Marriages 1813 to 1899

Marriages in Elmswell Parish Church, 1813 to 1899

Officiating ministers: Joseph Thomas Lawton reigned from 1809 to 1863; Edward Claydon Lawton was, I think, his brother; Ray Orbell, curate; Thomas Spencer Cobbold.

There is also an alphabetical list of all the people mentioned, including the married names of the brides.

March 1813 to May 1837

No mention of ages, occupations or fathers in this volume of the register. For the next volume starting in 1837 scroll down.

DateGroomBrideWitnessesEntry No., Official
.s=single; w=widowed; *from another parish..
1813, 4th MarCharles Grimwade (s*)Martha Bridges (s)Henry ?, Isaac Bridges1, Orbell, Ray, Curate
1813, 8th JuneJohn Cuthbert (s)Diana Turner ()Mary Goodrich, James Bauley2, Lawton
1813, 6th OctDasely Hurrell (s)Elizabeth Smith (s)Peter Bridges, James Bauley3, Lawton
1814, 2nd MarWilliam Seadon (w)Mary Larkin (*)John Bethel, Sarah Palmer?, Lettice Horton?4, Lawton
1814, 14th MarDaniel Lensdale (w)Mary Blumfield (s)Frances Palmer?, Maria Palmer, James Bauley5, Lawton
1814, 21st AprThomas Orridge (w)Ann Pettit (s)Samuel Barker, Ann Barker6, Cobbold, Spr.
1814, 31st MayGeorge Wright (w)Ann Heel (s*)John Mulley, Elizabeth Mulley, John Wright7, Lawton
1814, 16th AugJoseph Baker (w)Sarah Faiers (s)MaryAnn Baker, James Bauley8, Lawton
1814, 15th SepRobert House (w)Ann Haunton (w)James Bauley9, Lawton
1814, 12th OctJames Mulley (w)Mary Kemp (s)John Weloing?, Peter Bridges10, Lawton
1814, 14th OctWilliam Rice (s)Harriet Haunton (s)Jacob Baker, Fuller William11, Lawton
1814, 20th OctWilliam Cross (s)Sarah Leeks (s)Isaiah? Cross, Mary Catchpole12, Lawton
1815, 24th JanEdmund Rose (s*)Frances Clarke (s)Isaac Bridges, Nunn Welham, James Bauley13, Lawton
1815, 27th MarCharles Goddard (s)Sarah Manning (s)William Manning, James Bauley, Elizabeth Manning14, Lawton
1815, 3rd MaySamuel Smith (s)Mary Brinkley (s)Wm ?, James Bauley15, Lawton
1815, 12th OctLionel Gorard? (s)Mary Clarke (s)Bauley William, Mariann Crofts, James Bauley16, Lawton
1815, 14th DecWilliam Mulley (s)Harriett? Elliston Greene (s)Thomas Elliston, Maryann Elliston, James Bauley17, Lawton
1816, 4th JulyWilliam Manning (w)Mary Ann Ray (s)Samuel Seadon, Sarah Ray18, Lawton
1816, 27th OctThomas Burman (s)Sarah Lee (s)Thomas Burman, James Bauley19, Lawton
1816, 32nd NovJohn Nelse (s)Elizabeth Manning (s)James Manning, Ann Borley20, Lawton
1817, 29th AprRobert Pattle (w)Susan Read (*)Samuel Tricker, Elizabeth Proctor21, Cobbold, Spr.
1817, 27th MayThomas Rice (s)Ann Milliton (s)Henry Rice, Elizabeth Bird, James Bauley22, Lawton
1817, 8th JulyGeorge Parkinson (s)Mary House (w)Ann ?, James Bauley23, Lawton
1817, 21st AugIsaac Bridges (s)Mary Penning (s)Zachariah Pattle, ? Bridges24, Lawton
1817, 26th AugRobert Fuller (s)Mary Ranson (s)Emma Fuller, James Bauley25, Lawton
1817, 11th OctThomas Peacock (s)MaryAnn Miller (s)26, Lawton
1817, 14th OctIsaac Jackson (*)Mary Ann Webb ()N Webb, Sarah Jackson, Harriet Jackson27, Lawton
1817, 14th OctWilliam Person (*)Elizabeth Mulley ()James Pipcroft, Mary Plumber?28, Lawton
1817, 14th OctJames Moss (s)Susan Howard (s)James Pipcroft, Sarah Moss29, Lawton
1817, 4th NovEdward Clarke (s)Drusilla Worledge (s)Mary Clarke, Joseph Clarke30, Lawton
1817, 9th DecJohn Ranson (*)Sarah Shepperd (w)Ann Ranson, Mary Smith31, Lawton
1818, 1st JanThomas Coldham Anness (s)Amey Fuller (s)Charles Coldham Anness, Elizabeth Anness32, Lawton
1818, 9th FebWilliam Leeder (s)Elizabeth Torbell (w)John Baker, Maria Baker, James Bauley33, Lawton
1818, 7th OctRowling Woodward (s)Maryann Mason (s)Robert Woodward, Sarah Brown34, Lawton
1818, 12th NovWilliam Brown (s)Sarah Clarke (s)Joseph Clarke, Maryann Clarke35, Lawton
1818, 1st DecJohn Clarke (s)Judith Eley (s)William Clarke, Ann Eley36, Lawton
1818, 31st DecWilliam Shave (s*)Mary Goodrich (s)John Goodrich, Elizabeth Goodrich37, Lawton
1819, 19th JanJohn Elmer (s)Martha Goshawk (s)Thomas Clutterham?, Mary Southgate38, Lawton
1819, 27th JanJames Bull (*)Eliza Mulley (s)Susan Wright, Robert Mulley39, Lawton
1819, 29th AprGeorge Jackson Bridges (s)Elizabeth Hart (s)George Goddard, Harriott Goddard40, Lawton
1819, 8th JulyHenry Peck (s)Mary Spencer (s)William Spencer, Ann Spencer41, Cobbold, Spr.
1819, 5th OctWilliam Marshall (s)Mary-ann Baker (s)George Baker, Sarah Marshall42, Lawton
1819, 12th OctBenjamin Langham? (*)Martha Salmon ()? Salmon, Mary Rudduck43, Lawton
1819, 25th DecReuben Wright (s)Elizabeth Steel (s)Robert Wright, James Bauley44, Lawton
1820, 30th MayThomas Salmon (s)Mary Ruddock (s)John Ruddock, Mary Mulley45, Lawton
1820, 3rd SepJohn Cocksedge (s)Biddy Mulley (s)John Lummas?, Sarah Lummas?46, Lawton
1821, 12th JuneThomas Anness (w)Isabella Polley (s)Winifred Burnes, Isaac Pegg47, Lawton
1821, 23rd JulyRobert Roper (*)Ann Maria Cooke ()William Cooke, ? Roper48, Lawton
1821, 17th SepThomas Barrell (s)Susannah Bacon (s)Jospeh Barrell, ? Barrell49, Lawton
1821, 6th DecWilliam Manning (s)Sophia Manning (s)William Mulley, Mary Mulley50, Lawton
1822, 11th FebRobert Plummer (s)Eusibia Pamment (s)? Goymer, James Bauley51, Lawton
1822, 14th MarIsaac Jackson (s*)Agnes? Langham (s)Robert Langham, Sarah Mayhew Jackson, Mary Ann Langham52, Lawton
1822, 7th JulyRobert Balaam (s)Mary Ann Clarke (s)Joseph Clarke, Frances Clarke53, Lawton
1823, 25th AprJohn Baxter (s)Mary Nunn (s)Edmund Seedon?, Susan Baxter54, Lawton
1823, 29th AprWilliam Goldsmith (s)Frances Palmer (s)James Upcroft, Joseph Baker55, Lawton
1823, 13th OctJohn Adams (s)Susan Parfrey (s)John Barker, Lucy Parfrey56, Lawton, E C
1824, 15th AprThomas Elliston (s)Mary Mulley (s)John Mulley, ? Mulley57, Lawton
1824, 22nd AprJoseph Clarke (s)Elizabeth Francis (s)Edmund Clarke, Sophia Francis58, Lawton
1824, 28th MayJohn Mulley (s)Elizabeth Moyes (s)William Mulley, Harriot Mulley59, Lawton
1824, 31st MayWilliam Marsh Bridges (s)Jane Cooke (s)Jeanette? Goddard, William Cooke60, Lawton
1824, 16th NovJohn Willingham (s*)Elizabeth Finch (s)William Sparrow, William Mulley61, Cobbold, Thos Spr.
