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One of the St. Edmunds trucking vehicles which make early morning bulk deliveries of farm-fresh pies and sausages throughout the Eastern Counties.

Van Fleet has ‘Quickest Delivery’ target
Every day vans loaded with freshly- made sausages, bacon vacuum- packed to seal in its full flavour and pies still warm from the oven, roll out of the gates of the St. Edmunds factory in Elmswell, Suffolk. They are headed for shops all over East Anglia — and they lose no time in getting there.

So the St. Edmunds meat products you see on the counter of your local shop are freshly-delivered — and full of the real country flavour that adds so much to a meat meal.

Eating the St. Edmunds way is a habit lots of local families have developed. They like St Edmunds Wiltshire-cured quality bacon for breakfast and there’s many a tasty, quick lunch or tea made with St Edmunds delicious fresh pork-filled sausages or juicy steak-and-kidney pies. The housewife who buys these all-meat products is giving her family real goodness — and she can be sure that St. Edmunds meat savouries are always fresh. STOP PRESS

County Quality


St. Edmunds Bacon Factory is an officially appointed curing centre for three ‘County Quality’ Bacon Associations and one of less than 12 factories in the country producing this top quality English bacon with its traditional Wiltshire cure.
EAST ANGLIAN FARMERS maintain pork qualify The St Edmunds Bacon Factory Ltd. at Elmswell has always been a local enterprise. Started by East Anglian farmers more than 50 years ago, it is still the only independent farmers’ co-operative factory in the United Kingdom. Each week St. Edmunds purchase over £30,000 worth of pigs from farmers throughout East Anglia. This is a powerful demonstration of the company’s vital links with — and investment in — local farming. Fresh Pork St. Edmunds sausages and pies are popular all over the Eastern Counties and as far afield as London and the Midlands, where the company has active sales depots. In addition to its branded products, the factory also supplies fresh porkClite and carcases, bacon sides and joints, hams and cooked meats – delivered direct by its own fast fleet. St. Edmunds Bacon Factory Ltd. has been recognised as one of this country’s leading bacon curers since as far back as 1911, when the company was originally founded by a small number of enterprising Suffolk farmers. These far-sighted forebears of the present company at Elmswell, Bury St. Edmunds, began by processing their own pigs and selling them wholesale on the London market. Today the St. Edmunds organisation produces a range of pork and bacon products undreamed of by its founders and is particularly well known for its famous prime pork sausages and delicious pork pies. St. Edmunds bacon, with its distinctive Wiltshire cure, is known as far afield as the Midlands and the London area.
Curing Centre, Farmer-owned
The St. Edmunds factory is the only independent, farmer-owned factory in the United Kingdom afl’d, -because of this, is in a pre-eminent position to select and process the very best locally reared pigs, which are all scientifically graded as they pass through the factory. Once St.Edmunds products are ready for the shops, the fast delivery fleet and an equally efficient van sales service, plus refrigerated depots at Coventry and Romford and ‘daily-delivery’ depots at Norwich and King’s Lynn, help to ensure that they reach the customer in perfect condition. Throughout the production and marketing revolutions of the past 20 years, St Edmunds Bacon Factory has kept its sights firmly set on quality and service — the factory is an officially approved curing centre for no fewer than three separate County Quality Bacon Associations. Today these twin targets are the housewife’s guarantee of the consistent freshness of St Edmunds products — and of that fresh farm flavour!
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