Granny BAKER’s Diaries

Sophie Baker was Jim Baker’s grandmother and lived in Ivy House

Dates are beginning of weeks. Events not separately dated. Description of weather omitted!

A few explanatory notes about people mentioned are being collected.

Week starting:
31st Dec. Dr. Hardwicke called. Mrs. Warren came to tea. Harry bought new car.
Wrote to Mrs. Folkard and Kathleen. Gwen came to see me. Chris went to Ipswich. Dr. Hardwicke called.
“He leads me where the waters glide, The Waters soft and still.
And homeward he will gently guide, My wandering heart and will.”
7th Jan. Rosa and Nurse Phelan called. Had a little more pluck and sat up longer.
Mrs. Ennals called and Mrs. Crosse. Dorothy not well. Dr. H. called twice to see D. Dramatic first evening. Letter from Kathleen. D. better.
Kathleen wrote to say Biddy had another bad turn of asthma. Wrote to Miss Lovett, Mr. Weir called.and stayed to tea. Kate came. Dr. H. to see me. Chris went to Ipswich. Doris came back.
“Holy Father cheer our way. With thy love’s perpetual way.
Grant us every closing day, Light at evening time.”
14th Jan. Not feeling too well. Heard from Maggie. Dorothy left for Nottingham.
Wrote to Blanche and Charlie. Mrs. Ennals came to see me. Had an attack of pain in the afternoon. School began. PC from Mrs. Kirkwood. Saw Miss Nunn for a few minutes. Wrote to Maggie. Megrin. Kathleen came.
Letter from Maggie. Mr. Ennals and Kate came. Dr. Stevens came.
“For peaceful homes and healthful days, For all the blessings earth displays,
We owe Thee thankfulness and praise, who givest all.”
21st Jan. Chris took John to church in morning, Mrs. Folkard and Naomi called .
Wrote to Dorothy. Mr. Hibbs was only visitor in the afternoon, and Mrs. Ennals.
W.I. Birthday Party. Had long visit from Mrs. Pitter. Megrin. Heard from Dorothy. Kate came in the evening. Mrs. John Barker had tea with me.
Heard from K and Nan.
28th Jan. Chris went to Stow for the Elijah. John went to B. church with R. Kate called in the evening. Wrote to D. Robert went to London. Mrs. Harrison called. Had a good deal of pain aft. and evening. John’s 5th birthday. He was not well enough to have his party. Kathleen came. Had letter from D and parcel from Blanche. John’s birthday party. Dr. Stevens came.
4th Feb. Slight megrin. Wrote to Maggie. Heard of Mrs. Harrisons death. Wrote to Agnes ?Glew, and Sibel. Megrin. Death of Mrs. Leatherdale on 5th. Had a visit from Mr.Ennals and Kate. Mrs. Vince called, and Mrs. Pitter came to tea.
Megraine. Mrs. L.’s funeral. Mrs. Barkshire called. Dr. Stevens. Chris went to tea at Kate’s. Migraine. Felt much better this week.
11th Feb. Wrote to Blanche and Kathleen. Migraine. Kate called in evening. Heard from Agnes Glew. Dorothy Godbold came in afternoon and Gwen in the evening.
Wrote to Clara and Dot. Mr. Sayer called to see me. Two turns – not very bad. Frank and K motored over in afternoon.
18th Feb. Rosa called in morning. Maggie came. Dr. Stevens called. M. went to Ipswich and saw Kathleen. John had tea with me. Mrs. Ennals came to see me.
Migraine. Had slight pain today. Chris went to Ipswich for weekend. Dr Hardwicke called.
25th Feb. M. took John to children’s service. Chris returned. M. went to Ipswich.
Paid R. for cottage rates £4 for 16 weeks ending 24 Feb. Mrs. Kirkwood came to tea. Saw baby James.
4th March. Quiet day. John rushed in during the morning – the only excitement! Maggie left. Mrs. Symonds called. Letter from Jack. Half term. Chris went to Ipswich. John and R had tea with me. Mr. Ennals came for a chat. Mrs. Gates and Gwen came. Lucy Tucker died. Kate had tea with Chris. Heard from Dorothy. Dr. Hardwicke. Mrs. J. Barker called.
“Thou that hast given me so much, Give one thing more a grateful heart,
Not thankful when it pleaseth me, As if Thy blessings had spare days,
But such a heart whose pulse may be Thy praise.”
11th March. Kay came all day. C took the children to Ipswich to see the Indian village.
Heard from Sibel and Maggie. Kathleen came for the afternoon. Saw Mr. Hasenkuck.
Fanny Harrison came in the morning. Mrs. Pitter to tea, and Mr. E. in evening.
W.I. meeting. Kate called. Oxford and Cambridge Boatrace. Mrs. Durrant came to say goodbye.