1825, 2nd JanWilliam Wright (s)Eliza Fuller (s)Mary Fuller, Joseph Baker62, Lawton
1825, 4th JanJohn Ramply (s)Susan Balaam (s)Edward Ramply, Frances Clarke63, Lawton
1825, 1st MarWilliam Warren (s*)Jemima Pamment ()Benjamin Laughlin, Thomas Elliston64, Lawton
1825, 4th AprJames Leeder (*)Bridget Ralph ()John Manning, Eliza Leeder65, Lawton
1825, 8th SepEdward Pett Hannam (s*)Maria Lawton (minor)Joseph Thomas Lawton, H Williams66, Lawton, E C
1826, 19th AprThomas Cocksedge ()Mary Sayer ()Mary Sayer, Joseph Baker67, Lawton
1826, 16th MayJohn Bull (w)Susanna Barrell (s)Joseph Barrell, Anna Spencer68, Lawton
1826, 2nd NovRobert Mulley (s)Frances Clarke (s)Caleb Mulley, ? ?69, Lawton
1826, 2nd NovJames King (s)Jemima Thomson (s)James Upcroft, Bridget Rice70, Lawton
1826, 8th DecRobert Mulley (s)Sarah Cornish (s)Robert Cornish, Harrott Cornish71, Lawton
1827, 19th FebSamuel Goymer (s)Charlotte Huffey? (s)Joseph Goymer, Maryann Goymer72, Lawton
1827, 7th AugRobert Baker (s)Mary Ann Salmon (s)Benjamin Langham, Martha Howes73, Lawton
1827, 1st NovHenry Alexander (s)Mary Ann Moyes (s)William Alexander, Susan Alexander74, Lawton
1827, 28th DecEdmund Wretham (w)Isabel? Anness (?)Robert Bradley, ? Bradley75, Lawton
1828, 21st JanJonathan Morley (s)Bridget Rice (s)Richard Sayer, Ann Southgate76, Lawton
1828, 6th NovCharles Harsant (*)Eliza Lawton ()? ?, Grace Williams77, Lawton
1828, 7th NovZachariah Horrex (s*)Amelia Ruddock (s)Jonathan ?, Hazel? Ruddock78, Lawton
1828, 21st NovWilliam Goddard (*)Ellie Hunt (s)Robert Buckle, Sarah Burgess79, Lawton
1829, 1st DecJohn Salmon (s)Mary Farrow (s)John Farrow, Salmon Susanna80, Lawton
1830, 6th MayRobert Graham (s*)Tryphena Mulley (s)81, Lawton
1830, 11th MayWilliam Cole Ambrose (*)Maria Hunt ()John Hunt, Mary Ambrose82, Lawton
1830, 17th MayWilliam Buckle (s)Martha Howes (s)David Blomfield, Eliza Mulley83, Lawton, Edward
1830, 11th JuneJoseph Faires (s)Louisa Clarke (s)Michael Bloomfield84, Lawton
1830, 5th AugEdward Mower (w)Mary Ann Manning (w)Samuel Seadon, Sophia Mower85, Lawton
1830, 4th OctSamuel Davy (w)Susan Sturgeon (w)William Catchpole, Sarah Fisher86, Lawton, Edward
1830, 11th OctDavid Wright (s)Bridget Baker (s)87, Lawton, Edward
1830, 21st OctLionel Goddard (w)Lydia Scase (w)Edward Lamburn, Mary Lamburn88, Lawton
1830, 13th DecGeorge Giping? (s*)Mary Skinner (s)Thomas? Skinner, Mary Bridges89, Lawton
1831, 18th JanJohn Newell? (w)Sarah Cobbin? (w)90, Lawton
1831, 5th AprEdward Boar (*)Winifred Folger ()William Singer?, ? Welham?91, Lawton, Edward
1831, 10th OctJoseph Palmer (s)Susan Robinson (s)John Robinson, Hannah Robinson, John Ruffell?92, Lawton
1831, 31st OctRichard Sayer (s)Mary Feres? (s)93, Lawton, Edward
1831, 18th NovWilliam Pearse? (s)Maria Ruddock (s)Anna Frost, David Ruddock94, Lawton, Edward
1832, 13th AprJohn Ridgon (s*)Amy Pegg (s)John Pegg, Elizabeth Pegg95, Lawton, Edward
1832, 16th OctJohn Pegg (s)Susan Salmon (s)James Salmon, Anna Mulley96, Lawton
1833, 26th SepEdward Retham (s)Sarah Scase (s)James Retham, Susan Piper97, Lawton
1833, 12th NovRobert Howes (s)Jemima Howes (s)John Mulley, Salley Howes98, Lawton
1833, 22nd DecJames Moyes (s)Amey Farrow (s)Mary Ann Alexander, Henry Alexander99, Lawton
1833, 24th DecWilliam Wright (s)Hannah Leeder (s)William Lord, Graham Matthews, Louisa Wright, Martha Leeder100, Lawton
1834, 26th JanWilliam Farrow (s)Eliza Burrows (s)William Mothersole, Joseph Baker101, Lawton
1834, 10th AprGeorge, Rev Harvey (*)Cecilia Catherine Lawton (s)Spencer Cobbold, H Williams, Charlotte Vachell, Mary Ann Vachell102, Lawton
1834, 20th MayHenry S? (s)Mary L? (s)William Rice, Thelma? Rice, George? Baker103, Lawton
1834, 4th JulyCharles Robinson (s)Sophia Randall Baker (s)George Baker, Amy Robinson104, Lawton
1834, 18th SepJohn Fuller? (s)Mary Buckle (s)Philip Buckle, Bridget Morley105, Lawton
1834, 16th OctWilliam Lord (s)Louisa Wright (s)Simeon Wright, ? Lord106, Lawton
1835, 22nd JanDavid Pettit Bull (s)Mary Ann Barrell (s)Luke Mathew?, Sarah Barrell108, Lawton
1835, 30th JanJohn Robinson (w)Lydia Codd (s)Smith109, Lawton
1835, 26th FebWilliam Goldsmith (*)Eliza Lord (s)James Lord, Sabrina Debenham, Susannah? Debenham110, Lawton
1835, 4th AugElijah? Ralph (w)? Palmer (s)111, Lawton
1835, 30th AugRobert Mulley (s)Sophia Goymer (s)Jonathan Goymer, Sophia ?112, Lawton
1835, 15th SepWilliam Crombie (w)Martha Deane? (s)David Clarke, Elizabeth ?113, Lawton
1835, 17th NovWilliam Bruce? (s)Sally? Howes (s)114, Lawton
1835, 31st Dec? Wright (s)Mary Ann ? (s)Ralph? Elliston Wright115, Lawton
1836, 24th MayVincent Goodman (s)Mary Melton (s)Richard Milton, Mary Ann Burman?116, Lawton
1836, 24th MayRobert Buckle (s)Charlotte Edwards (s)John Edwards117, Lawton
1836, 11th JulyJoseph? Thomson (w)Jane Dew (s)William Marshall, Mary Dew118, Lawton
1836, 1st NovRichard Melton (s)Mary Ann Lee Birman (s)Vincent Goodman, Mary Goodman119, Lawton
1836, 24th NovReuben Sayer (s)Susanne Mary Carter (s)George Mulley, Anna Cuthbert120, Lawton
1837, 16th JanWilliam ? (s*)Harriet Cuthbert (s)George Mulley, Anna Cuthbert121, Lawton
1837, 5th MarJonathan Ruddock (s)Fanny Bradley (s)John Bradley, ? Ruddock122, Lawton
1837, 31st MarWilliam Borley (s)Elizabeth ? (s)John Borley, Elizabeth Baker123, Lawton
1837, 15th MayWilliam Hurst? (s*)Martha Leeder (s)William Wright, Sophia Leeder124, Lawton

 June 1837 to November 1899

A new register is started, having a more detailed form to be filled in. This includes the fathers and their occupations, as well as the occupation of the groom. Until 1861 age is usually given as just “of full age”, unless under 21, in which case the age is given (after s for “single”) or just “minor”.

The terms “bachelor” and “spinster” creep in to replace “single man/woman”, but over much of the century the choice is random.

DateGroomBrideFathersWitnessesEntry No., Official
.s=single; w=widowed; *from another parish...
