Enclosure Map, 1814


Map: “Refc. to the Map”; the larger allotments over 1a. or so, are described by their boundaries in the main text, and are not given a map reference no. that I can see, so I have put a “T” in this column. However I have so far only recorded those appearing on the first 12 pages of the text. To judge by the missing award-reference numbers, there are many more pieces of land listed in the text only, and matters are greatly confused by the sales and other exchanges made.
Tenure: Tenure is given as f=freefold or c=copyhold; this is followed by the numerical “Refc. to the Award”.
Content: in acres, roods (¼-acres) and square perches (160 to the acre, or 30¼ sq.yards – think of a 16½’×16½’ vegetable patch!).

105Baker, Georgec 15p.
117_do_,c 223p.
120Baker, Jacobf 115p.Purchas'd of ....ham Senr.
121_do_,f 214p.Purchas'd of ....Syrett
TBennet, James12a.2r.2p.
45Bennet, James21a.1r.18p.
106Borley, Jamesc 111p.
116_do_,c 226p.
TBrand, AMHc 112a.3r.34p.Ann Mirabella Henrietta
TBrand, AMH? 27a.2r.24p.Ann Mirabella Henrietta
TBrand, AMH? 101a.0r.29p.Ann Mirabella Henrietta
74Brand, AMHf 321p.Ann Mirabella Henrietta
76_do_,f 413p.
77_do_,f 513p.
103_do_,f 62r.13p.
109_do_,f 73p.
113_do_,f 821p.
155_do_,f 916p.
158_do_,f 1124p.
159_do_,f 122r.0p.Exchd. with J........ awton as Rector
TBridges, Peter? 11a.3r.6p.
63Bridges, Peterc 22r.25p.
64_do_,f 312p.
99_do_,f 42r.18p.
65Bridges, Peter & Wifec 11a.3r.30p.
66Bridges, Peter & Wife21r.30p.
41Bridges, Sarahc 12r.16p.
87_do_,c 216p.
110_do_,c 32p.
501Browne, GLand on Tostock border
51Bull, Johnc 131p.Purchas'd of E.....gate
52_do_,c 231p.Purchas'd of J....
53_do_,c 31r.6p.Purchas'd of G....
TChinery, S. & Sparke Sarah? 13a.1r.23p.Wife of Ezekiel Sparke Esquire
141Chinery, S. & Sparke Sarahc 232p.Exchd. with J........as Rector
T_do_,? 37a.2r.21p.
143_do_,f 413p.
144_do_,f 51r.5p.
145_do_,f 624p.
70Churchwardens,f 1?p.
128_do_,f 28p.
23Clarke, Johnc 53r.4p.Purchas'd of ....Cocksedge
126_do_,f 61r.27p.
125_do_,f 727p.
129_do_,f 818p.
60Clarke, Johnc 13a.2r.24p.
68Clarke, John1a.2r.30p.
TCocksedge, Jane Esther? 11a.0r.12p.Widow
146Cocksedge, Jane Estherc 23r.13p.
147_do_,c 35p.
40Cocksedge, Janec 11a.12p.
72Cole, Jamesf 310p.
83_do_,f 426p.
43Cole, Jamesc 12a.
44Cole, James21a.0r.5p.
34Cooke, William
35Cooke, William
71Cuthbert, Johnf1r.12p.
119Drake, Edmundf28p.
29Edgar, Elizabethf1r.14p.
61Elliston, Nicec 12r.23p.
62Elliston, Nice23r.6p.
98Finton, Wm.c1r.Devisees of
38Finton, Williamc 12r.5p.
39_do_,f 220p.
123_do_,f 313p.
58_do_,c 41r.5p.Purchd. of the Devisees of Wm. Fenton
73Gifford, Euphemiaf 311p.(For Right of Soil)
79_do_,f 416p.(_do_)
19Goddard, Maryf 228p.
88Golding, Samuel and othersc 225p.
89_do_,f 31r.7p.
91_do_,f 41r.27p.
54Hazlewood, Jamesf 122p.
55_do_,c 231p.
148Hunt, Johnf 124p.
11Jackson, Georgec 214p.as Feoffee
139_do_,f 45p.
47Jackson, Georgec 13a.0r.33p.
48Jackson, George23r.5p.
84Jackson, Williamc 135p.
85_do_,c 224p.
96Langham, George Junr.f 12r.12p.
97_do_,c 21r.15p.
95_do_,f 323p.
124Langham, George Senr.f19p.
92Lawton, Revd. Joseph Thomasf 41r.3p.
93_do_,f 53p.
94_do_,f 623p.
150_do_,f 732p.
153_do_,f 101r.13p.
154_do_,f 1127p.
22_do_,c 11r.12p.as Devisee of Cecilia Lawton
135_do_,c 216p.
46Lawton, Rev. J T37a.3r.37p.(exchanged with - doesn't say by whom)
17Long, Revd. Robt. Churchn.c 22r.
16Long, Revd. R C
32Long, Revd. R C
33Long, Revd. R C
67Long, Rev. R C22a.2r.6p.
69Mulley, Robertc2r.13p.(in Trust)
102Mulley, Williamc 130p.
118_do_,c 228p.
36Osborne, Johnc 13r.17p.Devisees of
37_do_,f 21r.19p.
107_do_,f 33p.
115_do_,f 41r.
130Pattle, Danielf 28p.
131_do_,f 31r.
133_do_,f 429p.
134_do_,f 56p.
136_do_,f 616p.
137_do_,f 732p.
7Pattle, Daniel
8Pattle, Daniel
9Pattle, Daniel
10Pattle, Daniel
12Pattle, Daniel
13Pattle, Daniel
14Pattle, Daniel
15Pattle, Daniel
78Pettit, Johnc 16p.
80_do_,f 213p.Purchas'd of Wm. Pettit
81_do_,c 38p._do_
82_do_,c 417p.Purchas'd of Wm. Ranson
31Prater, Williamf 21r.14p.
108Ranson, Williamc 15p.
114_do_,c 220p.
6Rice, Jamesf37p.
75Seadon, Samuel Senr.c20p.
42Seadon, William Junr.f2r.
500Southgate,(not enclosures)Tiny entry on E side of Ashfield road
141Chinery, S.. & Sparke Sarahc 232p.Exchd. with J........as Rector
143_do_,f 413p.
144_do_,f 51r.5p.
145_do_,f 624p.
49Spencer, Wm.13a.23p.Purchas'd of J Hunt
50Spencer, Wm.21a.29p.Purchas'd of J Hunt
56Sutter,c 131p.Trustees of, for Sophia Ruddock
57_do_,f 217p.
111_do_,f 35p.
112_do_,f 410p.
59Stutter, Wc 11r.15p.Trustees of, for M Barrell & Childn.
86_do_,c 213p.Trustees of, for M Barrell & Childn.
90_do_,c 31r.5p.Trustees of, for M Barrell & Childn.
101_do_,c 49p.Trustees of, for M Barrell & Childn.; Exchd. with Wm. Mulley
104_do_,c 620p.Trustees of, for M Barrell & Childn.
100Stutter, WcTrustees of, for M Barrell & Childn.
1Stutter, WcTrustees of, for M Barrell & Childn.
2Stutter, WcTrustees of, for M Barrell & Childn.
122Syrett, Elizabethf24p.
3Thurlow, Lord
4Thurlow, Lord
5Thurlow, Lord
132Tricker, Francesf 432p.Trustees for
127Tricker, Frans.31a.13p.Trustees for