1841 Census

As promised, the records have now (2006) been re-photographed and are available on fiche. The handwriting is generally quite good, but as the original was pencil on grey paper the contrast is not all it might be, and there are still a few names I cannot be sure about.

The full column headings are:

NAMES of each person who abode therein the preceding nightPROFESSION, TRADE, EMPLOYMENT, or of INDEPENDENT MEANS

M.S. stands for “male servant” and F.S. for female.

Note that the ages of people over 15 years are only given in steps of 5 years.

To search the list press the CTRL and F key on your keyboard and then a pop up box will appear for you to search for the name of your choosing.

PageAddressNameAgeProfession/OccupationWhether born in same county
1RectoryJoseph Lawton60Clerkn
..Catherine Lawton55.n
..Edward Lawton35.y
..Thomas Lawton30.y
..John Lawton30.y
..Henery Lawton25.y
..Sarah Lawton25.y
..Ellen Lawton20.y
..Frances Lawton15.y
..Eliza Harsant30.y
..Mary Eastgate20F.S.y
..Mary Youngman25F.S.y
..Susan Hunt20F.S.y
..Daniel Pattle75Warrant Officery
..Rose Markall?70.y
.Grocer ShopJohn Mulley45Grocery
..Mary Mulley45.y
..Reuben Mulley25Tailory
..Jane Mulley20.y
..Harriott Mulley15.y
..Ann Mulley15.y
..Sarah Mulley10.y
..Camelia? Mulley14.y
..Henery Baker20AgLaby
..MaryAnn Baker20.y
2Lion InnWilliam Smith30Innkeepery
..Ann Smith30.y
..Sarah Smith5.y
..Gorge Smith3.y
..Lucy Clarke15F.S.y
..Mary Snelling10F.S.y
..John Goold20AgLaby
..John Wretham25Woodmany
..Roger Cole80Farmery
..Susan Cole85.y
..Ebenezer Cole50Famery
..Elizabeth Cole50.y
..Jonathan Morley35AgLaby
..Bridget Morley30.y
..Martha Morley11.y
..James Ribbins50AgLaby
..Sarah Fuller50.y
..Walter Fuller13.y
..Keziah Fuller8.y
..Mary Fuller6.y
..Robert Howes30AgLaby
..Jemima Howes20.y
..Gorge Howes5.y
..Elizabeth Howes1.y
..Sarah Murton30.y
3.John? Elmer25.y
..Mary Elmer30.y
..Thomas Garnham55AgLaby
..Mary Garnham55.y
..Richard Wright50brokery
..Mary Wright50.y
..Eliza Wright15.y
..Thomas Catchpole60Farmer & Malstery
..Elizabeth Catchpole50.y
..Sarah Catchpole15.y
..Priscilla Catchpole12.y
..Laura Catchpole8.y
..Rebecca Nutting?20Teachery
..James King35Wheelwrighty
..Jemima King35.y
..Joseph King13.y
..James King11.y
..Robert King7.y
..Reuben King5.y
..Gorge King3.y
..Dennis King8m.y
..Jabez? Pechey30Indy
..Ellen Pechey30.y
..David? Mulley25AgLaby
..Mary? Mulley25.y
4.Peter Spencer40Blacksmithy
..Anna Spencer30.y
..Elizabeth Spencer25.y
..William Spencer20Butchery
..Peter Spencer20Blacksmithy
..David Spencer15Cabnettmakery
..Benjamin Spencer15.y
..Mary Spencer10.y
..Walter Lord55Farmery
..Mary Lord60.y
..James Lord30Farmery
..Sarah Lord20.y
..Eliza Lord8m.y
..Eliza Farrow20F.S.y
..Joseph Balls8.y
..Ann Ribbins65Shopkeepery
..Reuben Sayer25.y
..Susanna Sayer25.y
..Ann Sayer2.y
..Susanna Sayer5m.y
..Mary King55.y
..Mary Goodman60.y
..Pearel Buckell60AgLaby
..James Moyes25AgLaby
..Amey Moyes25.y
5.Dennis Moyes7.y
..Eliza Moyes5.y
..MaryAnn Moyes3.y
..William Moyes1.y
..John Fuller25AgLaby
..Vincent? Goodman25Gardenery