1837, ? 1Charles? Wright (s, *)Xyz Zyx (s, *) Wright 0 ZyxMaryAnn CornishLawton
1837, 12th Nov 2Thomas Armstrong lab. (s)Susan Baker (s, m*) Armstrong 0 BakerWilliam Baker Amelia BakerLawton
1837, 16th Nov 3Ireland Graham butcher (s)Ann Howes (s*)Robert Graham William Howes, ?Joseph Baker Xyz BakerLawton
1838, 11th Jan 4Robert Bruce lab. (s)Martha Buckle? (w*)William Bruce, lab. John Howes?, lab.Thomas Bruce Bridget ZyxLawton
1838, 22nd Jan 5Seth? Bull tailor (s)Frances Darby (s*)John Bull, tailor Thos? Darby, ?Thomas Darby Elizabeth BullLawton
, 6????? (, *)(, *) ????? 0 0
1838, 19th Apr 7Jacob Baker broom maker (s)Charlotte Clarke (s*)Jacob Baker, lab. Edward Clarke, woodmanHenry Baker Eliza BakerLawton
1838, ? 8Thomas Stevens butcher (s)Betsey Ruddock (s, m*) Richard Stevens, tailor John Ruddock, ?John? Ruddock Xyz ZyxLawton
1838, 9David Clarke (, *)Harriott (, *) Clarke 0 0Clarke Clarke
1838, 23rd Nov 10John Rowe (w*)Matilda Meere? (s*)Jonathan Rowe John Meere?, FarmerJoseph Baker Sarah BakerLawton
1838, 24th Dec 11George Goold Laborer (s)Charlotte Goymer (s*)William Goold, Carpenter Jonathan Goymer, LaborerJohn Pike Elizabeth PikeLawton
1839, 2nd May 12Thomas Ruffield Bricklayer (s)Fr? Mulley (s*)Richard Ruffield, farmer? William Mulley, BricklayerWilliam Mulley Mary MulleyLawton, Ed
1839, 19th May 13Dennis Mulley Thatcher (s)Maria Lucas (s*)John Mulley, Shopkeeper James Lucas, ?Harriet Mulley Joseph BakerLawton, Ed
1839, 15th Aug 14George Mulley Baker (s)Anna Cuthbert (s*)William Mulley, Baker John Cuthbert, WoodmanTryphena Graham Joseph BakerLawton
1839, 1st Sep 15George Sparham Laborer (s, 19) Lydia Clarke (s*)William Sparham, Laborer ? Clarke, WoodmanVincent? GoodmanLawton
1839, 29th Nov? 16Reuben Clarke Laborer (s)Eliza Hunt (s, 20*) Joseph Clarke, Laborer Edward Hunt, LaborerJoseph BakerLawton, Ed
1839, 8th Dec 17John Farthing Laborer (s)Ann Ransom (s, 20*) John Farthing, Laborer James Ransom, LaborerCharles Diaper Jemima FarthingLawton
1840, 13th Apr 18John Hart Laborer (s)Elizabeth Pegg (s*)William Hart, Laborer John? Pegg, ?Sophia Row? William PeggLawton
1840, 18th Oct 19John Farrow Laborer (s)Eliza Ruddock (s*)John Farrow, Laborer John Ruddock, ThatcherBetsey Stevens John RuddockLawton, Ed
1840, 5th Nov 20John Elmer (s)Mary Garnham (s*)Samuel Elmer, Laborer Thomas Garnham? Garnham Thomas GarnhamLawton
1841, 22nd Feb 21John Mulley Laborer (s)Hannah Scase (s*)James Mulley, Laborer Edward Scase, LaborerJames Mulley Mary MulleyLawton, Ed
1841, 15th Apr 22William Mulley Bricklayer (s)Eliza Baker (s*)William Mulley, Bricklayer Jacob Baker, LaborerJacob Baker Maryann BakerLawton, Ed
1841, 23Edward Sayer Bricklayer (s)Mary Anne Wilby (s*)William Sayer, Bricklayer William Wilby, LaborerDavid Sermon Mary Anne SayerLawton, Ed
1841, 12th Oct 24Philip Buckle Laborer (s*)Lucy Clark (s, 19*) Perl Buckle, Laborer Abraham Clark, LaborerJames Sadler Elizabeth SadlerLawton, Ed
1841, 18th Oct 25Reuben Davy Laborer (s)Elizabeth German (s*)Samuel Davy, Laborer George German, LaborerJohn Davy Amelia LoftsLawton, Ed
1841, 25th Dec 26James Mulley Laborer (s)Hannah Farrow (s, minor*) James Mulley, Laborer John Farrow, LaborerWilliam Pegg Eliza FarrowLawton, Ed
1842, 12th Jan 27Samuel Barker Laborer (w)Sarah Clarke (s*)Jeremiah Barker, Shoemaker John Clarke, BakerJames Barrell? Joseph BakerLawton, Ed
1842, 15th July 28William Pegg Laborer (s)Eliza Farrow (s*)Isaac Pegg, Laborer John Farrow, LaborerJames Mulley Harriet MulleyLawton, Ed
1842, 20th Oct 29Philip Fisher? Laborer (s)Mary Anne Mulley (s*)Ed? Fisher? John Mulley, ?Charles Harriet FisherLawton, Ed
1842, 23rd Oct 30William Pamment Laborer (s*)Amey Plummer (s*)Stephen? Pamment, Laborer Robert? Plummer, LaborerIsaac Pamment Eliza PlummerLawton
1843, 20th May 31David Morley Butcher (s*)Louisa Fisher (s*)David Morley, Farmer Henry Fisher, FarmerFrederick Fisher Mary Ann MorleyLawton, Ed
1843, 25th July 32John Simmons Laborer (s)Mary Ann Burgess (s*)John Simmons, Laborer Joseph Burgess, LaborerRobert Buckle Alice GoddardLawton, Ed
1843, 19th Oct 33John Green Elliston Farming Bailiff (s)Mary Anne Ranson (s*)Thomas Elliston, Farmer Robert Ranson, FarmerRobert Ranson Harrit RansonLawton, Ed
1843, 31st Oct 34James Barrell Laborer (s)Mary Morse (s*)James Barrell James MorseAbraham Dews Anne MorseLawton, Ed
1843, 1st Nov 35Thomas Bruce Laborer (s)Sarah Elsey (s*)William Bruce, Laborer John Elsey, LaborerRobert Bruce Martha BruceLawton, Ed
1844, 1st Feb 36John Goold Laborer (s)Mary Ann Ballam Clarke (s*)John Goold, Blacksmith Robert? Clarke, LaborerRobert Brown Mary MulleyLawton, Ed
1844, 21st Apr 37Robert Peck Laborer (s*)Mary Mulley (s*)James Peck, Laborer James Mulley, LaborerArthur Marshall Sarah PeckLawton, Ed
1844, 2nd July 38Reuben Manning Laborer (s)Winifred Clarke (s*)William Manning, Laborer Edward Clarke, LaborerWilliam Clarke Eliza FordhamLawton, Ed
1844, 10th Oct 39William Spooner Tailor (s)Amelia Mulley (s, 20*) Joseph Spooner, Tailor William Mulley, BricklayerGeorge Mulley Mary MulleyLawton, Ed
1844, 1st Nov 40Abraham Dews Laborer (s)Hannah Morse (s*)Abraham Dews, Laborer James Morse, LaborerJamesLawton
1844, 10th Nov 41Ambrose Dixon Laborer (s)Mary Anness (s*)John Dixon, Laborer Thomas Anness, GardenerWilliam Anness Catherine AnnessLawton, Ed
1844, 26th Nov 42William Clarke Laborer (s)Eliza Fordham (s*)Edward Clarke, Woodman Adam Fordham, LaborerReuben Manning Elizabeth ClarkeLawton, Ed
1844, 26th Dec 43John Rye Shoemaker (s*)Heziah Warren (s*)Samuel Rye, Turner John Warren, FarmerFrederick Rice Mary Ann WarrenLawton, Ed
1845, 3rd May 44William Sayer Bricklayer (s)Lucy Adams (s, 20*) William Sayer, Bricklayer John Adams, LaborerRobert Adams Mary Ann AdamsLawton, Ed
1845, 19th Oct 45Nathaniel Goymer Laborer (s)Hannah Garrard? (s*)Jonathan Goymer, Laborer E? Garrard?, LaborerE? Garrard? Sophia MulleyLawton
1845, 23rd Oct 46Henry M? Fenton ? (s)Emma Burrows (s*)Zachariah Fenton, Gardener Henry Burrows, LaborerFrederick Fenton Eleanor BurrowsLawton
1845, 2nd Nov 47Dennis Bloomfield Laborer (s)Ann Manning (s*)Dennis Kerry? Bloomfield, Lab James Manning, LaborerJohn Price Harriet PriceLawton
1845, 17th Nov 48William Clark Laborer (s)Ann Maria Clark (s, 20*) John Clark, Lab Thomas Clark, LabGeorge Rose Harriot ClarkLawton, Ed
1845, 25th Dec 49Jacob Baker Laborer (w)Sarah Stevens (s*)Jacob Baker, Lab Richard Stevens, TailorJames Mulley Charlotte StevensLawton, Ed
1845, 30th Dec 50John Wright Brickmaker (s)Hannar? Fisher (s*)Robert Wright, Brickmaker Henry Fisher, FarmerCharles Fisher Joanne? WrightLawton, Ed
1846, 5th April 51David Salmon Laborer (s)Sarah Rice (s*)Thomas Salmon, Gardener William Rice, LabWilliam Rice Ann RiceLawton, Ed
1846, 21st Oct 52Charles Clarke Laborer (s)Maria Manning (s, 20*) Abraham Clarke, Laborer William Manning, LaborerCharles Manning Ann ManningLawton, Ed
1846, 16th Nov 53James Smith Laborer (s)Sarah Ann Cocksedge (s*)Samuel Smith, Laborer Robert Cocksedge, LaborerAbraham Lowes? Mary BloomfieldLawton, Ed
1846, 20th Nov 54John Deere? Laborer (s)Sarah Warren (s*)James Deere?, Laborer Samuel Warren, LaborerGeorge Bailey Jane BaileyLawton, Ed
1847, 21st Jan 55John Salmon Gardener (s)Sophia Mulley (s, minor*) Thomas Salmon, Gardener William Mulley, BricklayerRobert Mulley Amelia SalmonLawton, Ed
1847, 25th Jan 56William Cranfield Railway Lab (s)Harriet Goddard (s, minor*) Joseph Cranfield, Laborer George Goddard, LaborerGeorge Booth Henrietta FisherLawton, Ed
1847, 31st Oct 57John Elsey Laborer (s)Louisa Wolsey (s*)John Elsey, Laborer Abraham Wolsey, LaborerThomas Elsey Sarah BruceLawton, Ed
1847, 5th Nov 58Jacob Hearnshaw Platelayer (s)Eliza Clarke (w*)Abraham Hearnshaw, Laborer Adam FordhamJohn ? Mary MulleyLawton, Ed
1848, 4th April 59John Fuller Laborer (s)Mary Ann Dew (s*)William Fuller, Laborer Isaac Dew, LaborerGeorge Rawlinson Patience AlexanderLawton, Ed
1848, 5th May 60John Ralph Laborer (s)Lydia Farrow (s*)George Ralph, Laborer John Farrow, LaborerJames Farrow Lydia ScaseLawton, Ed
1848, 16th Aug 61Walter Woods Carpenter (s)Mary Anne Cuthbert (s*)William Woods, Carpenter John Cuthbert, WheelwrightJohn Cuthbert Sarah Jane? MulleyLawton, Ed
1848, 3rd Oct 62James Kemplay Special Pleader (s*)Sarah Lawton (s*)Richard Kemplay, Schoolmaster Joseph Lawton, ClerkFrancis Russell Ellen Bruce? Lawton Edward Lawton Louisa AgarHarinam?