18th March. Dr. Stevens came. Kathleen and Mrs. Detlefson came to tea. Heard from Mrs Coleman. Miss Munn called about the BWSA. Wrote to Maggie. Gave Mrs. Miller 2/6 BWYA money. Wrote to Mrs. Coleman. Mrs. Durrant’s sale. Mrs. Folkard came for it, and Mrs. Detlefson. Mrs. Barkshire called. Chris went to Ipswich to Con Concert. Had a chat with Miss Nunn.
25th March. Chris took John and the Andreason boys to church and they stayed to tea. Chris went to Stow in the evening. Started knitting C’s vest. Cooper cut the ivy on house. Mrs. Ennals paid me a long visit. Rosa came early! Dorothy and Chris started Easter holidays. Kathleen arrived in the morning. Mr. Gooding came for stock taking. Nan came for weekend.
1st April. Nan left. Wrote to Agnes and Mrs. Hamblet. C & D went to Ipswich. Dr. H called. Kate came in the evening. Mr. King came. W.I. came for singing practise and afterwards Mrs. Chamberlayne came up and saw me. Also Kate.
Gladys Farrow’s wedding.
8th April. R took John to Mission Hall. Mrs. Salter and the children had tea. C played at Men’s service. D went to Ipswich. Letter from Maggie and wrote to her.
Chris went to the concert at Beyton. Short thunderstorm. Chris went to Ipswich and stayed the night. W.I. met for singing. Mrs. Chamberlayne came up again to see me. Gwen came. Robert busy this week with putting electric bells in the house.
15th April. The Ennals came to tea and the Nevells. Dorothy went to Gorleston. Kate called in the evening. Dr. Stevens called. Elsie arrived for short visit.
Mrs. Pitter called. James’ birthday. Elsie and Chris left for Hornsey.
Dorothy came back.
22nd April. Dorothy had migraine. Dorothy left for Nottingham. Sibel and Chris came home. Miss K. Warren, Mrs. Warren and Miss Lovatt all came to see me.
C and Sibel went_to Ipswich. Sat up for dinner. Sibel went to Bury. Miss Head and Miss Lovett came to tea. Slight turn. J and C went to circus at Bury with Willow House party.
29th April. Sibel left. Dr. Hardwicke came. Rosa called. Kathleen for the afternoon.
Mrs. Miles called and saw me. Mr. Ennals came for a chat. Chris went to Bury to meet Olive Jones. Kate called. Chris went to Ipswich.
6th May. Mrs. Ennals called. Scouts Parade at Wes. Chapel. Mr. Ennals came to see me. Mrs. Warren and Mrs.Kirkwood to tea. Ipswich Musical Festival, Chris went and stayed the night. Mrs. Peacock called about ? and Gwen in the evening.
13th May. Wrote to Sibel. The Rector called. Dr. Hardwicke. Kate called in the evening. Dorothy came for Whit Week. Drawing room papered.
20th May. Chris went to Ipswich. Kate came for a few minutes. Dorothy went with H to Ipswich, Mrs.Oxbrow and Phyllis called. Dr. Hardwicke. Dorothy went back to Nottingham. Chris went to Felixstowe. Miss Lovatt called.
27th May. Came down to the drawing room. Sat up for dinner and tea. Miss Head and Mrs. Durrant called. Wrote to Maggie. A welcome visit from Kathleen.
Dr. Stevens came. Kate came to tea. Church S.S. concert. Mr. Cook called.
Joe planted antirrhinoms. Mrs. Partridge and Mrs. Barkshire came. Saw Mr. F. Barker.
3rd June. Harry took me a motor ride. My first outing! Miss Lord came for a few minutes.
Heard from Mrs. Coleman., Stayed in bed. Wrote to Mrs. Coleman. Mrs. Gates and Kate came to tea. Dr. Wood called, and Kate took me for a ride in the bath chair.
10th June. Harry took me for a ride. Heard from Maggie. Miss Lovatt and Miss Head and Kate called. Went out in chair with Chris and saw over the Rectory garden.
Mrs. Chamberlayne walked home with me. Dr. Hardwicke called.
Chris took me out again. Mrs. Gates, Miss Lovett and Miss Head all called in the morning. Annie starter her holiday.
17th June. Mr. & Mrs. Ennals came to dinner and tea. Mr. Ross joined for tea.
Mrs. Gover called. Wrote to Maggie and Miss Moon. W.Inst. outing to London. Wrote to Sibel. Heard of Bertie Pinson’s death. Mrs. Finbow called. Annie and Rosa came to tea. Saw Mrs. Ebb Ennals, also Mr. Ross in the evening. Had migraine. Mr. Weir came and had tea with R and me. Chris went to Kirkwoods. Went out in Bath chair and called to see Kate.
24th June Mrs. E. had tea with us and Harry and the two boys.
