1911 Census

For the first time we have (photographs of) forms filled in by the householders themselves. Not all the respondents will have been to school, and there were some (Priscilla Pegg, for one) who had another person writing for them, but mostly the writing was good, so relatively few uncertainties. In the address column, I have put first the number and street from the enumerator’s list (Mr Ennals, a prominent villager), and then anything else the householder may have included: this brings up a number of points…

In Hawk End Lane two householders have clearly used the name ‘Hall End Lane’ (which the 1871 enumerator also used)
The enumerator doesn’t seem always to have the right street – H E Mulley’s place and Arvon House should definitely be given as Cooks Road (which doesn’t get a mention anywhere), and The Chestnuts in School Road;
Likewise he gives several as ‘Station Road’ but the householder has put ‘Cross Street’, and Holly Lodge is still in Cross Street.
Several householders in Kiln Road (or Lane – interchangeable?), as well as Fox & Goose and New Hall, have put the address as Woolpit – is it possible they had their mail delivered from there?
Where the house name is not given but appears in the 1908 or 1916 directory, I have added this in [brackets].

Status (“Particulars as to Marriage” on the original): M=married, W=widow(er); “S” was used for single persons of marriageable age, but I have omitted it. The return has columns for completed years of present marriage, the number of children born alive in this marriage, and of those the number still living, but to avoid clutter I have put this information on a separate page.

Employment: most working people are employees; I have added (E) for an employer, and (i) to indicate that the person was working independently.

Some statistics: of 854 souls listed, there are 149 married couples and of these a surprising 42 wives are older than their husbands. Of those who had any children the average family was 5 children, of which 15% had died; 32 wives had borne 9 or more, eight having 13; Susannah Elliston married her husband Henry when she was 17 years old, and bore him 14 children, of which 9 were still living in 1911.

For counting rooms the householder is instructed to include the kitchen but not “scullery, landing, lobby, closet, bathroom, nor warehouse, office, shop”. Some of the Hawk End Lane families were quite tightly packed – I wonder how the Pykes, Farrows or Kings coped in just 3 rooms, presumeably kitchen/diner and two bedrooms.

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AddressNameRelation (to Head)Age/Profession or OccupationBirthplaceNo.of rooms
1. Hawk End Lane - Vine CottageArthur SmithHead31 MPoultry dealer (i)Larling Norfolk7
.Ellen SmithWife38.Eye.
.Donald StegglesNephew6.Larling Norfolk.
.Arthur AireyBoarder45 MRly Engine driverClaydon.
.Arthur GroomBoarder34 MRly StokerSouthminster, Essex.
2. Hawk End LaneEdward PykeHead48 WBlacksmithMendelsham3
.Robert PykeSon20Labourer on farmElmswell.
.Dorothy PykeDaughter17General house workElmswell.
.Albert PykeSon17Labourer on farmElmswell.
.Hannah PykeMother82 W.Mendelsham.
3. Hawk End LaneJohn KingHead35 MWood labourerElmswell3
.Sarah Jane KingWife33 M.Haughley Green.
.Sarah Violet May KingDaughter11SchoolElmswell.
.Edith Emma Elizabeth KingDaughter9.Elmswell.
.Edward John Cyril KingSon6.Elmswell.
.Bertie Robert KingSon3.Elmswell.
4. Hawk End LaneEdward CurtisHead41Labourer on farmElmswell4
5. Hawk End LaneFredrick FarrowHead53 MBricklayerElmswell3
.Charlotte FarrowWife52 M.Norton.
.Frank FarrowSon24Labourer on farmElmswell.
.Herbert FarrowSon23Dog trainer assistantElmswell.
.Nelson FarrowSon13Dog trainer assistantElmswell.
.Spencer FarrowSon10SchoolElmswell.
.Mabel FarrowDaughter8SchoolElmswell.
6. Hawk End LaneThomas KingHead30 MLabourer on farmElmswell4
.Emma KingWife40 M.Pakenham.
.George PeckSon (illeg.)10SchoolElmswell.
.Harry PeckFather-in-law68 WLabourer on farmElmswell.
7. Hawk End LaneEmma MathewsHead43Dressmaker (i)Elmswell2
.Frank MathewsSon12SchoolElmswell.
.Ella MathewsDaughter8SchoolElmswell.
.Reginald MathewsSon3.Elmswell.
.Edward HowlettBoarder39 WLabourer on farmWoolpit.
8. Hawk End LaneEdward RobinsonHead30Fish monger (i)Wetherden2
9. Hawk End Lane - ('Hall End Lane')MaryAnn WillinghamHead49School cleaner & washingStowmarket5
.Bertie WillinghamSon24Labourer on farmElmswell.
.Minnie WillinghamDaughter15.Elmswell.
.Hanna KingMother73 W.Ashfield.
.George KingNephew19Plow manElmswell.
.Sidney KingNephew14Labourer on farmElmswell.
.Albert KingNephew13SchoolStowmarket.
10. Hawk End LaneGeorge NichollsHead61 MRailway pensionerColchester8
.Julia NichollsWife56 M.Colchester.
.Susannah DickettsMother86 W.Colchester.
11. Hawk End LaneGeorge AdamsHead70 WOld age pensionerElmswell2
12. Hawk End LaneFrederick FarrowHead48 MLabourer on farmElmswell3
.Martha FarrowWife49 M.Elmswell.
.Daisy FarrowDaughter8SchoolElmswell.
13. Hawk End LaneHenry James ArmstrongHead54 MHorsemanElmswell4
.Liya ArmstrongWife54 M.Norton.
.Kate ArmstrongDaughter29CookElmswell.
.George ArmstrongSon27WoodmanElmswell.
.Charles ArmstrongSon24General labourerElmswell.
.Frederick ArmstrongSon21Railway porterElmswell.
.Arthur CurtisBoarder24OstlerPakenham.
.Rose HacklingVisitor22HousemaidEastington, Gloucester.
14. Hawk End LaneGeorge GoodwinHead52 WGroom (domestic)Norton4
.Edith GoodwinDaughter21.Ashfield.
.Claude GoodwinSon12SchoolElmswell.
15. Hawk End LaneArchie James MooreHead28 MSignal GERCambridge4
.Ellen Mary MooreWife32 M.Swaffham.
.Lillian Ellen MooreDaughter6.Cambridge.
.Arthur BlossBoarder25Porter GERStowmarket.
16. Hawk End LaneJames SansonHead52 MPlatelayer GERNewmarket4
.Ann SansonWife52 M.Wolpit.
.Thomas FisherNephew13Firm labourerIpswich.
.James CrockleyBoarder26Greyhound trainerWallsingham, Norfolk.
.George BuggBoarder20Goods porter GERAldham, Essex.
17. Hawk End LaneCharles ClarkeHead45 MPlatelayer GERTostock4
.Emma ClarkeWife44 M.Thurston.
.Edith Olive ClarkeDaughter14.Elmswell.
.William Percy ClarkeSon9.Elmswell.
18. Hawk End Lane - ('Hall End Lane')James PiperHead37 MPermanent way labourerTostock4
.Eva Florence PiperWife29 M.Elmswell.
.Sidney Walter PiperSon8SchoolElmswell.
.Archibald Cyril PiperSon7.Elmswell.
.Winifred Grace PiperDaughter1.Elmswell.
19. Hawk End Lane - 10 HawkendGeorge MulleyHead50 MCoal porterElmswell4
.Elizabeth MulleyWife50 M.Elmswell.