1848, 8th Oct 63William Pearce Carpenter (s)Sarah Maria Clarke (s*)John Pearce, Carpenter Henry Clarke, Farming BailiffJames Pearce Mary Ann GarnhamLawton, Ed
1848, 19th Oct 64Charles Murton Blacksmith (s*)Susanna Rayner (s*)William Murton, Laborer Thomas Rayner, CarpenterEliza Denny Isaac RiceLawton, Ed
1848, 26th Oct 65George Wretham Farmer (s)Rebecca Mathews (s*)Edmund Wretham, Woodman? Jacob MathewsPriscilla Catchpole? Cornelius MathewsLawton, Ed
1849, ? 66David Wright Farmer (s, w) Sophia Amelia Ward (w*)Richard Wright, ? William Canham, FarmerWalter Lord ? LordLawton, Ed
1849, 8th July 67Clement Goodrich Rat catcher (s)Catherine Pamment (s*)William Goodrich, ? Thomas Pamment, ?Reuben Mulley Eliza PlummerLawton, Ed
1849, 24th Sep 68Alfred Laughlin Laborer (s)Emma Garling (s*)Benjamin Laughlin, ? John Garling, ?John Garling Elizabeth LaughlinLawton, Ed
1849, 13th Nov 69Reuben Mulley Tailor (s)Susanna Fakes (w*)John Mulley, Shopxx Robert Carter, ?Samuel Mulley Ann Maria MulleyLawton, Ed
1850, 17th June 70Joseph Fairs Laborer (w)Elizabeth Laughlin (s*)John Fairs, Laborer Benjamin Laughlin, LaborerBenjamin Laughlin Myra ScaseLawton, Ed
1850, 29th Oct 71George Dew Laborer (s)Mary Anne Rice (w*)Abraham Dew, Laborer Robert Foulger, LaborerGeorge Rawlinson ? ?Lawton, Ed
1850, 20th Nov 72James Goymer Laborer (s)Mary Anne Baker (s, 19*) Jonathan Goymer, Laborer Robert Baker, LaborerChinery Goymer? Emily GouldLawton, Ed
1850, 12th Dec 73Henry Simpson Butcher (s*)Anna Goldsmith (s*)John Simpson, R? Officer William Goldsmith, ?William Goldsmith John SimpsonLawton, Ed
1851, 18th Apr 74David Allaton Wheelwright (s)Martha Morley (s*)Robert Allaton, Shoemaker Jonathan Morley, LaborerEdward Borley Harriet MorleyLawton, Ed
1851, 3rd July 75Zachariah Fenton Gardener (w)Maria Bloomfield (s*)Zachariah Fenton, Gardener Thomas Bloomfield, Cabinet makerJohn Adams Martha? AdamsMarriott
1851, 24th Oct 76William Watkinson Farmer (s*)Sarah Ann Catchpole (s*)George Watkinson, Farmer Thomas Catchpole, FarmerPriscilla Catchpole John? BrightsLawton, Ed
1851, 9th Nov 77John Sayer Lab (s)Mary Jane Layzell (w, 20*) William Sayer, Bricklayer Thomas Cocksedge, LaborerCharles Wright Rebecca SayerLawton, Ed
1851, 18th Nov 78Nunn Welham Gardener (w)Ann Taylor (s*)Nunn Welham, Gardener Abraham Taylor, LaborerJohn Taylor Martha TaylorLawton, Ed
1852, 17th June 79George Reuben Wright Brickmaker (s)Emma Wright (s, 20*) Reuben Wright, Brickmaker Robert Wright, BrickmakerGeorge Wright Mary Ann WrightLawton, Ed
1852, 12th Oct 80Amos Manning Laborer (s)Emma Pettitt (s, 20*) James Manning, Laborer Peter Pettitt, LaborerDaniel? Thing? Eliza Thing?Lawton, Ed
1853, 26th April 81William Borley Farmer (s)Martha Cocksedge (s*)John Borley, Woodxx Thomas Cocksedge, FarmerGeorge Borley Harriet BorleyLawton, Ed
1853, 14th Aug 82Charles Wright Malster (s*)Eliza Buckle Howes (s*)Brooks Wright, Butcher William Buckle, LaborerJacob Hearnshaw Eliza HearnshawLawton, Ed
1853, 4th Nov 83James Farrow Laborer (s)Hariet Hart (s*)John Farrow, Laborer William Hart, LaborerGeorge Hart Ann HartMarriott
1853, 19th Nov 84William Cuthbert Gardener (s*)Eliza Salmon (s*)Robert Cuthbert, Laborer Thomas Salmon, ?Thomas Salmon Elizabeth WrightMarriott
1853, 26th Dec 85Robert Hubbard Farmer (s)Priscilla Cole Catchpole (s*)Thomas Hubbard, Farmer Thomas Catchpole, FarmerJames Hubbard Laura Elizabeth CatchpoleMarriott
1854, 6th Jan 86Charles Manning Laborer (s)Eliza Faires (s*)William Manning, Laborer Joseph Faires, LaborerJoseph Faires Sarah Ann Smith?Marriott
1854, 13th Oct 87Charles Colson Farmer (s, 20*) Eliza Wright (s, 30*) Edward Colson, ? Richard? Wright, Shopkeeper?William Colson Sophia WrightMarriott
1854, 1st Nov 88William Elsey ? (s, 25*) Jemima Salmon (s, ?*) ? Elsey, ? John? Salmon, LabHenry? ? Elizabeth Hicham?Marriott
1855, 1st Feb 89Benjamin? Laughley Laborer (w)Mary Salmon? (w*)Benjamin Laughley, Laborer John Ruddock?, LaborerGeorge? Barrell? Susanna Barrell?Marriott
1855, 19th Aug 90James Moyse Laborer (w)Maria Clarke (s*)William Moyse, Laborer Robert? Clarke, LaborerHenry Alexander Mary Ann Alexander?Marriott
1855, 27th Nov 91John Mulley Bricklayer (s)Mary Rice (s*)William Mulley, Bricklayer William Rice, LaborerSophia Salmon John SalmonMarriott
1856, 28th Nov 92Isaac Pegg Laborer (s, 22) Eliza Armstrong (s, 21*) John Pegg, Laborer ? Armstrong, LaborerHariet Morley Robert SalmonMarriott
1857, 25th Sep 93Robert Salmon Laborer (s)Hariet Morley (s*)Salmon Jonathan Morley, LaborerIsaac Pegg Eliza PeggMarriott
1857, 30th Oct 94Joseph Fares Laborer (s)Ann Hart (s*)Joseph Fares, Laborer William Hart, LaborerElizabeth Faires Henry? Dew?Marriott
1858, 17th Jan 95William Mulley Laborer (s)Mary Ann Fuller (w*)Benjamin Mulley, Laborer Isaac Dew, LaborerAbraham Dew Anna DewMarriott
1858, 2nd Apr 96John Hart Laborer (s)Mary Fuller (s*)John Hart, Laborer John Fuller, LaborerSophia Manning James MoyesMarriott
1858, 12th May 97Welham Thomas Wright Brickmaker (s)Sophia Wright (s*)Reuben Wright, Brickmaker Robert Wright, BrickmakerGeorge Wright Emma WrightMarriott
1858, 1st Nov 98William Bullet Laborer (s)Mary Ann Symonds (w*)John Bullet, Laborer Joseph Burgess?, LaborerHenry Goddard Eliza ?Marriott
1858, 10th Nov 99William Hughes Butcher (s)Mary Ann Wright (s*)Thomas Hughes, Farmer Robert Wright, BrickmakerThomas Wright Sophia WrightMarriott
1858, 27th Nov 100James Moss Laborer (w)Frances Barrell (w*)John Moss, Laborer Francis Cullum?, LaborerJames Barrell Elizabeth AldertonMarriott
1858, 10th Dec 101John Moss Laborer (s*)Mary Pearce (s*)John Moss, Laborer Henry Pearce, Laborer? ? Jane MossMarriott
1858, 31st Dec 102Robert Smith Laborer (s)Mary Ann Chilver (s*)Samuel Smith, Laborer John Chilver, LaborerWalter Redit Lucy? GibsonMarriott
1858, 31st Dec 103James Dew Laborer (s)Ann Finter (s*)Abraham Dew, Pensioner Francis Finter, LaborerHenry Dew Mary FinterMarriott
1859, 1st Jan 104George Huffee Laborer (s*)Bridget Rice (s*)George Cocksedge Huffee, Laborer William Rice, LaborerDavid Clarke Ann GreenMarriott
1859, 22nd Feb 105James Murton Clerk (s*)Ellen Robinson (s*)James Murton, Coal Merchant Charles Robinson, BakerCharles Robinson Elizabeth RobinsonMarriott
