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Some Past Elmswell Pictures

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Mission meeting, c.1883

1932 Baptist Mission

1932 Baptist Mission


Back row: P.Bloomfield, A.V.M, J.C., A.F., T.G.
Second row: T.H., F.R., W.J.C., B.S., J.C., P.M., ?.P.
Third row: (3 at left) F.A?., E. Elliston, J.P......(3 at right) E.E.N?, Crannlam?, J.S.
Standing behind front row: D.G.P., W.H.Parr, F.R., S.B., ?.Coleby, A.W., R.Melton, Jim O., Geo.R., A.V.F., Collins, J.W.
Front row: E.A.S., S.Aldis, Denis George, E.H.B.Kettle, Nettleton, J.Andreasen, C.Klein, Miss Rice (typist), C.B., Cadney


Bowling Green, c.1958
In action: Mr Perry, father of Michael Perry, Woolpit Taxis. Beyond him, facing the camera, is Eric King, and to Eric's left shoulder is Ernie Bennett (after whom Bennett Avenue is named), then Harry Abbott, who worked at the Bacon Factory, and 'Rorcher' Fuller, from Tostock.
We do not have names for the two in dark jackets to the left, nor the folk beyond Mr Fuller. Picture and names provided by Pat Burch in 2008.


The Memorial Hall and Bowls Green were next to each other. Picture shows Bowls Club members ready for a match against Ipswich in 1957


Party organised by Buffaloes (?)


Choir - but when?


Elmswell Church Choir, Easter 1925

Names from left to right
Front Row: Stanley Clarke, George Russell, Jack Goymer, Stanley Kisbee, Revd. J D Sayer, M.A. (Rector), Charles Lambourne, Edward Bruce, Ronald (Joe) Russell, Walter Miller, Edward (Ted) Nicholls

Middle Row: James Mulley (Organ Blower), Septimus Rawlinson, Dan King, Victor Manning, Evan Rawlinson, Mary George (Organist), Basil Barnes, Victor Robinson, George Mulley

Back Row: Herbert Redit, William Manning, George Brand, William Redit, Dan Hurst, William Bloomfield, Cecil Cooper, Walter Gould, Joe Bloomfield

There are five sets of brothers on the photograph: Herbert and William Redit, George and Joe Russell, George and James Mulley, Septimus and Evan Rawlinson. William and Joe Bloomfield

Comments from Fred & Cicely Buckle: Walter Miller was Douggie's brother; Jim Mulley was the one with the hair lip, who 'ended up doing the funeral service'; Vic Robinson became a signalman.

Elmswell Cricket Club Picture a

Elmswell Cricket Club Picture a

Elmswell Cricket Club Picture b

Elmswell Cricket Club Picture b


Elmswell CC First Team c.1948
Picture contributed to the Newsletter of August 2004 by Paul Peachey: Paul had the photo and information from Mr Blaker, whose parents kept The Fox Inn from 1935 to 1950.
Mr Duncan (Stationmaster & Umpire) - Raymond Eyres - Percy King - ? Duncan - Fred Buckle - Sonny Ball - ??

?? - Bob Mulley - Len Baker - ??