.Gordon MulleySon13Labourer on farmElmswell.
20. Hawk End LaneAlfred John PeggHead46 MCorn porterElmswell4
.Elizabeth PeggWife59 M.Elmswell.
21. Hawk End LaneAbraham DewHead49 MLabourer on farmElmswell5
.MaryAnn DewWife66 M.Elmswell.
.Sarah MayesDaughter31.Elmswell.
22. Hawk End LaneJames BluettHead55 MSignalmanStanway, Essex6
.Agnes BluettWife49 M.Leiston.
.Edith BluettDaughter21General servant domesticSouthminster, Essex.
.Frederick BluettSon19General labourerSouthminster, Essex.
.Elsie BluettDaughter16General servant (domestic)Southminster, Essex.
.Alfred BluettSon14Apprentice tailorSouthminster, Essex.
.Leonard BluettSon11SchoolBelstead.
.Ivy BluettDaughter9SchoolBelstead.
23. Hawk End LaneHarry KerryHead31 MWood sawyerHepworth3
.Adelaide KerryWife30 M.Elmswell.
24. Hawk End LaneGeorge MulleyHead64 MGeneral labourerElmswell4
.Sarah MulleyWife64 M.Elmswell.
.Lillian MulleyDaughter25General servant (domestic)Elmswell.
.Percy FinchStepson7SchoolNewmarket.
25. Hawk End LaneWalter CooperHead47 MButcher (i)Little Finborough6
.Henrietta May CooperWife48 M.Stowmarket.
.Mary Jane CooperDaughter9SchoolCombs.
.Edith Mary CooperDaughter8SchoolCombs.
.James William RogersonNephew16Errant boy (sic)Peckham, London.
26. Hawk EndHenry ParrHead47 MCarmanNorton4
.Harriett ParrWife46 M.Livermere.
.Walter ParrSon14Assistant bakerElmswell.
.Bessie ParrDaughter12SchoolElmswell.
.Gladys ParrDaughter10SchoolElmswell.
.William ParrSon8SchoolElmswell.
.Lily ParrDaughter6SchoolElmswell.
27. Hawk EndHenry RobinsonHead42 MHorseman on farmElmswell4
.Laura RobinsonWife40 M.Woolpit.
.William RobinsonSon15Carpenter AssistanceElmswell.
.Ivy RobinsonDaughter13Mothers HelpElmswell.
.Arthur RobinsonSon11SchoolElmswell.
.Cyril RobinsonSon9SchoolElmswell.
.Vic RobinsonSon7SchoolElmswell.
.Bertha RobinsonDaughter2.Elmswell.
.Violet RobinsonDaughter0.Elmswell.
28. Hawk EndCharles HawesHead41 MLabourer on farmElmswell4
.Rose HawesWife35 M.Elmswell.
.Maria MulleyMother-in-law81 W.Elmswell.
.Arthur AbbottNephew14.Bury.
29. Chapel RowDennis KingHead34 MLabourer on farmElmswell4
.MaryAnn KingWife28 M.Cotton.
.Bessie KingDaughter5.Elmswell.
.Dorthy KingDaughter3.Elmswell.
.Dennis KingSon1.Elmswell.
30. Chapel RowDavid LummasHead37 MLabourer on farmBadwell Ash4
.Ellen LummasWife36 M.Elmswell.
.Ivy LummasDaughter10SchoolElmswell.
.Nellie LummasDaughter8.Elmswell.
.Harry LummasBoarder70General labourerElmswell.
31. Hawk End - Chapel CottageCharlotte HoodHead58 WNeedle workElmswell4
.Ruth Elizabeth HoodDaughter27.Elmswell.
.Arthur ChabbackBoarder21Railway clerkOusden.
32. Chapel RowHenry James MulleyHead54 MBlacksmith's strikerElmswell4
.Eliza Maria MulleyWife49 M.Woolpit.
.Mildred Maggie May MulleyDaughter15.Elmswell.
.Oliver Cornelius Walter MulleySon12SchoolElmswell.
33. Chapel Row - The ShopThomas Stanley HicksHead22 MBaker & Confectioner (E)Felstead, Essex7
.Sybil Maude HicksWife22 M.Elmswell.
.Ethel Maude Hickssister24AssistantFelstead, Essex.
.Lucy Emily PaineVisitor43DressmakerPimlico, London.
.George Henry Farrowassistant20AssistantElmswell.
.George Arthur Robinsonassistant19AssistantElmswell.
.Eva Ellen PleasanceServant14.Norton.
34. School RoadCharles BloomfieldHead48 MShepherdNorton5
.Eliza BloomfieldWife46 M.Elmswell.
.James BloomfieldSon17General labourerElmswell.
.Charles BloomfieldSon15Labourer on farmElmswell.
.Susan BloomfieldDaughter12SchoolElmswell.
.Victoria BloomfieldDaughter10SchoolElmswell.
.Percy BloomfieldSon8SchoolElmswell.
.Eva BloomfieldDaughter6SchoolElmswell.
.Joseph BloomfieldSon3.Elmswell.
.Gladys BloomfieldDaughter1.Elmswell.
35. School RoadEphraim George CollettHead43 MBricklayerLondon6
.Alice Louisa CollettWife35 M.Elmswell.
.Edith May CollettDaughter17servantElmswell.
.Ephraim George CollettSon15Labourer on farmElmswell.
.Bessie Amelia CollettDaughter11SchoolElmswell.
.Walter Herbert CollettSon8SchoolElmswell.
.Cyril Charles CollettSon7SchoolElmswell.
.Gladys Dorothy CollettDaughter2.Elmswell.
.Ellen MulleyBoarder69 W.Elmswell.
36. School RoadWilliam FullerHead57 MCoal porterElmswell4
.Elizabeth FullerWife49 M.Elmswell.
.Albert VictorSon9.Elmswell.
37. School RoadGeorge Scase?Head41Labourer on farmElmswell3
.Agnes MillerServant47.Wetherden.
.Walter Millerservant's son1.Elmswell.
38. School Road - Street HouseDrusilla Ford EverettHead65 WCarrierElmswell4
.Augusta Jane EverettDaughter33Assisting in the businessElmswell.
.George Charles FarrowBoarder37Horseman & dealerElmswell.
39. School RoadCharles WhiteHead21 MInsurance agent (Prudential)Fenny Stratford, Bucks4
.Alice WhiteWife23 M.Wavendon, Bucks.
40. School RoadPricilla PeggHead64 WCharwomanWetherden4
.Georgina PeggDaughter28.Bradford, Yorks.
41. School RoadCharlotte PlummerHead79 WOAPBrettenham4
42. School RoadZachariah FentonHead79 WJobbing gardenerBury4
.James William ManningBoarder60 WHouse painterBuxhall.
.Edward ManningBoarder27 ?Working on roadsElmswell.
.Bertie Victor ManningBoarder10.Elmswell.
43. School Road - Tavern Public House [no longer J Laver]Frank ClarkeHead33 MHotel managerBanham, Norfolk8
.Laura ClarkeWife28 M.Clare.
.Stanley ClarkeSon1.Elmswell.
.Bertha ChapmanServant14.Offton.
44. School Road - SchoolMartha BrandHead51 W.Elmswell6
.Ralph BrandStepson37Labourer on farmElmswell.
.Ethel BrandDaughter30SchoolteacherElmswell.
.Dorothy BrandDaughter21DressmakerElmswell.