..Robert Cuthbert?40AgLaby
..Susanna Cuthbert?30.y
..Robert Cuthbert?11.y
..Amelery? Cuthbert?7.y
..Jonathan Cuthbert?5.y
..Dianah Cuthbert?3.y
..Walter Cuthbert?1.y
..James? Gray30Tinkery
..Constantine Gray30.y
..James? Gray7.y
..William Gray6.y
..Lazarus Gray3.y
..Miranda? Gray2.y
..Jeremiah Burres35AgLaby
..Robert Burres15.y
..Edward Burres14.y
..James Burres12.y
..Joseph Burres12.y
..David Burres10.y
6.Maryann Burres8.y
..John Elsey35AgLaby
..Sarah Elsey20.y
..Thomas Elsey20AgLaby
..John Elsey15.y
..William Elsey12.y
..Henery Elsey8.y
..James Elsey4.y
..James Manning50AgLaby
..Ann Manning40.y
..Robert Manning15AgLaby
..Ann Manning15.y
..Amas Manning12.y
..Sapphira Manning9.y
..James Manning6.y
..Dennis Mulley25Thatchery
..Nathan Warren55Woodmany
..Susannar Warren50.y
..Margreat Warren25.y
..John Warren20Woodmany
..Charles Warren15.y
..James Warren11.y
..Abraham Dew60AgLaby
..Hannar Dew55.y
..Isaac Dew25AgLaby
7.Gorge Dew15AgLaby
..Harriott Dew13.y
..Olliver Dew11.y
..James Dew9.y
..Henery Dew7.y
..Isabell Dew1.y
..Philip Wright20AgLaby
..Mary Wright20.y
..Thomas Avis55Farming Bailiffy
..Elizabeth Avis55.y
..Richard Melton25AgLaby
..MaryAnn Melton20.y
..William Melton2.y
..MaryJane Melton3.y
..William Bruce25AgLaby
..Sally Bruce20.y
..Robert Bruce2.y
..Thomas Burmon?45AgLaby
..Sarah Burmon?45.y
..Robert Mulley30AgLaby
..Sapphira Mulley20.y
..Benjamin Mulley4.y
..James Mulley6m.y
..David Mulley25.y
..Elizabeth Robinson6.y
8.Benjamin Laughlin40AgLaby
..Martha Laughlin40.y
..Betsy Laughlin20.y
..William Laughlin15.y
..Thomas Laughlin15.y
..Alfred Laughlin13.y
..Walter Laughlin11.y
..David Laughlin8.y
..Martha Laughlin4.y
..John Beeton40Farmery
..Elizabeth Beeton35.y
..William Lord32Farmery
..Louisa Lord20.y
..Semenon? Lord2.y
..Emily Lord6.y
..Robert Wright25Farmery
..Elizabeth Wright20.y
..Marian Wright4m.y
..Mary Bridges65Ind.y
..Mary Bruce75Ind.y
..Mary Bruce55.y
..Thomas Bruce20AgLaby
..John Farrow55AgLaby
..Lidia Farrow15.y
..James Farrow12.y
9.William Goldsmith50Farmery
..John Goldsmith25Farmery
..Thomas Goldsmith20Farmery
..Elizabeth Goldsmith20.y
..Emma Goldsmith15.y
..Anne Farrow15F.S.y
..William Rice55AgLaby
..Harriott Rice45.y
..Sarah Rice15.y
..Henery Rice14.y
..Mary Rice7.y
..Jane Rice4.y
..David Clarke25Shoemy
..Harriott Clarke25.y
..David Clarke2.y
..William Clarke4m.y
..John Mulley40Shoemy
..Elizabeth Mulley30.y
..William Mulley15.y
..Elizabeth Mulley12.y
..Sarah Mulley10.y
..Jane Mulley9.y
..John Mulley6.y
..Henery Mulley4.y
..Isaac Mulley1.y
10.Robert Howes70AgLaby
..Elizabeth Howes60.y
..James Cabbon?10.y
..Thomas Burras?70AgLaby
..Eliza Farrow30.y
..Roseetor? Farrow5.y
..George Farrow2.y
..William Moyes75AgLaby
..Lionel Moyes14.y
..Dorotha Moyes16.y
..Samuel Smith55AgLaby
..Mary Smith55.y
..Alexander Smith20.y
..Robert Smith15AgLaby
..John Rowe50Indy
..Matilda Rowe50.y
..Maria Baker25F.S.y
..Susannah Mulley70Indy
..David Mulley30Thatchery
..John Mulley15Bricklayery
..James Goddard30AgLaby
..Harriett Goddard25.y
..MaryAnn Goddard4.y
..Eliza Goddard2.y
..Gorge Turner45AgLaby