Mrs. Kirkwood and friend and Miss Gates came to tea. R’s birthday. Had tea cosy from Jill. Kate came to tea. R went to Felixstowe. Visits from Dr. Hardwicke and Mrs. Gates. Kathleen came. Went next door to tea.
Stuart Wilson came for a few days.
1st July Annie came to tea. Royal Show at Ipswich. Church Fete. Mrs. Barkshire called. Stuart left. Mr. Ennals ill – saw Dr. O’mara. Tea at Barkshires. Annie left for Bristol. Saw over Mr. Newson’s garden.
8th July Went to Kate’s to tea. 12th. My birthday. Mrs. Gates called. Had attack of pain. Kathleen and Frank came for the day. Miss Lovatt called.
15th July Nancy came home. Dr. Stevens came. Miss Amos and Miss Lovatt called. Nan went to stay with Kathleen.
22nd July Nan returned from K’s. Heard from Jill. Chris went to the ?Fourerean School Prize Day. Mrs. Barrel and Mrs. Gates called.
29th July Kate called. Went to Kate’s to tea. Wesleyan sale of work. Jack’s letter. Dr. Hardwicke. Miss Lord called. 20th anniversary of beginning of war. Dorothy started holiday. The Ennals came to tea.
5th August Lovely ride through Stanton. Willow House party came to tea, Robert started harvest.
Good deal of pain most of the day. Heard from Mrs. Coleman. Mr. F. Ennals came. Doris started her holiday. Kate had tea with us.
12th August Went next door to tea. Mrs. Warren and the 2 boys came to tea. Kathleen came and the Ennals joined us at tea.
19th August Kathleen Turner came to tea. Saw Mrs. E. and Phyllis. D. went to Ipswich, Chris left for Braunton. D. went to Felixstowe.
26th August. Said goodbye to Mrs. Lord. Heard from Jack. Mr. Lord called to say goodbye. Will came for a week. Visit of two Dutch men on business.
Drove with H. to Sudbury.
2nd September. Kathleen arrived in aft. Mrs. Durrant called. I was not very well in the aft.
The Ennals left for Lowestoft. Will left. In bed today. Chris came home. Drove to Ipswich in Mrs. D’s car and saw Biddy. Dr. Stevens came.
Drove to Sudbury.
9th Sept Heard from Mrs. Coleman. Went to tea at Kate’s. Drove to Ipswich and had tea with Kathleen. Dorothy left for Hornsey. Chris went to tea at The Grange. Motored to Sudbury.
16th Sept Migraine during night. Harry drove us to see Mr. & Mrs. Ross. School began. Wrote to D and sent Nan her nightcase.
24th Sept Heard from Mrs. Juby in Africa. Went for a ride in chair. Kate called in evening. Wrote to Miss Juby. Saw Mrs. Partridge for a few minutes. Maggie arrived. Drove to Sudbury.
30th Sept Mary Kirkwood called. Wrote to Jill. Had a visit from Mr. Weir. Kathleen came.
7th Oct Had a lovely ride through Gipping and Old Newton. Mr. Hassenruck came and had tea. Heard from Jack. Dr. Hardwicke came. Mrs. Ross brought me a book. Kate called in evening. Answered Aleck’s letter. Went to tea next door. Had migraine. Frank, Kathleen and Biddy came to tea.
14th Oct H motored us to Mildenhall. Went to Kirkwoods to tea. Wrote to Mrs Coleman. Mr. & Mrs. Ross came to tea. C went to Ipswich. Biddy better.
Motored to Sudbury. Biddy was very ill this week.
21st Oct Melbourne Air Race. Maggie left for Sheringham. Chris and K went to Cambridge for Mary Wilson’s wedding. Mr. & Mrs. Ennals had tea with us.
Mrs. Gates called.
28th Oct Wrote to Dorothy. Heard from Maggie. Mary Kirkwood called. Meeting of the Dramatic Club. Wrote to Maggie, Dorothy and Kathleen. Mrs. Ennals was x-rayed.
4th Nov Heard from Jill and Dorothy. K’s birthday. Went to Ipswich. Mrs. Kirkwood called.
11th Nov Mrs. Gates and Mrs. Barrell called. Heard from Miss Juby. Went to tea at the Peacocks. Sent off Jill’s present. Wrote to Jill. Saw rehearsel of play for the W.I. tea. Mrs. Ross.and her mother came to tea. Dr. Stevens called. Mrs. Gates stopped to tea. Doris went home ill with G. measles.
18th Nov Kirkwood and Mrs. G came to tea. Kate had tea with us.
25th Nov Went this morning to the Wes. Chapel. Heard from Jack. Mrs. Vince called.
Mr. Barker stayed to tea. Heard from Dorothy.