.Grace BrandDaughter15.Elmswell.
.Arthur BrandSon12SchoolElmswell.
.George BrandSon9SchoolElmswell.
45. Farm MeadowCharles GouldHead47 MGeneral labourerStow Work House3
.Annie GouldWife57 M.Elmswell.
.Fred GouldSon21Labourer on farmElmswell.
.Ida GouldDaughter15.Elmswell.
.Hattie GouldDaughter11SchoolElmswell.
.Willey GouldSon11SchoolElmswell.
.Walter GouldSon9SchoolElmswell.
.Edward GouldSon9SchoolElmswell.
.Vera GouldDaughter6SchoolQueen Sharlots Hospitle, London.
46. Rose CottageJoseph FrostHead71 MNoneFlempton7
.Rebecca FrostWife82 M.Bury.
47. Rose LaneJonathan MillerHead50 MCarter (i)Wetherden4
.Fanny MillerWife53 M.Stowmarket.
.Andrew MillerSon18Miller's carterWetherden.
.Bertie Hilton MillerSon15Stable ladWetherden.
.Albert Victor MillerSon12SchoolWetherden.
.Ada Janett MillerDaughter9SchoolWetherden.
48. Rose LaneWilliam H ScaseHead52 MBricklayer's labourerElmswell4
.Jane ScaseWife51 M.Elmswell.
.Albert ScaseSon30Railway porterElmswell.
49. Rose LaneFrederick ScaseHead54 MGeneral labourerElmswell4
.Elizabeth ScaseWife62 M.Elmswell.
.Albert William ScaseSon25General labourerElmswell.
.Herbert Arthur ScaseSon18bakerElmswell.
50. Rose LaneHenry George EllistonHead58 MLabourer on road (RDC)Elmswell4
.Susanna EllistonWife55 M.Elmswell.
.Fredrick William EllistonSon25MillerElmswell.
.Eva Kat EllistonDaughter18.Elmswell.
.Ivy Milicent EllistonGranddaughter8.Elmswell.
51. The StreetWilliam Henry EllistonHead41 MBricklayer's labourerElmswell4
.Margaret Amelia EllistonWife40 M.Welnetham.
.Harry John EllistonSon12SchoolElmswell.
.Albert Tobit EllistonSon9.Elmswell.
.Edward William James EllistonSon7.Elmswell.
.Frank Holmes? EllistonSon4.Elmswell.
.Bessie Rose EllistonDaughter1.Elmswell.
.Horace HowlettBoarder21BakerWoolpit.
52. The StreetSamuel MulleyHead67Labourer on farmElmswell4
.Eliza Mulleysister48CharwomanElmswell.
53. The StreetWilliam EllistonHead61 MButcher (i)Elmswell4
.Susan EllistonWife60 MAssisting in the businessElmswell.
.Ethel Maude EllistonGranddaughter19Assisting in the businessElmswell.
.Bessie Helen RoseBoarder35Schoolteacher - Council SchoolWickham Skeith.
54. The Street - The ChestnutsEvelyn Elizabeth VogelHead52 WPrivate meansLiverpool8
.Margaret Caroline VogelDaughter28Private meansSwitzerland.
.Emmeline Julia VogelDaughter23Private meansSwitzerland.
.Alice Emma BarrettServant27General servant (domestic)Charlton.
55. The HallJohn Coleby LeatherdaleHead63 MFarmer (E)Suton, Norfolk11
.Ellen LeatherdaleWife60 M.Halstead, Essex.
.Arthur Edward CrispVisitor45 MGentlemanPeasenhall.
.MaryAnn MoyesServant19General servant (domestic)Rattlesden.
56. The Hall - CottageFrederick William PrattHead26 MFarm bailiffClopton5
.Margaret PrattWife35 MHouse workGt Ashfield.
57. Church HillJames ScaseHead47 MCoal carterElmswell5
.Annie ScaseWife49 M.Elmswell.
.George ScaseSon20Labourer on farmElmswell.
.Edith ScaseDaughter15.Elmswell.
.John ScaseSon13SchoolElmswell.
58. Church Hill - ('near church')John FullerHead35 MLabourer in brickyardElmswell3
.Harriet Ellen FullerWife45 M.Woolpit.
59. Church HillClare RosierHead40 MFarmer (i)Langham4
.Alice Mary RosierWife37 M.Walton.
.William Henry RosierSon9.Langham.
.Maude Winifred RosierDaughter7.Langham.
.Ethel Mary RosierDaughter4.Langham.
.Alice Beatrice RosierDaughter3.Langham.
60. Church Hill - Churchill HouseAlice Mary GayfordHead49LadyCroxton, Norfolk5
.Mary SextonVisitor42.Blyth.
61. AlmshousesMaryAnn BowesHead81 W.Chedburgh1
62. AlmshousesMaryAnn WrightHead66 W.Elmswell.
63. AlmshousesMatilda TurnerHead69 W.Drinkstone.
64. The RectoryJohn Reginald GeorgeHead39 MClerk in Holy OrdersHigham Ferrers, Northants21
.Maude Mary GeorgeWife37 M.Waterford,. Ireland.
.Dorothy Mary GeorgeDaughter9SchoolNorthmoor, Oxon.
.Kathleen Beatrice GeorgeDaughter4.Northmoor, Oxon.
.Phyllis Eileen GeorgeDaughter2.Elmswell.
.Florence Alice ScaseServant23Nurse-housemaid (domestic)Elmswell.
.Norah Ellen EllistonServant22Cook (domestic)Elmswell.
65. The Rectory - Rectory LodgeThomas ManningHead26 MGroom & gardenerElmswell5
.Rose ManningWife28 M.Elmswell.
.William ManningSon5.Elmswell.
.Dorothy ManningDaughter3.Elmswell.
66. Church HillReginald O.H. WalpoleLodger45Merchant (Corn & Seed) (i)Beyton2
67. Church Hill - St LucyCyril BarkerHead22 MFarmer's son working on farmElmswell6
.Dora BarkerWife25 M.Broxbourne, Herts.
68. Church Hill - [Norwood House, 1908]George Scott BobyHead62 WRetired farmerWyverstone7
.Edith Mary BobyDaughter34.Walsham-le-Willows.
.Marion May BobyDaughter21.Bacton.
.Decimus John BobySon20Engineer (Iron Works)Bacton.
.Herbert William BobySon18Auctioneer's Articled ClerkBacton.
.Alice LordServant14General servant (domestic)Coney Weston.
69. New RoadHenry James KingHead38 MCoal porterWoolpit4
.Harriet Matilda KingWife35 M.Wetherden.
70. New RoadMartha WingHead81Private meansMeldreth, Cambs9
71. The Street - FarmFred Oliver BuggHead50Farmer (i)Earl Stonham4
.Emily Buggsister48.Earl Stonham.
.Etherlinda Buggsister38.Stonham Aspal.
72. The Street - Oak FarmLouis Henry BorleyHead39 MWoodman (i)Elmswell8
.Florence Lucretia BorleyWife29 M.Woolpit.
.Vera Lucretia BorleyDaughter5.Elmswell.
.Evelyn Maud BorleyDaughter2.Elmswell.
.Robert CrossVisitor68 MPainterWoolpit.
.Charlotte FisherServant32.Ipswich.
.Violet Victoria WarnerServant13.Debenham.
73. The Street - Farm [Willow Farm, 1916]William GeorgeHead35 MFarrier & Horse slaughterer (E)Bacton8
.Ellen Mabel GeorgeWife32 M.Stratford St Mary.