1860, 30th Jan 106David Seager Clarke Laborer (s, 21) Elizabeth Mayfield (s*)David Clarke, Shoemaker Myers Mayfield, ShoemakerDavid Clarke Emma? MayfieldMarriott
1860, 25th Dec 107James Halls Laborer (s)Susan Mulley (s*)Robert Halls, Laborer James Mulley, LaborerFrederick Scutch Jane HallsH S Marriott, curate
1861, 28th July 108Henry Salmon Laborer (s)Sophia Baker (s*)Thomas Salmon, Gardener Robert Baker, LaborerRobert Baker Elizabeth Fairs?Marriott
1861, 16th Sep 109James John Mulley Laborer (s, 20) Ellen Armstrong (s, 20*) Robert Mulley, Laborer Thomas Armstrong, LaborerJohn Pauzey? Sarah GoodrichMarriott
1861, 1st Nov 110William Pegg Laborer (s, 24) Maria Melton? (s, 20*) John Pegg, Laborer Richard Melton?, LaborerIsaac Pegg Ann PeggMarriott
1861, 1st Nov 111William Armstrong Laborer (s, 21) Eliza Sarah Brett? Stiff? (s, 26*) William Armstrong, Laborer Joseph Stiff?, LaborerChinery Gymer Patience? GymerMarriott
1861, 9th Nov 112Dennis King Laborer (s)Eve Wright (s*)James King, ? Adam Wright, LaborerReuben King Sarah Ann WrightMarriott
1861, 15th Dec 113Robert Baker Laborer (s)Betsy Fairs (s*)Robert Baker, Laborer Joseph Fairs, LaborerWilliam Faires Anna BuckelMarriott
1861, 26th Dec 114Charles Robinson Farmer (s, 23) Eliza Mulley (s, 18*) Charles Robinson, Farmer George Mulley, BakerWalter Woods Elizabeth MulleyMarriott
1861, 26th Dec 115George Wright Brickmaker (s)Sarah Wright (s*)Robert Wright, Brickmaker Reuben Wright, BrickmakerReuben Wright Charlotte Mudich?Marriott
1861, 26th Dec 116William Bull Carpenter (s*)Sophia Wright (s*)James Bull, Laborer Reuben Wright, BrickmakerJohn M? Charlotte Mudich?Marriott
1862, 9th Feb 117James Goddard Laborer (w)Charlotte Mellor (w*)William Goddard, Laborer Henry Grimwood, LaborerCharles Grimwood Sarah NunnMarriott
1862, 1st Mar 118Jaben Bennington Shopkeeper (w)Eliza Shaw (s, 20*) John Bennington, Shopkeeper George Shaw, ?David Wright Louisa BenningtonMarriott
1862, 9th June 119Charles Frost Bricklayer (s, 21) Susannah Barrell (s, 21*) John Frost, Builder James Barrell, Gardener? Frost Anna FrostCharles Terry, rector of Hasketon
1862, 18th Aug 120James Pegg Laborer (s, 21) Charlotte Manning (s, 18*) John Pegg, Laborer Reuben Manning, LaborerAnn Pegg Isaac PeggMarriott
1862, 9th Oct 121George Everet? Blacksmith (s, 22) Eliza Baker (s, 22*) John Everet?, Farmer George Baker, Inn KeeperHenry Baker Eleanor BakerMarriott
1862, 1st Nov 122James Baker Laborer (s, 23) Sarah Burgess (s, 20*) Robert Baker, Laborer 0 BurgessWilliam Burgess Elizabeth FarrowMarriott
1862, 15th Nov 123David Mulley Laborer (s)Jemima Farthing (s*)Benjamin Mulley, Laborer John Farthing, LaborerJoseph Syer? Sophia MulleyMarriott
1863, 17th Jan 124William Farrow Laborer (s)Eliza Ann Cross (s*)William Farrow, Laborer Francis? Cross, LaborerPhilip Buckle Mary Ann FarrowMarriott
1863, 23rd Aug 125George Ruddock Laborer (s, 23) Elizabeth Joiner? (s, 24*) Ruddock William Joiner?, CarpenterJohn Farrow Mary Ann ?Luke
1863, 23rd Aug 126John Bull Tailor (w)Patience Barrell (w*)John Bull, Tailor Nunn Welham, Gardener? Lord Walter LordLuke
1863, 23rd Nov 127John Borley Laborer (s, 26) Sarah Stevens (s, 21*) Isaac Borley, Laborer Thomas Stevens, ButcherHarriet ? Charlotte StevensLuke
1863, 25th Dec 128Henry Mays Miller (s, 20) Mary Ann Mulley (s, 19*) James Rose Mays, Cattle dealer James Mulley, LaborerReuben ? ? ?Luke
1864, 5th May 129Robert Targett Gardener (s, 40*) Martha Hudson (s, 33*) Robert Targett, Cattle drover Henry Hudson, Weaver?Isaac Rice Sarah Hillier William Gardiner Susan ?Luke
1864, 23rd June 130Henry Clark Labourer (w, 40*) Elizabeth Walton (w, 39*) John Clark, Labourer John Mulley, ShoemakerWilliam Mulley Sarah Mulley Hannah MulleyLuke
1864, 19th July 131James Steward Steward in the Royal Naval College Portsmouth (s*)Sarah Jane Wright (s*)John Steward, Labourer William Wright, Coal agentAbraham Wing? Eliza WrightRector of Wetherden
1864, 19th Sep 132George Mulley Labourer (s, 20) Sarah Jane ? (s, 19*) Mulley, Labourer ? ?, Labourer? ? Ellen Mulley Mary Ann Orris?Luke
1864, 12th Oct 133Reuben King Labourer (s, 27) Harriet Pegg (s, 21*) James King, W? William Pegg, LabourerHenry King Mary Ann Farrow Henry PeggLuke
1864, 29th Oct 134Henry King Labourer (s, 21) Mary Ann Farrow (s, 20*) James King, W? William Farrow, LabourerGeorge Farrow Reuben King Mary FarrowLuke
1864, 11th Nov 135William Faires Labourer (s)Emma Charvill (s*)George Faires, Labourer Thomas Charvill, LabourerEliza? Manning Robert BuckleLuke
1864, 2nd Dec 136David Sparrow Labourer (s, 20) Ann Pegg (s, 21*) William Sparrow, Farmer John Pegg, LabourerJames Pegg Harriet SalmonLuke
1865, 8th Sep 137George Borley Farmer (s)Elizabeth Wright (s*)John Borley, Farmer Reuben Wright, Farmer/BrickmakerGeorge Reuben Wright Sarah WrightLuke
1865, 25th Oct 138George King Labourer (s)Mary Ann Clarke (s, 20*) James King, Blacksmith? David Clarke, ShoemakerHenry King Harriett KingRector of Wetherden
1865, 28th Oct 139Robert Clarke Pearce Platelayer (s, 28) Harriet Smith (s, 27*) William Pearce, Labourer Richard Smith, LabourerJohn Smith Maria BuckleSteward, Ambrose H
1865, 25th Dec 140Henry Butcher Shoemaker (s, 29*) Ann Sayer (s, 27*) Robert Butcher, Miller Reuben Sayer, TailorWilliam Sayer Esther Sayer Harriet ?Luke
1866, 8th Mar 141William Armstrong Labourer (s, 22) Elizabeth Cross (s, 21*) Thomas Armstrong, Labourer Francis Cross, LabourerJames John Mulley Mary Ann OrrisLuke
1866, 3rd July 142David Rosier Tailor (w*)Sophia Bull (w*)James Rosier, Blacksmith Reuben Wright, BrickmakerGeorge Reuben Wright Amelia Moore Emily ? Charlotte ?Luke
1866, 17th Nov 143Edward Mulley Labourer (s, 25) Rachel Simmons (s, 19*) John Mulley, Labourer John Simmons, SoldierHenry Simmons Rachel MulleySteward
1867, 10th Jan 144Arthur Joseph Abbott Plumber & Glazier (s, 22*) Matilda Robinson (s, 23*) Joseph Abbott, Inn keeper Charles Robinson, FarmerGeorge Robinson James Robinson Esther Robinson ? RobinsonLuke
1867, 24th Apr 145Edward James Butler Butler (s, 29*) Louisa Borley (s, 33*) James Butler, Shoemaker Lewis Borley, WoodmanRobert Buxton Catherine Burt?Luke
