.18mThomas Dunn, Asst. Curate74
.March 13thEliza Wright.55Thomas Dunn, Asst. Curate75
.March 15thJames Bloomfield.20mThomas Dunn, Asst. Curate76
.March 20thFredk. Charles Scase.3Thomas Dunn, Asst. Curate77
.March 30thAnna Roof?.68Thomas Dunn, Asst. Curate78
.Apr 2ndWilliam Dunnett.2Thomas Dunn, Asst. Curate79
.Apr 7thAnna Maria Mulley.58Thomas Dunn, Asst. Curate80
.Aug 18thCharles Henry Wilby.3mblank (certified by William Wilby under Burial Laws Amendment Act 1880)81
.Aug 28thHenry Baker.67Thomas Dunn, Asst. Curate82
.Oct 4thFrederick Charles Armstrong.11mblank (certified by C F Matthews under Burial Laws Amendment Act 1880)83
.Oct 12thFrank Bartlett Warren.6mThomas Dunn, Asst. Curate84
.Oct 28thSusan Adams.86Thomas Dunn, Asst. Curate85
.Nov 23rdReuben Manning.not stated on coroner's order of burialThomas Dunn, Asst. Curate86
.Dec 27thEliza Farrow.77Thomas Dunn, Asst. Curate87
1887Jan 13thMary Ann Dew.71Thomas Dunn, Asst. Curate88
.Feb 25thWalter Woods Mulley.5wblank (certified by C F Matthews under Burial Laws Amendment Act 1880)89
.July 7thEphraim Rednall.not stated on coroner's order of burialThomas Dunn, Asst. Curate90
.March 8thMary Ann Dew.31Thomas Dunn, Asst. Curate91
.Apr 23rdCharles Herbert Green.26Thomas Dunn, Asst. Curate92
.May 26thCharles Robinson.81Thomas Dunn, Asst. Curate93
.June 25thArthur Edwards.60Thomas Dunn, Asst. Curate94
.July 7thWalter Mulley.not stated on coroner's order of burialThomas Dunn, Asst. Curate95
.Aug 24thWilliam George Thirkettle.4Thomas Dunn, Asst. Curate96
.Oct 21stFrederick William Farrow.4mThomas Dunn, Asst. Curate97
.Nov 10thRobert Pye.7dThomas Dunn, Asst. Curate98
.Dec 16thIsaac Mulley.38Thomas Dunn, Asst. Curate99
.Dec 16thElizabeth Knights.93Thomas Dunn, Asst. Curate100
1888March 29thAnna Spencer.78Thomas Dunn, Asst. Curate101
.Apr 23rdJemima King.82Thomas Dunn, Asst. Curate102
.Apr 25thJohn Wretham.74Thomas Dunn, Asst. Curate103
.May 18thElizabeth Hood.35Thomas Dunn, Asst. Curate104
.June 28thSophia Manning.69Thomas Dunn, Asst. Curate105
.Nov 1stMary Ann Goddard.64Thomas Dunn, Asst. Curate106
.Nov 16thRhoda Ellen Evered"Woodbridge & Wilford sub-district"25Thomas Dunn, Asst. Curate107
.Dec 11thWilliam ThirkettleAn unbaptised child. Service as authorized by the Diocesan used.13wThomas Dunn, Asst. Curate108
.Dec 21stEva K Elliston.21mblank (certified by George Elliston under Burial Laws Amendment Act 1880)109
.Dec 21stFlorence Alicia Gardiner.17mblank (certified by David Gardiner under Burial Laws Amendment Act 1880)110
.Dec 29thEdith Louisa Lord.20mblank (certified by M M Lord under Burial Laws Amendment Act 1880)111
1889Jan 19thWalter Lord.38A A O'Neill112