.Mary Elizabeth GeorgeDaughter10SchoolElmswell.
.Doris Anna GeorgeDaughter8.Elmswell.
.Sybil Winifred GeorgeDaughter6.Elmswell.
.Ellen Elizabeth KnightsServant14.Rattlesden.
.William BaileyServant55 M.Stuston.
74. The Street - The Green FarmFrederic William BorleyHead43 MFarmer (E)Elmswell6
.Ellen L? BorleyWife48 M.Woolpit.
.Frederic George BorleySon6.Elmswell.
75. The Street - White House FarmGeorge HowardHead33 MStockmanHaughley8
.Sarah HowardWife24 M.Bradfield St Clare.
.George HowardSon3.Elmswell.
.Gertrude HowardDaughter7m.Elmswell.
.Harry Howardbrother28Labourer on farmHaughley.
76. Bat Factory - cottageAlan RobinsonHead36 WWood sawyer (Sports manufacture)Elmswell4
.Ethel RobinsonDaughter14.Elmswell.
.Frederick RobinsonSon10SchoolElmswell.
.Lucy RobinsonDaughter9.Elmswell.
.Emma LongServant46HousekeeperCockfield.
.William Longservant's son6.Elmswell.
77. Bat Factory - 2 roomsHerbert EllistonLodger48Thatcher & Hay trusserElmswell4
78. Bat Factory - cottageCaroline BakerHead33 M.Stowmarket4
.Ruby BakerDaughter6.Elmswell.
.Harry BakerSon5.Elmswell.
.William BakerSon2.Elmswell.
79. Bat Factory - cottageErnest George KingHead36 MBat Chopper (Sports Manufactory)Elmswell3
.Ada Susannah KingWife35 M.Woolpit.
.Rachel Vivian KingDaughter7.Elmswell.
.Winifred Evlyn KingDaughter6.Elmswell.
.Ernest William George KingSon4.Elmswell.
.Percy Frank KingSon2.Elmswell.
.Gladys Gwendoline Maude KingDaughter8m.Elmswell.
80. Bat Factory - Globe CottageFrank HillHead38 MWoodwork labourer, Bat factoryRife?3
.Sophia HillWife41 M.Liverpool.
.Doris HillDaughter11.?.
.Jack HillSon2.?.
81. Ashfield RoadGeorge GodboldHead58 MRetired Grocer & DraperStowmarket8
.Emma GodboldWife59 M.Hessett.
.Alice Emma GodboldDaughter27.Felsham.
.Dorothy Lucy GodboldDaughter19.Felsham.
82. Ashfield Road - ShopRobert DurrantHead59 MSaddler (E)Stowupland7
.Harriet DurrantWife59 M.Stowmarket.
.Harriet Laura DurrantDaughter28SchoolteacherElmswell.
.Janet DurrantDaughter22DressmakerElmswell.
.Olive DurrantDaughter19MillinerElmswell.
83. Warren LaneJames HowardHead53 MPlatelayer, GERHaughley4
.MaryAnn HowardWife56 M.Wetherden.
84. Warren LaneThomas SalmonHead47 MGeneral labourerElmswell4
.Annice SalmonWife46 M.Rougham.
.Arthur T SalmonSon22Railway shunterElmswell.
.Wilfred John SalmonSon20StockmanElmswell.
.Edith Sophia Vis SalmonDaughter16.Elmswell.
.Henry George SalmonSon15Dog trainer assistantElmswell.
.Sidney James SalmonSon13SchoolElmswell.
.Elizabeth May SalmonDaughter10.Elmswell.
.Annice Laura SalmonDaughter9.Elmswell.
.William Herbert SalmonSon6.Elmswell.
.Edward Albert SalmonSon1m.Elmswell.
85. Station RoadJames MulleyHead59 MCarpenter (i)Elmswell5
.Rebecca MulleyWife60 M.Elmswell.
.Kate MulleyDaughter22DomesticElmswell.
.Walter MulleySon20PainterElmswell.
.Ethel MulleyDaughter19DressmakerElmswell.
86. Station Road - Holly CottageJoseph Alexander RollHead28Manager Timber Mills at Sports ManufactoryKensington7
.Isabella Rollmother60 WPrivate meansEdinburgh.
87. Station Road - HomewoodCatherine SparkesHead80LadyPakenham6
.Sarah Londoncompanion70 WLadyBildeston.
88. Station Road - ('Cross Street')William MulleyHead39 MCarpenter & Builder (E)Elmswell6
.Rosa MulleyWife42 M.Rougham.
.Norman MulleySon9.Elmswell.
89. Station Road - ('Cross Street')Robert George BakerHead37 MRoadman (RDC)Elmswell4
.Rosetta BakerWife35 M.Wetherden.
.Sidney George BakerSon12SchoolElmswell.
.Edwin Robert BakerSon5.Elmswell.
.Frederick Hilton BakerSon3.Elmswell.
.Herbert Cecil BakerSon1.Elmswell.
90. Station Road - ('Cross Street')Ernest FarrowHead36 MLabourer on farmElmswell4
.Alice FarrowWife36 M.St Osyth.
.Edith Rose FarrowDaughter9SchoolElmswell.
.Frederick John FarrowSon7.Elmswell.
.William George FarrowSon5.Elmswell.
.Gladys May FarrowDaughter2.Elmswell.
91. Station RoadJames KingHead81 WOAPElmswell2
92. Station Road - ('Cross Street')Sidney Herbert MulleyHead30 MBricklayer (i)Elmswell4
.Florence E MulleyWife28 M.London.
.Jack MulleySon8.Elmswell.
.Mabel MulleyDaughter7.Wetherden.
.Caroline MulleyDaughter2.Elmswell.
.Robert MulleySon3m.Elmswell.
93. Station RoadHenry IngramHead68 MRetired teacherAlcester, Warwicks7
.Sarah Anne IngramWife68 M.Hampton Lucy, Warwicks.
.Mabel IngramDaughter35Teacher - County CouncilSwyncombe, Oxon.
.Grace IngramDaughter29Head teacher - County CouncilE Markham, Notts.
.Daisy Beatrice HolderServant14General servant (domestic)Pimlico, London.
94. Cross Street - Arvon House [Cooks Rd]John James WilsonHead32 MSchoolmaster - W Suffolk Ed.CtteeShildon, Durham7
.Beatrice Ann Frances WilsonWife33 MTeacher, Elementary School - W Suffolk Ed CtteeSheffield, Yorks.
.Elaine BurlinghamServant23.Wattisfield.
95. Cross Street - [no longer at The Fox]Horace LastHead50 MOrganistBredfield5
.Agnes LastWife52 M.Elmswell.
.Margery Guilda LastDaughter17StudentBedale, Yorks.
96. Cross Street - ('Cooks Road')Herbert Edgar MulleyHead41 MBuilder & Contractor (E)Elmswell8
.Rosa Emma MulleyWife35 M.Elmswell.
.Bertie Frank Owen MulleySon18House painterElmswell.
.Luther Percy MulleySon17BricklayerElmswell.
.Rowland Harry MulleySon13SchoolElmswell.
.Mary Maria MulleyDaughter11SchoolElmswell.
.Arthur Herbert Tobit MulleySon9.Elmswell.
.William Benjamin MulleySon7.Elmswell.
.Susan Rose MulleyDaughter4.Elmswell.
.Dorothy Winifred MulleyDaughter1.Elmswell.