2nd Dec Wrote to Dorothy and Kathleen. Dorothy wrote – ill and suffering from neuritis. Doris returned. Had Scotch cheque. Maggie came for a week.
Called to see Rosa.
9th Dec Kathleen came and Willow House party – stayed to tea. Went to the Wes.
Chapel in morning. Wrote to Dorothy. 13th – Jill’s birthday (8th). Went to Lantern Lecture on Africa.
16th Dec Chris played at Stowmarket Men’s Service. Maggie left for London. Miss Head and Miss Lovatt came to tea. Went to Ipswich and spent the afternoon at Kathleen’s. Saw Mrs. Warren. Mrs. Barkshire had tea with us. Kate came to tea. Saw Mary Kirkwood. Maggie’s birthday.
23rd Dec Biddy’s birthday. Nancy came home. Had a delightful evening next door.
Harry motored C and K to Nottingham. C stayed. N left. Wrote to Jill.
Sibel came. Rosa came to tea. Had letter from Miss Juby. Wrote to Mrs.
Folkard and Chris. Had bronchial cold. Dr. Stevens came.
30th Dec Dr. Hardwicke called. Kathleen came.

Week beginning: .
3rd Jan Chris went with the Kirkwoods to Stow. Had pair of sheets from Sibel.
Wrote to Mrs. Folkard and Sibel. Heard from Kathleen. Miss Head called
Saw Mrs. Oxbrow and Kathleen McQuirk came and stayed the evening. Dr Stevens. C went to the Kirkwood’s party. Sibel came back
10th Jan Kathleen McQuirk had tea. Letters from K and Frank. C went to Ipswich. Dr. Stevens came. The Kirkwoods came to tea. Dorothy left for Nottingham
Dressed this afternoon. Wrote to Elsie. Wrote to K and Dorothy
17th Jan Wrote to Nancy. Sibel heard that Will was very ill. Sibel left for London. Mrs. Roome called. Mrs. Barkshire came to see me. Will very ill all this week. Doris Scase left
24th Jan Wrote to Maggie. Dr. Stevens called. Harry went to London and saw Will
31st Jan Harry went again to see Will. Came downstairs in the afternoon. First time since 11th Nov. John’s birthday on 1st Feb. John’s birthday party
7th Feb Will passed away. K. McQuirk came for tea. Peggy Miller started work. Dr. Stevens called. Harry attended Will’s funeral. R having a few days rest in bed.
Dr. S. called. Sibel and Nancy came home
14th Feb Dr. Stevens came. (3 times during week). John not well – chicken pox
21st Feb K McQuirk came in evening. Kathleen came for a short visit. The next door party came to tea. Dr. Stevens. The Ross’ came to tea
28th Feb Nancy came for the day. The Rector and Mrs. Dolman came to tea. Sibel returned. Kate had tea with us. K left. Dr. Stevens
7th March Mothering Sunday. R in bed, cough troublesome. C went to Ipswich. Bloomfield died. Mrs. Kirkwood came in evening. S and C went to Bury
14th March Dr. Stevens. C ill – saw Dr. Plane. Fire at Kemps. R interviewed Bill, the new manager. The Rector stayed to tea. C better. John Barker called in the evening and stayed for supper.
C and S went to Ipswich to hear Bach’s Passion. Mary Kirkwood had tea with me. Mrs. Partridge made a farewell call
21st March Harry attended G. Rose’s funeral. Kate called. The Rector had tea with us. Chris left for Bramhall. John and I feel rather miserable! Dorothy and Nan both ill and unable to come home. (Easter)
28th March First Easter without a daughter at home! Harry took S and me for a drive, the first for nearly 6 months. Dr. Stevens saw Josie. Dorothy and Chris came home. Mr. Bell started work. Sibel left for London
4th April Went for motor ride. Chris went to London to meet Jill who came home after being 14 months at Broadstairs. Had a migraine, Sibel came back, Josie has flu, Dr. S called. Nan came for weekend. Dr. S found Josie better
11th April Harry motored D and me to see Mrs. Day. Nan left for London. Heard from K
Harry sprained ankle. Elsie motored here and stayed to tea. Janet Lord called. Had slight migraine. Dr. Stevens came. Mr. Holder called in evening
Went to Stow with Sibel. Wrote to Kathleen. Mr. King came for auditing. Mr
Lugar had lunch with us. Heard from D and K. Peggie went home ill
18th April Stayed in all day – rain. Mrs. Bell and children arrived. Dr. Stevens came. Paid Peggy’s wage – 7/-. School started. Children went to circus with Sibel. Heard of the death of Stuart Wilson. Started Jill’s jumper.
Joe left and Roper gave notice.
25th April Wes. Chapel in the morning. Motor ride. Kathleen McQuirk came to supper. Paid Peggy 7/-. The Wilsons and Mary paid a surprise visit. Kathleen McQuirk came. Mr. & Mrs. Lee paid a short visit. H attended Mr. Barnard’s funeral at Ipswich. Mr. King came. Miss Head called. Roper left.
