List of Jobs

What had to be done

  • Buying pigs, taking delivery
  • Slaughter, weighing, grading
  • Carcass treatment: de-hairing, singeing & scraping, removing intestines, chopping out backbone
  • Maturing sides, curing bacon
  • Butchery, slicing, chopping, mincing (conveyor-belt chopping table, electric handsaw)
  • Cooked meats, pie and sausage making
  • By-products: Digestion (meat & bone meal, blood meal, inedible fat) , lard, pigs heads, pituitary gland extraction
  • Packing (vacuum machine)
  • Deliveries
  • Quality (bacteriology, metal detection)
  • Services: Cold storage, electricity generation, water supply, sewage disposal
  • Management – Finance, Marketing, HR