.Cassy Christina EllistonServant16Housemaid domesticElmswell.
97. Cross StreetWilliam DurrantHead61Farmer & LandownerWalsham-le-Willows14
.Ann Durrantmother82.Walsham-le-Willows.
.Beatrice WingfieldNiece30.Bromley-by-Bow, London.
.Eliza WrightServant59General servant (domestic)Bury.
98. New RoadJohn Henry NewsonHead61 MCoal merchant (E)Wanham8
.Sarah Maria NewsonWife63 M.Woolpit.
.Adelaide SnellingServant17General servant (domestic)Woolpit.
99. New RoadWilliam GladwellHead38 MTimber faller - Stowmarket Timber CoHaughley4
.Laura GladwellWife38 M.Combs.
.Walter GladwellSon8.Elmswell.
.Hilda GladwellDaughter7.Elmswell.
.George GladwellSon5.Elmswell.
.Wilfred GladwellSon3.Elmswell.
.Leslie GladwellSon2.Elmswell.
100. New RoadSophia GoymerHead74 WOAPBury4
101. New RoadWilliam GoymerHead64 MCoal PorterWetherden4
.Anna GoymerWife62 M.Elmswell.
.Walter GoymerSon30MillerElmswell.
.Arthur GoymerSon27WheelwrightElmswell.
.Rose GoymerDaughter17DressmakerElmswell.
102. New Road - [Myrtle cottage, 1908]Frederick RiceHead39 MAgent for wine & spirits and insuranceOld Newton5
.Ada RiceWife21 M.Hargrave.
.Frederick RiceSon1.Elmswell.
.40299 CaterBoarder31.Hargrave.
103. New RoadArthur James MulleyHead39 MBuilders Contractor (E)Elmswell5
.Ellen MulleyWife35 M.Tostock.
.Mary MulleyDaughter11SchoolElmswell.
.Grace MulleyDaughter9.Elmswell.
.George MulleySon7.Elmswell.
.James MulleySon5.Elmswell.
.Hilda MulleyDaughter3.Elmswell.
.Edward MulleySon2.Elmswell.
104. New RoadHenry FentonHead48 MMillerElmswell4
.Rachel FentonWife48 M.Pakenham.
.Frank FentonSon20CarterElmswell.
.Arthur FentonSon14Errand boyElmswell.
.Bertha FentonDaughter12SchoolElmswell.
.Edward FentonSon8.Elmswell.
105. New RoadWilliam George GoymerHead40 MCoal carterElmswell4
.Jessie GoymerWife34 M.Elmswell.
.Fredrick GoymerSon2.Elmswell.
.Albert GoymerSon1.Elmswell.
.John HoodFather-in-law60 WBootrepairer (i)Wetherden.
106. New RoadCharles RobinsonHead39Timber carter at timber merchantElmswell1
.Florence Robinsonsister27General servant (domestic)Elmswell.
107. New RoadMary HoodHead70 WPrivate meansElmswell4
.Muriel FarrowGranddaughter12SchoolElmswell.
108. New RoadJohn CooperHead33 MHorsemanBattisford4
.Mary CooperWife32 M.Elmswell.
.Ruby CooperDaughter8.Elmswell.
.Reginald CooperSon7.Elmswell.
.Cecil CooperSon4.Elmswell.
.Willie FarrowNephew14Butcher's errand boyElmswell.
109. New RoadWilliam StiffHead89 WOAPNorton4
.Harriet? BorrettStepd75.Norton.
110. New Road - ForgeHerbert ReditHead40 MBlacksmith (E)Elmswell4
.Lucy ReditWife39 M.London.
.Walter ReditSon11SchoolWetheringsett.
.Ivy ReditDaughter9.Elmswell.
.Herbert ReditSon7.Elmswell.
.Fredrick ReditSon6.Elmswell.
.Lucy ReditDaughter4.Elmswell.
.William ReditSon2.Elmswell.
111. New RoadPhilip ParskHead42 MWheelwrightBlythburgh4
.Lillian ParskWife38 M.Wrentham.
.Phyllis ParskDaughter17General servant (domestic)Wrentham.
.Dorothy ParskDaughter13SchoolWrentham.
.Wilfred ParskSon15Apprenticed to bakerWrentham.
.Eric ParskSon11SchoolWrentham.
.Barbara ParskDaughter2.Elmswell.
112. New RoadJohn FarrowHead49 MLabourer on farmElmswell4
.Alice FarrowWife43 M.Pakenham.
.Ann Fairesaunt82 W.Elmswell.
113. New Road - FairlightSarah SmithHead65 WPrivate meansColchester7
.Amy ArcherNiece23.Colchester.
.Mary KnightsServant16General servant (domestic)Old Newton.
114. New Road - [Fern cottage 1908]Elizabeth PollardHead82 WLadyBeyton6
.Ellen BaxterStepd70 W.Walsham-le-Willows.
.Amy FarrowServant16.Elsh...?.
115. New Road -[Laburnham 1908 or Fern 1916?]Harry Cornelius PearlHead69 M(can't read this!) (i)Gt Thurlow4
.Sarah PearlWife59 M.Gt Thurlow.
.Nora PearlDaughter29.Buxhall.
.Edith PearlDaughter26Post Office ClerkElmswell.
.Claude PearlSon13SchoolElmswell.
.Ruby PearlDaughter9.Elmswell.
116. New RoadSamuel Wright ToddHead29Officer of Customs & Excise 2nd ClassNorth Shields2
117. New RoadWilliam NunnHead57 MBlacksmithDrinkstone6
.Julia Elizabeth NunnWife56 M.Stanton.
.Arthur Morley NunnSon29CarpenterDrinkstone.
.Julia Lucy NunnDaughter14.Drinkstone.
.Mark ShieldsBoarder35Wesleyan Lay EvangelistDurham.
118. New Road - Eagle HouseGeoffrey Peter PhillipsHead39 MWine & Spirit Merchant (E)London (City)9
.Florence Ada PhillipsWife34 M.London (Westminster).
.Geoffrey Peter Percy PhillipsSon3.London (Finsbury Park).
119. The Street - Willow HouseIsabella WarrenHead52 W.Elmswell8
.Eleanor WarrenDaughter27Post Office ClerkElmswell.
.Clifford WarrenSon24Commercial clerkElmswell.
.Claude WarrenSon11SchoolElmswell.
.Belle WarrenDaughter10SchoolElmswell.
120. The Street - Lion InnWalter Wakelin HawesHead32 MPrinter (i)Mile End, London10
.Kate HawesWife26 MLicensed victualler (i)March, Cambs.
.Walter Wakelin HawesSon2.Mile End, London.
.Kathleen HawesDaughter5m.Elmswell.
.Ellen Emma BlossServant16General servant (domestic)Sudbury.
.William Orchard BaberBoarder30Egg merchant (i)Hackney, London.
.Gustave Colborne BaberBoarder15Egg merchantHackney, London.
.Guy Leslie BennettBoarder32Poultry dealer (i)Walthamstow.
121. The Street - [Winterthorn]Matilda Maria LordHead59 WPrivate meansElmswell6
.Ethel A LordDaughter?.Combs.
122. The Street - Street FarmJohn CoyHead64 MFarmer (E)Gosherton, Lincs9
.Selina CoyWife61 M.Kirton Fen, lincs.
.Lily ScottServant15General servant (domestic)Haughley.
123. The StreetFrank NunnHead28 MAgricultural engineer (E)Drinkstone6
.Ethel F NunnWife27 M.Drinkstone.