1867, 19th Nov 146William Bruce Labourer (s)Mary Ann Spooner (s*)Thomas Bruce, Labourer Charles Spooner, LabourerJames Buckle Harriet BruceSteward
1867, 5th Dec 147George Robinson Farmer (s, 26) Sarah Lord (s, 22*) Robinson, Farmer William Lord, FarmerSimeon Lord Rebecca? RobinsonLuke
1868, 2nd Mar 148John Bugg Miller (w)Mary Ann Wright (s*)Abraham Bugg, ? David Wright, MillerWilliam Borley? Matilda WrightLuke
1868, 21st April 149William Elliston Wright Labourer (s, 19) Susan Mulley (s, 19*) Thomas Elliston Wright, Thatcher James Mulley, LabourerWalter Nobbs Mary Ann Mayes?Steward
1868, 3rd June 150James Goddard Labourer (s, 21) Sarah Ann Howard (s, 21*) James Goddard, Woodman James Howard, LabourerWalter Howard Rebecca WalthamLuke
1868, 3rd June 151John Farrow Labourer (s, 21) Susannah Bloomfield (s, 22*) William Farrow, Labourer John Bloomfield, LabourerJames King Eliza FarrowLuke
1868, 7th July 152William Fenton Farm bailiff (w)Jane Goddard (s*)Samuel Fenton, Farm bailiff George Goddard, FarmerJames Fenton Elizabeth FentonLuke
1868, 5th Dec 153Benjamin King Labourer (s, 23) Honour Goddard (s, 20*) James King, ? William Goddard, LabourerHenry King Mary Ann KingLuke
1868, 25th Dec 154Robert Balaam Labourer (s, 23*) Sarah Goymer (s, 18*) Robert Balaam, Labourer James Goymer, LabourerHenry Salmon Elizabeth DewLuke
1868, 26th Dec 155Edward Everitt Labourer (s, 21*) Drusilla Ford Goold (s, 22*) Charles Everitt, Carpenter John Goold, GardenerHenry Ballam Goold Augusta EverittLuke
1869, 11th Feb 156Samuel Clark Farmer (s, 25*) Susan Barrell (s, 22*) Francis Clark, Farmer James Barrell, FarmerJames Barrell Anna Amelia ParrLuke
1869, 30th July 157William Goymer Labourer (s, 23) Anna Fuller (s, 21*) Nathaniel Goymer, Labourer John Fuller, LabourerGeorge Moyes Elizabeth GymerLuke
1869, 16th Sep 158James Head Labourer (s, 22*) Eliza Clarke (s, 22*) George Head, Labourer Charles Clarke, LabourerCharles Taylor Martha TaylorLuke
1869, 22nd Oct 159William Nunn Labourer (s, 23*) Eliza Evered (w, 29*) John Nunn, Labourer George Randall Baker, Inn KeeperGeorge Nunn Jane BirdTerry
1869, 12th Nov 160James Frost Labourer (w*)Harriet Dew (s*)James Frost, Labourer Abraham Dew, LabourerJames Dew Ann DewMarriott, H J rector of Woolpit
1870, 5th March 161Alfred Howard Labourer (s, 21) Jemima Simmonds (s, 19*) James Howard, Labourer John Simmonds, LabourerEdward Mulley Elizabeth HowardLuke
1870, 19th Oct 162Walter Wright Soldier (s)Sarah Moss (w*)William Wright, Clerk? John Howard, LabourerEliza Wright Alfred MillerMarriott, H J rector of Woolpit
1870, 28th Dec 163George Hudson Harness maker (s, 24*) Letitia Durrant (s, 21*) David Hudson, Harness maker Robert Durrant, Inn keeperRobert Durrant Robt. DurrantLuke
1871, 12th Jan 164Herbert Howlett Labourer (s, 24) Catherine Rice (s, 20*) Samuel Howlett, Labourer Isaac Rice, CoachmanIsaac Rice Ellen HowlettLuke
1871, 10th Feb 165John Hood Shoemaker (s, 20) Elizabeth Goymer (s, 18*) Charles Hood, Shoemaker James Goymer, LabourerThomas Elliston Caroline HoodFred C Horne?
1871, 18th Feb 166Henry Ballam Goold Engine driver (s)Anna Amelia Parr (s*)John Goold, Labourer Charles Parr, BlacksmithThomas Collings Aimée? BurtFred C Horne?
1871, 5th March 167Philip Buckle Labourer (s, 26) Amelia Marriott (s, 23*) Philip Buckle, Labourer Matthias Marriott, BlacksmithRobert Buckle Mary BuckleLuke
1871, 12th April 168John Sayer Bricklayer (s, 20) Jemima Salmon (s, 22*) Richard Sayer, Mason John Salmon, LabourerEd Fuller Sarah SalmonLuke
1871, 13th June 169John Wright Brick merchant (s)Julia Corner (s*)Reuben Wright, Brick merchant Edward Corner, ?Arthur C Corner Sarah Anne Corner ? SayerLuke
1871, 25th July 170Simeon Lord Miller (w)Mary Jane Read (s*)William Lord, Farmer Ralph Read, Fell?mongerJames Lord Selina? Jane LordLuke
1872, 7th Oct 171James Hudson Labourer (s, 22) Rachel Mulley (s, 24*) Thomas Hudson, Gardener John Mulley, LabourerJohn Mulley Walter GoodeLuke
1872, 10th Oct 172George Land? Draper (s*)Caroline Sarah Rednall (s*)John Land?, Farmer Ephraim Rednall, CarpenterGeorge Smith Jane Rednall Charles Eastall?Luke
1872, 8th Nov 173Henry George Elliston Labourer (s, 20) Susanna Manning (s, 17*) Thomas Elliston, Thatcher George Farrow, LabourerWilliam Elliston Wright Sarah SalmonLuke
1872, 16th Nov 174James King Labourer (s, 23) Eliza Farrow (s, 25*) James King, Labourer William Farrow, LabourerJames Manning Mary ManningLuke
1872, 30th Dec 179James Hughes Labourer (s, 24*) Mary Ann Buckel (s, 18*) William Hughes, Waterman Philip Buckel, LabourerJohn Buckle Mary Ann HughesLuke
1873, 20th Jan 180Elijah Seeley Carpenter (s)Fanney Crick (s*)Elijah Seeley, Carpenter Joseph Crick, GamekeeperFrancis Jeffery Rosina CrickLuke
1873, 6th Mar 181Isaac Pegg Labourer (w)Priscilla Dorson (s*)John Pegg, Labourer Thomas Dorson, ShoemakerDavid Dorward Sarah SalmonLuke
1873, 13th Mar 182James George Smyth Clerk in business (s*)Isabella Jane Edwards (s*)George Brian Smyth Arthur Edwards, PostmasterAlfred Bishop? Sarah Smyth Henry John LockwoodLuke
1873, 30th May 183James Farrow Labourer (w)Sophia Manning (s*)William Farrow, Labourer John Manning, LabourerHenry George Elliston William Elliston Wright Sarah SalmonLuke
1873, 31st May 184Samuel Charles Sones? Railway porter (s, 21) Amy Pegg (s, 24*) Samuel Sones?, Shoemaker William Pegg, LabourerEdward Everitt Drusilla EverittLuke
1873, 1st Nov 185Amos Bloomfield Labourer (s, 22*) Mary Ann Goymer (s, 18*) Dennis Bloomfield, Labourer James Goymer, LabourerRobert Balham Sarah BalhamCartwright,C
1873, 18th Dec 186James Woods Mulley Carpenter (s, 22) Rebecca Wretham (s, 22*) George Wright Mulley, Baker James Wretham, WoodmanC Robinson E RobinsonSeaman, John B
1875, 20th Feb 187William Thompson Mechanic (s, 20*) Sophia Barrell (s, 21*) Henry Thompson, Mechanic James Barrell, FarmerJames Barrell Emma HastingsSeaman, John B
1875, 30th July 188John Dunnett Grocer (s, 24) Esther Robinson (s, 26*) Joseph Dunnett, Grocer Charles Robinson, FarmerC Robinson Rebecca Robinson Rosetta? DunnettSeaman, John B
1876, 1st June 189Marmaduke Townsend Blacksmith (s, 26) Rebecca Maud? Armstrong (s, 24*) Marmaduke Townsend, Labourer William Armstrong, LabourerJames? Armstrong Eliza PleasanceCartwright