2nd May Rosa and Miss Moore came in afternoon. No fire for first time Dr. Stevens gave leave for Josie to come down, and Jill to bed while temp up. Kate called
Josie out of doors in her bed. Went to Stow with Sibel. Harry motored to Sudbury and took Sibel and me
9th May Went to church in evening and heard Rev. Chappel. Coronation of George VI, Harry took C and me to Bury to see the flood lighting and bonfire. Sibel left for London. Wrote to D. Jill developed a temp. Dr. Stevens called to see Jill. Mr. King finished his audit. Sibel returned. Wrote to Mrs. Hamblet and Clara. Nancy came for weekend. Migraine.
16th May Nancy left. C went to London with the W.I. Had a bilious attack all the time
Will Elmer called. Mrs. Smith had tea with us before service at Bap.Church
Harry left to see the Naval Review at Spithead. Wrote to Dorothy. Heard from D. Harry came back from seeing the Naval Review. Kathleen McQuirk called in late in the evening. Jack Hemsley had tea with us
23rd May Heard Mark Shields in morning and Mr. Heap in the evening at the Wes. Chapel
K. McQuirk came to supper. The Salters stayed to tea. Chris took Bill to see Dr. Heath. Wrote to Mrs. Hamblet. Mrs. Pitter came to tea. Bacon Factory Show day. Drove to Sudbury
30th May Dr. Stevens came. Kathleen McQuirk came in evening. Mrs. Warren came to tea
Josie took her first walk. Miss Head and Miss Lovatt called. Beccles Show
Percy Hitchcock called
6th June Wes. S. School Anniversary. Heard Mr. Tippett preach morning and evening
Heard from Maggie. Motored with H and John to Sudbury. Migraine. Miss Nunn leaves of holiday. Mr. Holder came for a few minutes. The Rector called and had tea. Mrs. Pitter had tea with us
13th June Mr. Holder had lunch with us. Wrote to Miss Moon. H motored Sibel and me to Sudbury, Jill’s last visit to dentist. Harry went to the Aldershot Tattoo
R went to Bury Market. Dr. Stevens. Wrote to D. (Cold enough for a fire). Went to Stow. Began cardigan for Josie. Fire at The Garage. Will Elmer called in on his way to Ipswich. Planted front bed
20th June Morning and evening at Wes. Chapel. Heard Mr. Newell. H took the boys to Felixstowe. Mr. & Mrs. Dolmand and Dr. Dolman and children came to tea, Wrote to Kathleen. Kathleen McQuirk spent the evening here. In bed half day with cold.
Mrs. Pitter came to tea. Sibel left for London. Biddy very ill. Mrs. Ennals Whist Drive for the W.I. Biddy taken to hospital for observation and still very ill. Nora and family came to tea. Better news of Biddy. Sibel returned
27th June Quiet Sunday. Mr. & Mrs. Ennals came and had tea with us. Robert’s birthday – tea with 28 candles! Balance sheet very good. Biddy better. Maggie arrived, staying at Crown Cottage. Wrote to Nancy.
Percy Hitchcock and his wife Ruth came and stayed to tea. Wrote to K. Chris went to Haughley to play for Mrs. Dolman who was singing at a concern. Had slight migraine
4th July Heard Mr. Holder preach at Wes. Chapel. The Burforts came for lunch. Chris went to Ipswich. Kate had tea with us. Wrote to Biddy. Church Fete. Biddy not so well – sent her jigsaw and postcard.
Migraine. Still feeling headachy
Feeling better today
11th July Josie,went to church with the others – first time this year. 12th – my birthday – a happy one. Kathleen McQuirk motored here in evening. Dr. & Mrs Dolman called. Dr. Stevens came. Had migraine. Wrote to Annie and Clara
Went to Stowmarket. Church CC excursion. Chris and Sibel took the children to Felixstowe. Biddy back home from hospital
18th July Went to Wes. Ch. heard a Mr. Smith. Had a large party to tea, Kathleen, Mrs. Heath and Mrs. Robinson. C went to W.I. and with K to the pictures
Young May called and had tea. Kathleen McQuirk came. R and I had tea next door and met Mr. & Mrs. H & J Ennals. Nancy’s birthday (24th)
John learning to ride a bicycle. Biddy not very well
25th July Mr. Holder’s farewell sermon. Sibel left for her holiday. Chris took Josie to Ipswich. Dorothy arrived. Had tea at the Barkshires. Mr. Upjohn had stopped H completed bargain for new lorry.