11.John Pegg30AgLaby
..Susan Pegg30.y
..Isaac Pegg5.y
..William Pegg4.y
..James Pegg9m.y
..John Farthing55AgLaby
..Mary Farthing55.y
..Abraham Farthing25.y
..John Simons?45AgLaby
..James Thomson50AgLaby
..John Bull55Tailory
..Susannah Bull55.y
..David Bull30Tailory
..MaryAnn Bull25.y
..Seth Bull2.y
..John Robinson35Carpentery
..Robert Robinson12.y
..Sarah Robinson6.y
..Elon Read60Hauskeepery
..David Wright30Thatchery
..Bridget Wright25.y
..Sophia Wright10.y
..Rebbacca? Wright7.y
..MaryAnn Wright4.y
..John Drinkmilk75AgLaby
12.Mary Drinkmilk80.y
..Reuben Bridges45Farmery
..Sarah Bridges45.y
..Dennis Bridges45Farmery
..Mary Bridges45.y
..Elizabeth Bridges20.y
..Elizabeth Walker70Indy
..Sarah Rout50Indy
..Maria Bridges20.y
.Bake officeGorge Mulley25Bakery
..Anna Mulley20.y
..Gorge Mulley1.y
..William Mulley1m.y
..Betsy Mulley10F.S.y
.Garden HouseZachariah Fenton40Gardenery
..Sarah Fenton45.y
..Fredrick Fenton15Gardenery
..Zachariah Fenton10.y
..William Bridges40Farmery
..Jane Bridges40.y
..Ellen Bridges11.y
..Henery Bridges9.y
..Jane Bridges7.y
..Charles Bridges3.y
..Robert Peck20M.S.n
13.Matilda Sadler15F.S.y
..Charles Robinson35Butchery
..Sapha Robinson30.y
..Ellen Robinson4.y
..Charles Robinson3.y
..Sapha Robinson2.y
..Gorge Robinson3m.y
..Robert Mulley30AgLaby
..Fanny Mulley30.y
..James Mulley10.y
..Abraham Mulley8.y
..Robert Mulley1.y
..Thomas Armstrong25.y
..Susan Armstrong20.y
..MaryAnn Armstrong3.y
..Robert Baker45AgLaby
..Samuall Baker14AgLaby
..Sarah Baker13.y
..Mary Baker9.y
..Edward Fenton30Nurserimann
..Joseph Clarke40Woodmany
..Elizabeth Clarke30.y
..John Clarke12.y
..John Adams35AgLaby
..Susan Adams35.y
14.Robert Adams15AgLaby
..MaryAnn Adams13.y
..Harriott Adams11.y
..SarahAnn Adams9.y
..Susannah Adams7.y
..Eliza Adams5.y
..John Adams3.y
..Gorge Adams8m.y
..William Armstrong30AgLaby
..MaryAnn Armstrong30.y
..Patience Armstrong7.y
..William Armstrong1.y
..Eliza Armstrong5.y
..Adam Fordham65Sheppardy
..Mary Fordham55.y
..John Markell40AgLaby
..Samuall Knights35AgLaby
..Samuall Knights11.y
..Robert Plummer55AgLaby
..Unica Plummer60.y
..Eliza Plummer16.y
..Robert Plummer13.y
..Eleanor Plummer10.y
..Cathrine Pamment25.y
..William Pamment7.y
15.John Pamment5.y
..Sarah Pamment2.y
..MaryAnn Pamment4m.y
..Joseph Fairs35AgLaby
..Louisa Fairs35.y
..Joseph Fairs10.y
..Eliza Fairs8.y
..Ann Fairs6.y
..Elizabeth Fairs3.y
..William Fairs2m.y
..Jacob Baker55.y
..William Mulley25Bricklayery
..Eliza Mulley20.y
..Gorge Baker1.y
..Benjamin Baker4m.y
..William Catchpole70AgLaby
..William Mulley30AgLaby
..George Baker30Broom makery
..Eliner Baker20.y
..George Baker3.y
..Eliza Baker2.y
..Henery Baker3m.y
..Susannah Horrex?12F.S.y
..Thomas Stevens25Butchery
..Elizabeth Stevens20.y
16.Simeon Stevens3.y
..William Stevens6m.y
..David Ruddock25Sho Makery
..Isaac Rice25Cochmany
..Fanny Rice20.y
..Susanah Rice4.y
..William Manning40AgLaby
..Sophia Manning40.y
..William Manning15AgLaby
..Charles Manning15.y
..Maria Manning14.y
..Samuell Manning9.y
..Sophia Manning5.y
..Thomas Cocking66AgLaby
..Mary Cocking40.y