.Dorothy M NunnDaughter7m.Elmswell.
124. The Street - The LaurelsFrederick PecheyHead66 MRetired lead & glass merchantBury7
.Ellen Maria PecheyWife67 M.Bury.
.Kate RobinsonServant20General servant (domestic)Elmswell.
125. The StreetEdward PhillipsHead29 MFishmonger (i)Drinkstone4
.Elsie Olive PhillipsWife25 M.Yoxford.
126. The GreenHerbert William ArmstrongHead43 MBlacksmithElmswell4
.Ellen ArmstrongWife43 M.Elmswell.
.Eve ArmstrongDaughter17.Elmswell.
.Victoria ArmstrongDaughter13SchoolElmswell.
.Maud ArmstrongDaughter10.Elmswell.
127. The GreenWilliam WarrenHead59 WLabourer on farmElmswell5
128. The GreenLouisa AtkinsHead40 WDressmakerElmswell6
.Sarah BorleyVisitor69.Elmswell.
.Bert FryettVisitor35.x.
.John LaundonBoarder71 WPrivate meansLeicester.
129. The GreenGeorge KingHead72 MpensionerElmswell4
.MaryAnn KingWife63 M.Elmswell.
.Henry James KingSon18Railway porter - GERElmswell.
.Reuben KingGrandson7.Elmswell.
130. The GreenJohn William BorleyHead49 MJobbing builder (E)Norton6
.Ruth Ellen BorleyWife40 M.Wetherden.
.William John BorleySon18SchoolElmswell.
.Ruth Evelyn BorleyDaughter6.Elmswell.
.Sarah ElmerBoarder72 W.Norton.
131. The GreenWilliam WrethamHead54 MGeneral labourerElmswell4
.Alice WrethamWife48 M.Elmswell.
.Harold BakerNephew10.Elmswell.
.Ruby May BakerNiece3.Bury.
.Walter HubbardBoarder22Dog trainerLowestoft.
132. The GreenLouisa ElseyHead85 W.Elmswell4
133. The GreenRobin HoodHead32 MGeneral labourerLondon4
.Nellie HoodWife21 M.Ipswich.
.Florence May HoodDaughter0.Elmswell.
134. The GreenThomas FaiersHead37 MHorsemanElmswell4
.Emily FaiersWife36 M.Stanton.
.Horace FaiersSon6.Elmswell.
135. The GreenWilliam FaiersHead70 MLabourer on farmElmswell3
.Emma FaiersWife66 M.Lydgate.
136. The GreenCharles ManningHead38 MMillerElmswell3
.Lily ManningWife38 M.Woolpit.
.Agnes ManningDaughter10SchoolElmswell.
.William ManningSon8.Elmswell.
137. The GreenM WrethamHeadM.Elmswell4
.Martha WrethamWife34 M.Elmswell.
.Maud WrethamDaughter13SchoolElmswell.
.Grace WrethamDaughter9SchoolElmswell.
.Ambrose WrethamBoarder56WoodmanElmswell.
138. The GreenErnest NichollsHead30 MBlacksmithNorton4
.Florence NichollsWife31 M.Norton.
.Lilly Mayes NichollsDaughter4.Elmswell.
.Ernest NichollsSon1.Elmswell.
139. The GreenGeorge ClarkeHead48 MForeman platelayerTostock4
.Sarah ClarkeWife41 M.Elmswell.
.Albert George ClarkeSon15.Tostock.
140. The GreenRobert KingHead31 MHorse keeper on farmElmswell3
.Ada Emmeline KingWife21 M.Old Newton.
141. The GreenJ MeltonHead33 MTimber labourerElmswell4
.Agnes MeltonWife26 M.Bury.
.Charlotte MeltonVisitor83 W.Norton.
142. The Street - [Sunnyside,1908]Oliver Clover JewersHead39 MCorn merchantRattlesden9
.Eva Mary JewersWife33 M.Woolpit.
.Minnie Priscilla NewsonVisitor40.Walsham-le-Willows.
.Annie SouthgateServant17General servant (domestic)Woolpit.
143. The StreetWalter Robert ManningHead39 MPostman aux.Elmswell3
.Lily Ethel ManningWife34 M.Elmswell.
.Violet Emma ManningDaughter11.Elmswell.
.Gilbert Robert ManningSon9.Elmswell.
.Russel C ManningSon7.Elmswell.
.Mary Ellen ManningDaughter3.Elmswell.
.Alfred George ManningSon9m.Elmswell.
144. The Street - ('Station Road')Alice PhillipsHead47 M.Takely, Essex4
.Thomas PhillipsSon5.Elmswell.
.Rose PhillipsDaughter8.Elmswell.
.Alice PhillipsDaughter11SchoolElmswell.
.Johanna PhillipsDaughter17.Takely, Essex.
.Harry PhillipsSon12SchoolElmswell.
145. The StreetAmelia ScaseHead52 W.Eye3
.Alice ScaseDaughter14Day girl (domestic)Elmswell.
.Herbert MathewsBoarder25Tailor (maker)Elmswell.
.Samuel PalmerBoarder58 WWheelwrightLittle Blakenham.
146. Station RoadHenry FarrowHead68 MThatcherStowmarket5
.Harriett FarrowWife66 M.Elmswell.
.George FarrowSon30Hay cutterElmswell.
.Albert FarrowSon24Labourer on farmElmswell.
.Fred FarrowSon27SoldierElmswell.
147. Station RoadFrank MeadowsHead28 MFitter, motor repair worksIpswich5
.Mildred MeadowsWife25 M.Ipswich.
.Walter MeadowsSon2.Ipswich.
148. Station Road - Cycle WorksWilliam NunnHead31 MCycle agent (i)Drinkstone6
.Elizabeth L NunnWife31 M.Ixworth.
.Muriel E NunnDaughter8.Drinkstone.
.Bernice J NunnDaughter6.Drinkstone.
.Sybil G NunnDaughter2.Elmswell.
149. The StreetEdward Harrison AinsworthHead27 MRailway clerk - GERWitham, Essex5
.Caroline AinsworthWife31 M.Tolleshunt, Essex.
150. The StreetAnna AlbonHead67 W.Rougham5
151. The StreetJames SparrowHead34 MRailway labourerElmswell4
.Annie SparrowWife34 M.Haughley.
.John SparrowSon13.Elmswell.
.Rose SparrowDaughter11SchoolElmswell.
.David SparrowSon6.Elmswell.
.Miriam SparrowDaughter4.Elmswell.
.Florence SparrowDaughter3.Elmswell.
.Agnes SparrowDaughter2.Elmswell.
152. The StreetDavid SparrowHead66 MCorn porterHorham4
.Ann SparrowWife68 M.Elmswell.
153. The Street - The KennelsDennis William SmithHead43 MGreyhound trainerRougham7
.Anna SmithWife41 M.N Tuddenham, Norfolk.
.Brian Alfred SmithSon14SchoolFakenham, Norfolk.
.Gladys Una SmithDaughter7.Brook, Kent.
.Eva SmithServant14General servant (domestic)Thelnetham, Norfolk.
154. The Street - The ShopGeorge William LomaxHead47 MGrocer & draper (E)Bury4
.Emily Ada LomaxWife47 MAssisting in the businessBenhall.
.Sarah Emma Lomaxmother73 WOAPBury.
.Ada May Chapmansister-in-law28NurseSaxmundham.