Called to see Doris. Harry started holiday for Scotland. Nancy came for weekend. Will Elmer had supper with us
1st Aug Wes. Chapel in evening. Barkshires came to tea. C and D went to tea at Mrs Robinson. Kate called. R went to Bury market. C in bed with bilious turn
Slight migraine. Mrs. Bell and the children came to tea. John had headache
Sibel came back for weekend. Maggie left for London. F, K and Biddy came for a fortnight
8th Aug Harry came back from his trip to Scotland. Jill in bed with a cold. Sibel left for Southampton. Had tea at Crown Cottage with K and F. Mr. Holder called to say goodbye. Harvest work .
Wrote to Maggie. Girls Club concert at the Rectory. Nan came for weekend
15th Aug Frank motored me to church. Nan returned to London. Biddy very ill. The Rector called. Biddy better. I went to the C.M.S. meeting at Miss Head’s
Sat and read to Biddy this afternoon. Had tea with Biddy. Said goodbye to K and F. K and family returned to Bramhall. Harry motored Dad and me to Barton and we met Mrs. Jenkyns
22nd Aug Wes.Chap morning and evening with John. Sibel came home from Southampton
John amused us with a Punch and Judy Show. Sibel went with the choir outing to Clacton. Called to see Addie Kerry. Jill left for Bramhall. Wrote to Nan and Chris.
Josie and I went to Stow with the Ennals and bought Bully’s wedding gift. Maggie arrived at Crown Cottage. H motored Dad, Dor and myself to Sudbury
29th Aug Wes.Chapel in evening. D went to Felixstowe with the Ennals. Harry and Mr Abel had tea with Dad. Biddy in hospital again. Mr. Upjohn bought new lorry. Went to Bury. Auntie Annie arrived.
Sibel and I went to the Missionary Meeting at the Rectory, heard Mr. Gill from Uganda. Had tea with Maggie. Clara came for a holiday to stay at the Ennals. Nancy came for her holiday
5th Sept Nan and the Willow House party went to Felixstowe for afternoon. Annie and Rosa called in morning. Holly took John and Jim to Felixstowe for a week.
Charley came for a few days to Crown Cottage. Dorothy left for Canterbury. Chris came home. Jill returned from Bramhall
12th Sept Heard Mr. Winter, the new Wesleyan minister. Had all the aunts to supper
Annie and Rosa to supper. Holly and the boys came home from Felixstowe
Charlie left for Scotland, and Annie for Bristol. Migraine. Cartwright’s furniture sale. Chris not well. Had tea with Maggie
19th Sept Rev. W.J. Hobson at church. Had lunch with us and he drove me to church in evening. Heard from Kathleen. C went to Ipswich and saw Dr. Heath. Dr. Stevens finished with Josie.
Had tea with Maggie. Went to Stow with Sibel. Jill in bed with cold. Dr. Stevens called to see Jill. Chris ill again
26th Sept Harvest Fvl. at Wes. Chapel. Jill up for a little. Josie in bed with a cold. Had lovely motor ride. Chris better. Went to Stow Ch. with the Ennals. Visited Addie Kerry.
Clara and Chris went to Cambridge. Dr Stevens called. Had migraine. Clara left. Went to Stow with Sibel. Maggie had treatment at Bury by Dr. Cory for wart on face.
3rd Oct Wes. Ch. in morning. We entertained Rev. Hale to dinner and tea – preacher at the Bap. Ch. Hvt. Anniversary. Dr. Stevens last visit! Woolpit meeting
Migraine. Went to Stow with Sibel. Church Hvt. Fest. service. R went! C and Sibel went to Ipswich. Kathleen McQuirk came to supper
10th Oct H motored me to church. Hvt. Fest. service. K came again. C and S went to tea at Miss Head’s. Mrs. Barkshire called. Wrote to Dorothy, Sibel and Maggie went to Bury. Had migraine.
Baby Ross’s lst birthday. Jill, Josie and John invited to his party. Sibel not well. Had temp and slept at Crown Cottage. Sibel saw Dr. Stevens. Sibel about the same. Chris had headache
17th Oct Wes. Ch. in morning. Stow in evening with the Ennals. Harry’s birthday (19th). John gave him fireworks. Took Jill to Stow with Harry. Nora and her baby came to tea. Had a migraine
24th Oct Jill in bed with nettlerash. Went to Stow Ch. in evening. Heard Mr. Prentice
Wrote to Kathleen. Sibel dressed and came down for first time. Had tea with Maggie and Sibel. Jill down to tea. Chris went with the Kirkwoods to Bury for the Mikado. Maggie and I went to Stow by bus.
Jill Wright knocked down by a car and taken to hospital. Wrote to Annie and sent her letter from Mrs. Woodford. Eileen’s wedding day. Josie ill – Dr Hardwicke called. Kathleen McQuirk came in evening
31st Oct Jill in bed. Dr. Hardwicke came. Wrote to Nan and Kathleen. Josie still running a temp. Dr. Hardwicke. Josie better tonight – very weak all afternoon. Dr. Stevens. Wrote to Dorothy.