1876, 18th Oct 190John Haserby? Birkett Stationmaster (s, 27) Caroline Elizabeth Edwards (s, 22*) John Haserby? Birkett, Stationmaster Arthur Edwards, Grocer?James Frederic Walton Georgina Elizabeth EdwardsLuke
1876, 10th Nov 191Harry Charles Mulley Gardener (s, 22) Sarah Anne Prance? (s, 26*) William Mulley, Carrier Joseph Prance?, MillerWilliam Marshall Laura MulleyKant, William
1876, 16th Dec 192George James Crew Ward Painter (s, 24*) Jane Peck Rednall (s, 23*) George Ward, Plumber Ephraim Rednall, CarpenterJohn Ward Henry Palmer Youngman Castner?Luke
1876, 21st Dec 193Henry James Armstrong Labourer (s, 21) Eliza Pleasance (s, 20*) William Armstrong, Labourer George Pleasance, LabourerGeorge Pleasance Eliza GymourLuke
1877, 19th Jan 194David Gardiner Shoemaker (s, 22) Elizabeth Ellen Wright (s, 21*) Robert Gardiner, Labourer Charles Wright, deceasedHenry Wright Amelia BarkerCartwright
1878, 4th Jan 195Henry William Mulley Engine driver? (s, 18) Clara Alderton (s, 19*) James Mulley, Engine driver? John Alderton, BlacksmithWilliam Elliston Wright Susan Elliston WrightLuke
1879, 27th May 196Frederick William Stevens Merchant (s, 22*) Julia Mary Hunt (s, 18*) Simeon Stevens, Merchant no guardian HuntH Ridgon Emma ManningShepherd, Arthur
1879, 12th Aug 197George Mulley Labourer (s, 32) Sarah Salmon (s, 32*) James Mulley, Labourer John Salmon, LabourerWilliam Wright Elliston Margaret SalmonFlood, F
1879, 23rd Oct 198Edward Charles Balaam Labourer (s, 20) Martha Bruce (s, 24*) John Balaam, Labourer Thomas Bruce, LabourerHarry Abner Balaam Clara LastFlood?
1879, 5th Dec 199James Warren Labourer (s, 30*) Eliza Warren (s, 25*) James Warren, Labourer William Warren, LabourerHenry Baker Rebecca RobinsonMacfarlane
1879, 26th Dec 200James William Howes Labourer (s, 22) Ruth Mulley (s, 25*) James Howes, Labourer John Mulley, LabourerJohn Mulley Hannah MullyMacfarlane
1880, 16th Jan 201Freeman Mulley Labourer (s, 21) Gertrude Alberta Mulley (s, 19*) William Mulley, Labourer William Mulley, BakerWilliam Fuller Mary Danyer?Flood
1880, 30th Oct 202Wm Henry Scase Labourer (s, 21) Jane Cross (s, 20*) Robert Scase, Labourer William Farrow Cross, Labourer (deceased)C Scase E MoyesMacfarlane
1880, 24th Dec 203George Farrow Labourer (s, 21) Sarah Elizabeth Manning (s, 23*) James Farrow, Labourer Charles Manning, LabourerCharles Manning Sophia ManningMacfarlane
1880, 24th Dec 204George Dew Labourer (s, 27) Mary Anne Manning (s, 25*) John Dew, Labourer Charles Manning, LabourerCharles Manning Sophia ManningMacfarlane
1880, 28th Dec 205Edward Stockins Engine driver (s, 24*) Margaret Salmon (s, 24*) William Stockins, Harness maker John Salmon, House keeperGeorge Mulley Frances ColesMacfarlane
1881, 21st Jan 206William Graigrass? Warren Blacksmith (s, 28) Bridget Baker (s, 30*) Nathan Warren, Blacksmith George Randall Baker, FarmerF Warren J BakerMacfarlane
1881, 8th June 207Harry Pawsey Plumber (s, 29*) Matilda Baker (s, 30*) Joseph Pawsey, Farmer George Randall Baker, deceasedJohn Goddard Jane Harriott BarrettCross, John
1881, 24th Sep 208William Finch Labourer (s, 41) Eliza Ann Farrow (w, 38*) Seth Finch, Labourer Francis Cross, LabourerFrederick Cross May Ann HowlettMason, H B
1882, 19th Oct 209John Mulley Labourer (s, 32) Elizabeth Armstrong (s, 29*) John Mulley, Labourer Thomas Armstrong, LabourerJames John Mulley Anna ArmstrongMacfarlane
1882, 21st Oct 210Charles Scase Gould Labourer (s, 28) Annie Louisa Mulley (s, 19*) illegitimate (Robert deleted) Gould William Mulley, BakerJane Scase James? ScaseMacfarlane
1882, 27th Oct 211William Goddard Labourer (s, 25) Emma Mothersole (s, 25*) James Goddard, Woodman John Mothersole, CarpenterHarry Mothersole Esther MothersoleMacfarlane
1882, 22nd Dec 212Henry Dew Labourer (s, 29) Jane Harvey (w, 24*) Isaac Dew, Labourer Robert Adams, CarrierJames Mulley Esther BuckleHay, William, curate
1884, 16th Feb 213William Clarke Labourer (s, 20) Margaret Parr (s, 21*) George Clarke, Labourer William Parr, LabourerHarriet Cobbold Henry ParrTrudge?, George Arthur
1884, 20th Feb 214Benjamin Donny Labourer (s, 21) Elizabeth Elsey (s, 26*) Benjamin Donny, Carpenter? John Elsey, LabourerHenry Elsey Charles ElseyTrudge?, George Arthur
1884, 20th Sep 215William Dennis King Blacksmith (s, 19) Elizabeth Ellen Hawes (s, 20*) George King, Engine driver James Hawes, LabourerJ King Ann PleasanceMacfarlane
1885, 30th Jan 216William Frederick Warren Blacksmith (s, 33) Susannah Knight (w, 43*) John Warren, Bricklayer George Plummer, BootmakerRuth Plummer Robert George PlummerDunn, Thomas, curate
1885, 31st Mar 217Robert Stephen Pye Timber merchant (s, 25) Georgina Eliza Edwards (s, 26*) Robert Pye, Clerk Arthur Edwards, PostmasterWilliam Scase Jane ScaseDunn
1885, 17th Apr 218Henry Robert Fenton Miller (s, 22) Rachel Mothersole (s, 22*) Zachariah Fenton, Gardener John Mothersole, CarpenterWilliam Wretham Alice MothersoleDunn
1885, 27th Aug 219John Lockett Railway porter (s, 25) Caroline Offord (s, 25*) William Lockett, Labourer Robert Offord, FarmerHenry Offord Sophia OffordDunn
1885, 27th Nov 220Charles Edward Elsey Sawyer (s, 21) Sophia Offord (s, 20*) John Elsey, Labourer Robert Offord, FarmerHenry Offord Sarah BullockDunn
1886, 25th May 221Daniel Walter Collen Miller (s, 25) Louisa Mary Warren (s, 23*) Walter Collen, Miller Nathan Warren, FarmerNathan Warren Katharine WarrenDunn
1886, 5th July 222Charles Mole Porter (s, 25) Ellen Jane Smith (s, 19*) Charles Mole, Malster James Smith, LabourerJohn Goddard Charlotte StevensDunn
1888, 29th Mar 223James Scase Labourer (s, 25) Annie Pegg (s, 24*) Robert Scase William Pegg, LabourerWilliam Pegg Eliza MulleyDunn
1888, 12th Oct 224Edward Pyke Smith (s, 25) Elizabeth Mary Bruce Buckle (s, 24*) Edward Pyke, Labourer Robert Buckle, FarmerRobert Bruce Esther BuckleDunn
1888, 24th Dec 225George Dew Labourer (w, 35) Martha Fisher (s, 24*) John Dew, Labourer Michael Fisher, BrickmakerMichael Fisher Jane JamesDunn
1888, 25th Dec 226Frederick Farrow Labourer (s, 23) Martha Farrow (s, 24*) George Farrow, Labourer William Farrow, LabourerWilliam Scase S FarrowDunn