.Leonard Frank Huffeyapprentice15Apprentice in the businessTostock.
155. The Street - Post OfficeDaniel Walter CollenHead50 MCorn merchant & SubPostmaster (E)Wetherden8
.Louisa Mary CollenWife48 MAssisting in the businessWetherden.
.Eva Grace CollenDaughter23Assisting in the businessElmswell.
.Margaret Bertha CollenDaughter11SchoolElmswell.
.Amy Elizabeth Ellen KingServant16General servant (domestic)Gt Ashfield.
156. The StreetEdward? HassallHead45 MRelieving officer, Poor Law RegistrarMacclesfield6
.Laura Irene HassallWife40 M.Redditch.
.Harold Horace HassallSon9.Wetherden.
.Ethel Maria HassallDaughter5.Woolpit.
.Austin HassallSon3.Woolpit.
.Ian Emsworth HassallSon1.Woolpit.
.Agnes Amelia GillServant14General servant (domestic)Bury.
157. The StreetHerbert John Aldridge?Head25 MRaster Tailor (i)Walsham-le-Willows5
.Florence Agnes Aldridge?Wife25 M.Bermondsey, London.
.John P? Stanley Aldridge?Son6m.Elmswell.
158. The StreetHenry George HolmesHead40 MCoal carterLittle Welnetham4
.Kate HolmesWife38 M.Pakenham.
.Annie Louisa HolmesDaughter9.Elmswell.
.Ivy Mildred HolmesDaughter7.Elmswell.
.Nora Louisa HolmesDaughter3.Elmswell.
.Joseph Wan?Boarder55 WHay cutterToft, Lincs.
159. The Street - The ShopArthur JakensHead23 MShopkeeper (grocer) (E)Cutwell, Norfolk7
.Clara JakensWife24 M.Gt Yarmouth.
.Arthur George JakensSon6m.Elmswell.
160. The StreetWilliam George FullerHead24 MRailway porterElmswell4
.Georgina FullerWife28 M.Reed, Herts.
161. The StreetFrederick BishopHead59 MPublican (E)Rushbrooke7
.Ruth BishopWife60 MAssisting in the businessGt Barton.
.Rose BouttellNiece18BarmaidBury.
.Alice FitchesServant21General servant (domestic)Barton Mills.
162. The StreetRobert AtkinsHead70 WShoemaker (i)Little livermere5
.Sidney Robert AtkinsGrandson20BricklayerElmswell.
.Mabel AtkinsGranddaughter16.Elmswell.
163. The StreetJames LeggettHead67 MGeneral labourerStowlangtoft4
.Anna LeggettWife71 M.Frome, Somerset.
164. The Street - ShopWilliam BridgesHead65 MBootmaker (i)Wetherden3
.Eliza BridgesWife54 MShopkeeperRougham.
.William BridgesSon12.Elmswell.
165. The StreetRobert A PyeHead51 WTimber merchant (E)Morpeth, Northumberland6
.Dorothea PyeDaughter13SchoolElmswell.
.Ruby PyeDaughter8SchoolElmswell.
.Robert S PyeSon7SchoolElmswell.
.Thomas A PyeSon2.Elmswell.
.Eliza Searle?housekeeper42.Shelland.
166. The Street - ('Green Road')James W HawesHead52 MHorsemanAshfield4
.Emma J HawesWife50 M.Elmswell.
.Alice A HawesDaughter21.Elmswell.
.Harry W HawesSon16Bat factory labourerElmswell.
167. The StreetRobert NunnHead55 MWheelwrightWeybread4
.Bessie NunnWife47 M.Lt Finborough.
.Frederic James NunnSon19Chauffeur, domesticElmswell.
168. The Street - Police StationCharles W LillistonHead39 MPolice constableTrimley6
.Alice LillistonWife46 M.Stowmarket.
.Edith Mildred LillistonDaughter8.Kentford.
.Elsie Winifred LillistonDaughter8.Kentford.
169. The GreenRobert John LeachHead45 MBlacksmithDuckleburgh, Norfolk4
.MaryAnn LeachWife41 M.Fasfield, Norfolk.
.Robert LeachSon16Harness makerElmswell.
170. The Green - The GablesCaroline Duffield WattsHead64Principal of private schoolWordham, Essex7
.Elizabeth Wattssister53Retired governessRayleigh, Essex.
.Jessie Paskgoverness22Governess in schoolWorksop.
.Hydasper GardinerServant45General servant (domestic)At sea.
171. The GreenRobert BlomfieldHead47 MRailway Station Master - GERMiddlesex7
.Mary BlomfieldWife35 M.Bishops Stortford.
.Milla? FullerMother-in-law71 W.Essex.
172. The GreenThomas Frederick HicksHead58 MRetired bakerWitham, Essex7
.Hannah Olive HicksWife44 M.Gt Canfield, Essex.
.Doris Olive HicksDaughter7.Felsted, Essex.
.MaryAnn MooreServant16General servant (domestic)Rattlesden.
173. The Green - IvanhoeBessie WarrenHead40 W? meansN Elmham, Norfolk4
.Bessie Maude WarrenDaughter12SchoolElmswell.
.Gwendolin WarrenDaughter10SchoolElmswell.
174. Bat Factory Oak LaneLavinia SparrowWife28 M.Walsham-le-Willows5
.Mabel SparrowDaughter7.Elmswell.
.George SparrowSon6.Elmswell.
.Wilfred SparrowSon1.Elmswell.
175. Oak Lane - Olive CottageHenry Abra HuffHead70 WPost Office Pensioner (E)Ingham5
.Harriet Abra HuffDaughter40Housekeeper (domestic)Islington, London.
176. Oak LaneAmos ManningHead84 MRetired woodmanElmswell4
.Agnes ManningWife43 M.Haughley.
.Albert ManningSon17Grocer porterElmswell.
.Frank ManningSon16Labourer on farmElmswell.
.Percy ManningSon14Telegraph messengerElmswell.
.Rosalie ManningDaughter13SchoolElmswell.
.Robert ManningSon10SchoolElmswell.
177. Oak Lane - 2 roomsWilliam Fowlerlodger31Stoker at sawmillsBethnal Gree, London4
178. Oak LaneAmelia BuckleHead62 WNeedlewomanTostock4
179. Oak LaneJane WakelinHead63 WPrivate meansBeyton5
180. Oak LaneEdgar OxborrowHead31 MWheelwrightStanton4
.Martha Elizabeth OxborrowWife31 M.Ipswich.
.Eric Edgar OxborrowSon7.Stanton.
.Joyce Mary OxborrowDaughter8m.Elmswell.
181. Oak Lane - Grove CottageJames William ManningHead30 MStockmanElmswell3
.Lily ManningWife29 M.Woolpit.
.Leonard ManningSon6.Elmswell.
.Sidney ManningSon5.Elmswell.
.Lewis Cecil ManningSon3.Elmswell.
.Victor ManningSon1.Elmswell.
182. Grove Lane - Grove CottageArthur PykeHead50 WThatcherMendlesham4
.William PykeSon22General labourerOld Newton.
.Mary PykeDaughter19HousekeeperOld Newton.
.Percy PykeSon16Labourer on farmOld Newton.
.Arthur PykeSon15Labourer on farmOld Newton.
183. Grove Lane - BotanySamuel ScrubyHead63 MHorsemanBuxhall5
.Sarah Ann ScrubyWife58 M.Buxhall.
.Joseph ScrubySon20Labourer on farmRattlesden.