Dr. Stevens again. Went to Stow with M and John. Wrote to Kathleen birthday greetings. Dr. Stevens. Dr Stevens again. Wrote to Nancy. Josie very ill all this week
7th Nov Josie very ill all day. Dr. Stevens. Josie a little better. Dr. Stevens again. Josie better. Dr. Stevens. Mrs. McQuirk came with a paper from the Rector. Josie much better.
Dr. Hardwicke. Wrote to Mrs. Hamlett
Dr. Hardwicke. Harry went to London to the Albert Hall Legion gathering.
Planted out wallflowers. Dr. Hardwicke. Sibel came back. C had headache
14th Nov Kathleen McQuirk came in the evening. Kate Grene came in evening. Chris and Sibel went to Ipswich for Philharmonic concert. Dr. Stevens. Harry went to Lincoln for engine part.
Dr. Stevens. Mrs. Barkshire brought mags. C went to Ipswich. Chris went to Mrs. Kirkwood’s party and Social for hospital at the school
21st Nov Had bad migraine in the night. Sibel went to Ipswich. Dr. Stevens. Josie allowed downstairs. Creamola concert. Called to see Mrs. Parr. Saw Mrs. Kerry – found her very ill.
Chris took Jill to Ipswich and saw Dr Heath
28th Nov Went to Stow Cong. with the Ennals in evening. Mr. Hasenruck’s farewell meeting. Mr. Hale came and stayed the night with us. Mr. Dolman came to supper. Chris went with Mrs. Dolman to Stow to the G.F.S. bazaar.
Dr. Stevens saw Josie and me. I had a stricture of the throat attack again. Stayed in bed today. Had a bad migraine and in bed all day. Came down to tea and felt better
5th Dec Dr. Stevens called to see Josie. Chris went to bed early with a headache. Heard from Kathleen. Sent Nan paper. Dr. Stevens. Chris and Sibel went to Ipswich for the Choral Soc. concert.
Slight migraine. Jill and John went to the pictures at Stow with Sibel. Sibel took Jill and John to Ipswich.
John had a sick turn. Slight migraine. Chris had headache in the evening
12th Dec Went for a drive in the afternoon. Slight migraine again. Jill’s birthday(15) Had migraine. Harry had breakdown in engine again. Motored to Lincoln
Sibel’s birthday (14th). Mr. King came for audit. Dorothy’s birthday (15th).
Went to Stow buying Xmas presents. Mrs. Kirkwood came to tea. Kate called too. Josie went outdoors for a little
19th Dec C played violin at men’s service at Stowmarket. H motored Sibel and me to Bressingham and Diss, with Robert. Maggie’s birthday (21st). Dorothy came home.
Dr. Stevens saw Josie. She had a temp. and has to stay in bed a few days. I had slight migraine. Biddy’s birthday (23). Maggie left for a visit to Miss Mycock. Nan came for weekend.
Dr. Stevens. Chris’s birthday (25th). Happy family gathering. Dr. Stevens advises Josie staying in bed
26th Dec Slight migraine. Harry and the boys spent the day here. Nan left for London
Jill in bed. Slight nettlerash. Dr. Stevens. Elsie came for weekend at Crown Cottage. Doris Ruegg came and had tea. Sibel’s children’s party. Spent day in bed with cold

Week beginning: .
2nd Jan Still in bed. Dr. Stevens came. Sibel left for Birmingham. Doris Ruegg to tea. Jill and John went to Kate’s for tea.
Elsie took John and Jill to Bury to see “Aladdin”. Elsie motored Chris to Ipswich to see the film “Clive”. Came down after a week in bed.
9th Jan Dr. Stevens allowed Josie to come down. Chris and Dorothy went to the Rectory for tea and music. Dorothy left for London with Elsie. Maggie arrived.
Sibel returned. Dr. Stevens. Started D8s bed jacket.
16th Jan Motor ride this aft. Harry and the boys stayed to tea. Mrs. Barkshire called. Josie starts Jim’s education! Went to Ipswich to see the film “Victoria the Great.”
23rd Jan Had motor ride. Kathleen McQuirk came in afternoon. R and Harry motored to Chelmsford to see machine. Called and saw Mrs. Gease.
The Kirkwoods and H and Chris went to the Burns dinner at Ipswich. Mr. Dolman came at teatime.
Aurora borealis – marvellous sight. W.I. tea party. Had stricture of throat at dinner and migraine. In bed today. Had migraine again. Heard from Mrs. Pitter.
30th Jan Motor ride. John’s birthday. Jill had tooth stopped and Harry had gas and one out. Wrote to Annie. Went to see Mrs. Kerry. Had migraine. John’s birthday party.