..William Cocking12.y
..Robert Cocking10.y
..Jane Cocking8.y
..Thomas Salmon70AgLaby
..Elizabeth Salmon65.y
..Robert Salmon15Tilemakery
..Clement Goodrich30AgLaby
..William Hart?50AgLaby
..Sarah Hart?45.y
..Saphar? Hart?20.y
17.Ann Hart?12.y
..Harriett Hart?10.y
..Gorge Hart?8.y
..Jonathan Gaymer45AgLaby
..MaryAnn Gaymer45.y
..Nathaniel Gaymer15AgLaby
..James Gaymer15.y
..Chinery Gaymer13.y
..MaryAnn Gaymer10.y
..Sarah Gaymer10.y
..Ireland Graham35Farmery
..Ann Graham20.y
..Henery Graham1.y
..Sarah Jackson15F.S.y
..Susan Ford15F.S.y
..John Goddard15M.S.y
..Charles Clarke20M.S.y
..Sarah Syer25.y
..Joseph Syer11.y
..Ann Syer10.y
..Walter Syer7.y
..William Syer5.y
..Robert Bruce30AgLaby
..Martha Bruce30.y
..Eliza Buckell11.y
18.William Wright25Sho makery
..Hannar Wright25.y
..Walter Wright7.y
..Sarah Wright3m.y
..William Leder45Brickmakery
..Elizabeth Leder55.y
..Mary Leder15.y
..John Borley50Woodmany
..Tabatha Borley50.y
..William Borley25.y
..Eliza Borley15.y
..Harriott Borley11.y
..George Borley13.y
..Lewis Borley5.y
..John Cuthbert60Weelrite..?y
..Dianah Cuthbert50.y
..MaryAnn Cuthbert15.y
..John Cuthbert14.y
..Sarah Cuthbert2.y
..Thomas Clarke50AgLaby
..Rebakah Clarke50.y
..Maria Clarke14.y
..Harriott Clarke12.y
..James Clarke7.y
..John Wright50AgLaby
19.Thomas Salmon40Gardenery
..Mary Salmon40.y
..John Salmon20.y
..David Salmon15AgLaby
..William Salmon15.y
..Thomas Salmon13.y
..Henery Salmon1.y
..Eliza Salmon11.y
..Sapphiah Salmon9.y
..Emily Salmon7.y
..Elizabeth Salmon5.y
..Elizabeth Burmon30.y
..Henery Burmon14.y
..Jacob Baker20Broom makery
..Charlotte Baker20.y
..William Mulley45Bricklayery
..Mary Mulley45.y
..James Mulley20Bricklayery
..Samuel Mulley13.y
..MaryAnn Mulley15.y
..Saphiah Mulley11.y
..Jane Ruffels?25.y
..Harriott Ruffels?1.y
..Jane Ruffels?3m.y
..Charles Wright20AgLaby
20.Martha Wright20.y
..William Wright3.y
..Robert Fuller40Brickmakery
..Mary Fuller40.y
..Sarah Fuller13.y
..Harriott Fuller11.y
..MaryAnn Fuller8.y
..Martha Fuller5.y
..Mary Fuller3.y
..Sophia Fuller3m.y
..William Ranson75Ind.y
..Elizabeth Ranson80.y
..George Wretham20Woodmany
..William Sayer50Bricklayery
..Mary Sayer50.y
..William Sayer20Bricklayery
..Richard Sayer15.y
..MaryAnn Sayer15.y
..John Sayer13.y
..James Mulley45AgLaby
..Mary Mulley45.y
..James Mulley20AgLaby
..Robert Mulley15.y
..William Mulley13.y
..Martha Mulley9.y
21.Susan Mulley5.y
..John Mulley25AgLaby
..Hannah Mulley20.y
..William Parce?45AgLaby
..Maria Parce?35.y
..Mary Parce?10.y
..Jane Parce?8.y
..Robert Parce?4.y
..Martha Parce?6m.y
..Abraham Clarke85Woodmany
..MaryAnn Balham40.y
..MaryAnn Balham15.y
..Edwin Clarke45Woodmany
..Mary Clarke45.y
..William Clarke15Woodmany
..Thomas Elliston45AgLaby
..Mary Elliston40.y
..Amos Elliston15.y
..Thomas Elliston13.y
..William Elliston10.y
..Harriott Elliston7.y
.Hall End?Nunn Welham55Gardenery
..Frances Welham55.y
..Walter Bridges14.y
..John Ruddock60AgLaby
22.George Ruddock2.y
..Ellen Ruddock6.y
..John Farrow25AgLaby
..Eliza Farrow30.y
..Sophia Farrow3m.y
..James Moss40AgLaby
..Susan Moss50.y
..Anna Moss15.y