1889, 14th Mar 227John Hood Shoe manufacturer (w, 38) Esther Adams (s, 38*) Charles Hood, Shoe manufacturer Robert Adams, Innkeeper (deceased)Charles Hood Caroline HoodO'Neill?, A A curate
1889, 24th Oct 228Edgar Baines Groom (s, 35) Emma Bloss (w, 47*) Robert Baines, Lab (deceased) Nathaniel Lee, Farm bailiff (deceased)Daniel Burnett Eliza BurnettO'Neill
1889, 23rd Dec 229Dennis Fenton Bootmaker (s, 19) Harriet King (s, 19*) William Fenton, Farmer George King, LabourerGeorge King Jane? FentonO'Neill
1890, 3rd Dec 230Arthur Bartlett Warren Engineer (s, 22) Bessie Young (s, 21*) Nathan Warren, Farmer William Young, Stationmaster?Wm Young Katharine WarrenO'Neill
1890, 25th Dec 231Herbert William Armstrong Blacksmith (s, 23) Ellen Farrow (s, 24*) William Armstrong, Labourer William Farrow, LabourerWilliam Armstrong Sarah CrossO'Neill
1891, 17th Jan 232William Henry Joseph Gathercole Engineer? surveyor (s, 29*) Victoria Sarah Wright (s, 26*) Henry Gathercole, Surveyor George Wright, FarmerHenry George Wright Jane Elizabeth Wright Henry Samuel Rivers?O'Neill
1891, 23rd Jan 233William Henry Elliston Labourer (s, 21) Margaret Amelia Jane Holmes (s, 24*) William Elliston, Labourer Robert Holmes, ShepherdHenry George Holmes Sarah Elizabeth WilleyO'Neill
1892, 17th June 234Robert Reuben Renson Farmer (s, 25) Esther Buckle (s, 25*) Robert Renson, Church clerk? Robert Buckle, Farmer &?Edward Pyke? Elizabeth PykeO'Neill
1893, 30th Mar 235Frederick Richer Gardener (s, 27) Alice Louise Love (s, 24*) Robert Richer, Labourer Emmanuel Love, FarmerJohn Richer Anna Maria Richer ? Pegg?Hipwell
1893, 24th Apr 236William Baker Mulley Labourer (s, 23) Elizabeth Martha Goode (s, 23*) William Mulley, Labourer Walter Goode, LabourerWalter Goode Louisa BloomfieldHipwell
1893, 4th Sep 237Ephraim Collett Brickmaker (s, 23) Alice Mulley (s, 17*) John Collett, Brickmaker John James Mulley, BrickmakerAlbert William Parker Emma ParkerHipwell
1893, 15th Sep 238Henry Peck Labourer (w, 46) Sophia Clarke (s, 40*) William Peck, Labourer Charles Clarke, LabourerJames Curtis Ann CurtisHipwell
1893, 18th Sep 239Henry Shepperson Smith Butcher (s, 24*) Jane Elizabeth Wright (s, 25*) Robert Smith, Farmer George Wright, Farmer 7 BrickmakerHenry George Wright Ellen Wright Anna? WrightHipwell
1893, 11th Nov 240Edward Turner Labourer (s, 36) Emma Rice (s, 40*) Thomas Turner, Baker Isaac Rice, LabourerIsaac Rice Alice RiceHipwell
1894, 16th June 241Robert Scase Labourer (s, 33) Amelia Perry (s, 34*) Robert Scase, Labourer Henry Perry, LabourerCharles Gould Elizabeth ScaseHipwell
1894, 26th Nov 242Edward Walter Warren Carrier (s, 36) Catherine Kersey (s, 35*) John Warren, Bricklayer Richard Kersey, LabourerRobert Allan Ellis Alice Jane EllisHipwell
1895, 14th Mar 243Frederick Gould Pechey no occupation (s)Ellen Maria Stebbing (s*)Elisha Pechey, Glass manufacturer John Stebbing, FruitererJohn Henry Stebbing Catherine PecheyHipwell
1895, 22nd June 244Walter Radley Soldier (s, 29) Emily Moyes (s, 27*) George Radley, Labourer James Moyes, LabourerHenry Edward Howlett Elizabeth MoyesHipwell
1895, 23rd Oct 245William Manning R? assistant (s, 26*) Florence Bridges (s, 25*) Amos Manning, Labourer William Bridges, BootmakerWilliam Bridges Ellen PiperCollier, Arthur, asst priest
1895, 20th Dec 246Thomas George Elliston Gardener (s, 24*) Sarah Elizabeth Willey (s, 24*) William Elliston, Prok Butcher? William Willey, ShepherdWilliam Willey James MulleyCollier
1896, 11th Jan 247George Goddard Labourer (s, 28) Martha Eliza King (s, 18*) James Goddard, Labourer George King, EngineerAmbrose Goddard Gertrude Ellen KingHipwell
1896, 17th June 248Henry George Holmes Carter (s, 27) Kate Mothersole (, 24*) Robert Holmes, Shepherd John Mothersole, CarpenterHarry Mothersole Lily ManningHipwell
1896, 31st Oct 249Alan Francis Horace Robinson Labourer (s, 22) Jane Anna Peck (s, 21*) Charles Robinson, Farmer Henry Peck, LabourerHenry Edward Howlett Elizabeth MoyesHipwell
1896, 9th Nov 250David Thomas Miles Dairyman (s, 25) Esther Jane Muncey (s, 23*) Frederick Joseph Miles, Egg merchant Henry? Francis Muncey, FruitererWalter McRae Emma McRaeHipwell
1897, 19th Mar 251Walter Robert Manning Postman (s, 25) Lily Ethel Manning (s, 20*) Amos Manning, Woodman James William Manning, WheelwrightJames William Manning Bridget? Rose ManningHipwell
1897, 23rd Apr 252William George King Labourer (s, 31) Sarah Farrow (s, 33*) Robert King, Labourer George Farrow, LabourerGeorge Farrow Sophia FarrowHipwell
1898, 5th June 253Stanley Goode Labourer (s, 23) Sophia Farrow (s, 21*) John Goode, Farmer George Farrow, LabourerFrederick Farrow Mary Jane FarrowHipwell
1898, 24th July 254Herbert George Tweed Railway porter (s, 20*) Eliza Sansom Curtis (s, 20*) Chapman Tweed, Pensioner James Sansom Curtis, PlatelayerThomas Charles Edward Fisher Charlotte Emma TurnerHipwell
1898, 1st Oct 255John King Labourer (s, 22) Sarah Jane Moyes (s, 21*) Robert King, Labourer William Moyes, LabourerWilliam Rodwell? Sarah Jane Barrett?Hipwell
1898, 13th Oct 256Henry George Wright Farmer & Brickmaker (s, 28) Alice May Hadlow (s, 26*) George (deceased) Wright, Farmer & Brickmaker George Blake Hadlow, PlumberOlive Marian Hadlow Rose H? HadlowHipwell
1898, 15th Oct 257Arthur John Haggar Labourer (s, 21*) Anna Armstrong (s, 19*) William Haggar, Labourer William Armstrong, LabourerJames Armstrong Emma Jane ChaplinHipwell
1899, 28th Jan 258Herbert William King Engine driver (s, 25) Alice Maud Mary Knights (s, 25*) ? King, Engine driver William Knights, BlacksmithWilliam Frederick Warren? Mary KingHipwell
1899, 11th Feb 259Arthur James Mulley Carpenter (s, 26) Ellen Piper (s, 23*) James Woods Mulley, Builder James Piper, PlatelayerJames Piper Eva Manning Eliza Piper Anne MulleyHipwell
1899, 18th May 260Ernest Farrow Labourer (s, 24) Alice Matten (s, 24*) George Farrow, Labourer Walter Matten, GardenerWalter Matten Lizzie MattenHipwell
1899, 8th Nov 261John Cooper Labourer (s, 22) Mary Farrow (s, 21*) Nathan Cooper, Blacksmith George (deceased) Farrow, LabourerFread Farrow Lizzie CooperHipwell
1899, 9th Nov 262Charles Edwin Lockwood Farmer (s, 33*) Clara Rebecca Atkins (s, 27*) John Lockwood, Farmer Robert Atkins, BootmakerRobert Atkins Amelia AtkinsHipwell