.Sydney ScrubyGrandson12SchoolFelixstowe.
184. Willow Wood - FarmGeorge GibsonHead50 MFarmer (E)Alnwick, Northumberland8
.Elizabeth GibsonWife50 M.Newcastle-on-Tyne.
.George S GibsonSon22HorsemanAlnwick, Northumberland.
.James P GibsonSon20Farmer's son working on farmAlnwick, Northumberland.
.Miriam M GibsonDaughter9SchoolHornchurch, Essex.
185. Ashfield Road - [Hill Farm, 1908]Henry Cotterell KinseyHead45 MCollector & Assessor of taxesStanton7
.Ermyntrude G KinseyWife26 M.Ipswich.
.Ella Agnes Ermyntrude KinseyDaughter3.Haughley.
.Adeline Ermyntrude KinseyNiece2m.Kilburn, London.
.Jane Elizabeth KempServant17.Westhorpe.
186. Ashfield Road - Hill FarmFrederick BerryHead60 MFarmer (E)Earl Stonham6
.Eliza BerryWife59 M.Debenham.
187. East Wood - ('East Wood Lane')Alfred CrickHead81 MWorker own account on gardenHepworth4
.Louisa CrickWife80 M.Barningham.
188. East Wood - East Wood FarmWilliam BennettHead41 MFarmer (i)Thurston9
.Mary Jane BennettWife45 M.Lavenham.
189. East Wood - FarmWalter NobbsHead67 MLabourer on farmElmswell4
.Mary Ann NobbsWife66 M.Lavenham.
190. The Grove? - Farm [Grove and Botany Bay]Walter WilliamsHead52 MFarmerBattisford10
.Helen W WilliamsWife52 M.Haddington Prestonkirk.
.Edith Margaret WilliamsDaughter22Dairy workBattisford.
191. The Oak - Public HouseFrederick ManningHead39 MPublican (i)Long Melford6
.Louise ManningWife41 M.New Cross, London.
.William Manningfather68 W.Long Melford.
192. Kiln Road - ('Woolpit') [Crossways]William Edward MorleyHead42 MFarmer and Dealer (E)West Row8
.Elizabeth Jane MorleyWife44 M.Barway, Cambs.
.Percival Albert Morleyson (adopted)10.Dalham.
193. Kiln Road - ('Woolpit')Henry George WrightHead40 MBrickmaker & farmer (E)Elmswell7
.Alice May WrightWife38 M.Woolpit.
.Gladys Mary WrightDaughter12SchoolElmswell.
.George Hadlow WrightSon10SchoolElmswell.
194. Kiln Road - ('Kiln Lane')William PalmerHead44 MFarm BailiffWoolpit7
.Alice PalmerWife39 M.Woolpit.
.John PalmerSon16Working on farmElmswell.
.Leslie PalmerSon11SchoolElmswell.
.Gladys PalmerDaughter9SchoolElmswell.
.Fererick PalmerSon5SchoolElmswell.
.Winifred PalmerDaughter2.Elmswell.
195. Kiln Road - ('Kiln Lane')William HardinghamHead68 WForeman in brickworksWoolpit8
.Lily CroweDaughter38 W.Woolpit.
196. Kiln Road? - (Kiln Road')David SquirrellHead50 MHorse keeper on farmDrinkstone4
.Elizabeth SquirrellWife54 M.Hessett.
197. Kiln LaneWilliam ArmstrongHead67 MLabourer at brickworksElmswell4
.Elizabeth ArmstrongWife66 M.Woolpit.
.H J ArmstrongSon39Labourer on farmElmswell.
.Ernest George ArmstrongSon27Labourer on farmElmswell.
.Edith ArmstrongGranddaughter21.Elmswell.
.Elsie ArmstrongGranddaughter2.Woolpit.
198. Bunkers HillGeorge KingHead46 MLabourer on farmElmswell2
.Sarah KingWife48 M.Elmswell.
.Robert George KingSon12SchoolElmswell.
199. Bunkers HillThomas HoweHead46 MHorseman on farmMilden6
.Phillippa HoweWife48 M.Lindsey.
.Charles HoweSon24Labourer on farmMilden.
.George HoweSon20carterKersey.
.John HoweSon18Labourer on farmHaughley.
.Harry HoweSon116Labourer on farmElmswell.
.Walter HoweSon13SchoolElmswell.
.Albert HoweSon11SchoolElmswell.
.Reginald HoweSon9SchoolElmswell.
.Gertrude HoweDaughter6SchoolElmswell.
.John Smithfather-in-law74 W.Monks Eleigh.
200. Fox & Goose - ('Woolpit')George BirchHead69 MCattleman on farmRingshall6
.EmmaWife66 M.Bruisyard.
201. Fox & GooseHenry James FarrowHead51 MHorseman on farmElmswell5
.Rosetter FarrowWife51 M.Elmswell.
.Blanche Ruth FarrowDaughter12SchoolElmswell.
202. New Hall - ('New Hall Woolpit')Eliza Sophie ReasonServant26CookCreeting St Peter12
.Alice ForemanServant25HousemaidHengrave.
203. Top RoadWilliam GreenHead54 MCorn merchant & maltster (E)Badwell Ash12
.Edith Amy GreenWife42 M.Beyton.
.Mabel Julia GreenVisitor37.Beyton.
.Florence Augusta GreenVisitor44 M.Beyton.
.Edith Catherine GreenDaughter13.Elmswell.
.Reginald Paget GreenSon12.Elmswell.
.Frederick GillVisitor7.Outney, Surrey.
.Mary RayServant19General servant (domestic)Petersdale.
204. The Street?Frank PittsHead28 MLabourer on farm?2
.Laura PittsWife27 M.Elmswell.
.Thomas William PittsSon4.Elmswell.
.Annie Laura PittsDaughter2.Elmswell.
.Sidney PittsSon6.Elmswell.
.Cyril Oliver PittsSon1.Shelland.
205. The Street?Harry DewHead57 MMiller carterElmswell4
.Alice DewWife47 MDressmaker (i)Elmswell.
.Laura LordStepdaughter24.Edwardstone.
.Arthur DewSon10.Elmswell.
206. The Street? - Ivy HouseRobert BakerHead46 MMiller & Corn merchant (E)Wetherden9
.Sophia BakerWife46 M.Ticehurst, Kent.
.Christobel Margaret BakerDaughter21Teacher part time, student part timeElmswell.
.Dorothy Ellen BakerDaughter20studentElmswell.
.Anna Sibella BakerDaughter18Teacher part time, student part timeElmswell.
.Ruby May BakerDaughter17SchoolElmswell.
.Henry Robert Bruce BakerSon12SchoolElmswell.
.Kathleen Sophia BakerDaughter10SchoolElmswell.
.Ellen DorlingServant22General servant (domestic)Gt Ashfield.
207. The Street? - [Lindencroft, 1908]Arthur David EnnalsHead41 MSurveyor of highways - RDCRayleigh, Essex9
.Gwendoline Alice EnnalsBoarder8SchoolLondon.
.Eva May FarrowServant19General servant (domestic)Elmswell.
208. The Street?Harry PearlHead38 MPoultry dealer (i)Thurlow5
.Harriet PearlWife31 M.Kingston-on-Thames.
.Marjorie PearlDaughter8.GtAshfield.
.Mabel PearlDaughter6.GtAshfield.
209. Station Road - Engine HutThomas MelburnHead27Engine driver - timber cartingDurham2