..Abraham Clarke55AgLaby
..Elizabeth Clarke50.y
..Ambros Dixon25AgLaby
.Hall End?William Goddard30.y
..Ann Goddard30.y
..James Goddard10.y
..John Hunt80Indy
..Lional Goddard45AgLaby
..Lydia Goddard45.y
..Henery Goddard15.y
..Richard Goddard8.y
..William Skace?20AgLaby
..Robert Skace?13.y
..Lydia Skace?11.y
..Edmand? Wretham7.y
.Hill HouseJoseph Baker65Shomaker?y
..Sarah Baker60.y
23Hill HouseIsaac Pegg65AgLaby
..Susanah Pegg60.y
..William Pegg20AgLaby
..John Hart25AgLaby
..Elizabeth Hart25.y
..William Hart0.y
.Hall FarmHannah Kitchen65Farmery
..Mary Ransom20F.S.y
..John Elliston25M.S.y
..George Alexander15M.S.y
..Mary Mulley15F.S.y
..James Barrall50Gardenery
..Patence Barrall30.y
..Patence Barrall15.y
..John Barrall3.y
.Alms HouseElizabeth Pilbrough65.y
..Ann Cornish80.y
..Ann Clarke66.y
..Harry Gaymer3.y
..Ann Rice60.y
..Sarah Clarke45.y
..Elizabeth Ralph65.y
..Emily Ralph9.y
..Ann Hawes75.y
..Ann Rice20.y
24.Bridget Rice4.y
..Samuall Barker60AgLaby
..James Wretham30Gardenery
..Kezia Wretham30.y
..Robert Wretham9.y
..George Wretham7.y
..James Wretham5.y
..Mary Wretham2.y
..Thomas Wretham4m.y
.Bunkrs HillEdmund Wretham50Woodmany
..Bell Wretham50.y
..Ambross Wretham11.y
..William Cobham15Woodmany
.Fox & Goose?Maria Howlett60Ind.y
..Mary Mulley20F.S.y
..John Dew20M.S.y
..William Hart15M.S.y
.New BildenMary Brown60Ind.y
..Christian Smith35Ind.y
..MaryAnn Sewell35F.S.y
..MaryAnn Sillett30F.S.y
..Emma Witton25F.S.y
..Winifred Clarke15F.S.y
..George Wright14Brickmakery
..William Wright13.y
25CrosswaysWilliam Hunt40Farmery
..Daniel Hawes?50AgLaby
..Sarah Hawes?50.y
.BricklnReuben Wright40Brickmakery
..Sophia Wright35.y
..Charlotte Wright15.y
..Ann? Wright15.y
..Amelia Wright15.y
..MaryAnn Wright11.y
..James Wright9.y
..Elizabeth Wright7.y
..Sarah Wright6.y
..Sophia Wright4.y
..John Wright1.y
..MaryAnn Atkins?15.y
..Susan Davey75.y
..John Davey25AgLaby
..Reuben Davey25AgLaby
..Elizabeth Jarman?20.y
..Robert Wright45Brickmakery
..Jane Wright45.y
..John Wright25.y
..Thomas Wright20.y
..Enoch Wright15.y
..Naomi? Wright15.y
26.MaryAnn Wright14.y
..Rebecca Wright13.y
..Benjamin Wright11.y
..Emma Wright9.y
..James Wright6.y
..Sophia Wright4.y
.Warran LaneJohn Bradley35Sheppardy
..Elizabeth Bradley40.y
..Frances Bradley12.y
..Thomas Bradley10.y
..Ann Bradley7.y
..John Bradley5.y
..Parlett Bradley3.y
..Elizabeth Bradley1.y
..John Salmon30AgLaby
..Mary Salmon30.y
..William Salmon11.y
..Emma Salmon9.y
..George Salmon8.y
..James Salmon6.y
..Harriott Salmon3.y
..John Salmon1.y
..Sarah Cooke70Ind.y
..Hannah Grace?25F.S.y
..John Borley20Woodmany
27Cross StreetEdward Sayer?25Bricklayery
..MaryAnn Sayer?20.y
..Samuall Gaymer40AgLaby
..Charlotte Gaymer40.y
..Mary Gaymer15.y
..William Gaymer13.y
..Elizabeth Gaymer11.y
..James Gaymer9.y
..Susanah Gaymer7.y
..Joseph Gaymer4.y
..Harriott Gaymer2.y
..Sharlotte Warren?50Ind.y
..Kezia Warren?15.y
..MaryAnn Warren?15.y
..William Copping?50Farmery
..Elizabeth Copping?40.y
..Martha Clarke70.y
..Eliza Clarke21.y
..George Clarke1.y
..MaryAnn Clarke2m.y
..Robert Murton?30AgLaby