6th Feb Sibel strained her foot. Working all day at rag doll. Heard from Dorothy.
Jill in bed with nettlerash. Heard from Nancy that she had had flu.
Finished doll for W.Inst. Dr. Stevens saw Jill. Motored to Sudbury with Sibel and Maggie. Josie in bed with cold. Jill better.
Ennals poplar tree blown down. Saw Mrs. Kerry – very ill.
13th Feb Migraine bedtime. Dr. Stevens. Josie very ill. Dr. Stevens – Josie better.
Dr. Stevens. Heard from hospital. Dr. Stevens. Children better. Dr. Stevens.
Called on Mrs. Barkshire. Mrs. Kerry died.
20th Feb Wes. Ch. morning. Dr. Stevens. Motored to Sudbury. Sibel’s last visit.
Dr. Stevens. Saw Mrs. Parr. Jill and Josie got up for a little this aft.
Mrs. Dolman and the children and Fraulein came to tea. Heard from Kathleen.
Chris had bilious turn. Dr. Stevens. Saw Mr. & Mrs. Scase. Chris has lumbago badly. Finished D’s bed jacket.
27th Feb Had migraine and stayed in bed till after dinner. Chris in bed all day.
Kathleen McQuirk came in the evening. Had a chat with Holly. The Rector called and had tea. Rosa and Miss Lingley stayed to tea. Saw Mrs. Parr.
Dr. Stevens. Mr. Lucas spent the evening here. Sibel and Harry went up to London for the Glasgow Orpheus Choir. Jill had slight nettlerash.
6th March Went to Wes. Chapel morning and evening. Chris ill and R bad headache. Both laid up most of day, and I had a slight migraine.
Wrote to Dorothy. The COW arrived. Norah brought her baby and aunt to tea. Kate Green came as well.
13th March Stow church in morning. Letter from Dorothy. Austrian crisis rather unsettling. Went over to Crown Cottage.
The Rector had supper with R after mission service. Wrote to Blanche. The two Mission young men came to tea.
Migraine early this morning. C and S went to Social eve party at the Village Hall. Fire at Mr.Wright’s. Sibel finished my jumper.
Maggie left for London. Read to Mr. & Mrs. Scase and called to see Mrs. Parr.
20th March Stow in the morning. C and S went to Stow to hear Faust. Went to Stow.
Wrote to Nan. Went and read to F. Scase and Mrs. Scase. Slight migraine.
Wrote to Kathleen.
27th March Wes. Chapel in evening with Jill and John. Visited Mrs. Parr. Sibel joined the choir at Stow Parish Church.
Had neuritis in neck and head. Went to Stow with Sibel. Stocktaking. Sibel took children to Stow pictures.
Chris at W.Inst. Read to Mr. & Mrs. Scase. Had tea with Sibel at Crown Cottage.
3rd April Went for motor ride and took Mrs. Berkshire. Stow Cong. Sale of work.
Dr. Dolman had tea with us. Kathleen McQuirk came to tea. Miss Head and Kate called later. Went to Stow with Sibel and chose a new dress.
The Church evan. Mr. Rogers called and had supper with R. Dorothy came home. “Uncle Ted” had dinner with us. S and I went to Ipswich.
10th April Wes. Ch. in morning. Church with H and Jim to hear “Uncle Ted”. Started Josie’s stockings. D went to tea at Mrs. Day’s. Heard from D. Read to Mrs. Scase.
C went to Ipswich. Dr. Stevens called. In bed with a cold. Dr. Stevens to see children. End of “Uncle Ted”s mission. Nancy and Sophie came for weekend.
17th April Myrtle came and played with J and J. Nan and Sophie left. Jim went to dentist and had a tooth drawn. Dr. Stevens came. Jim’s birthday party. C went to dentist.
Kate and Myrtle and Kathleen Turner, also Mr. Dolman, had tea with us.
Migraine (not bad). D and I had tea at Crown Cottage.
24th April Felt a bit seedy this morning. Kathleen McQuirk spent the evening with us.
Steed’s dog hurt Jim’s face badly and Jim was taken to Bury Hospital for treatment. Had a long migraine attack. Jim still in bed. Dr. Mackenzie saw Josie.
Visited the Scases. Saw D. Godbold and Mrs. Pearce and Miss Young. Mrs. Pitter had tea,with us. Saw Mrs. Parr. Chris and Sibel went to see The Gondoliers at Ipswich.
1st May In bed all day with cold. Got up for tea (Monday). C went to dentist. S went to Sudbury. The Rector came to see R. Migraine.
Mrs. Dolman and Erica called in evening. Woke with bad headache. Mrs. Jenkins came to see me.
Josie in bed with cold. Sibel took Jill, John and Margaret to Cambridge.
8th May Jill has nettlerash. Miss Head and Miss Lovatt came to tea. Both children better. Jill and Jo came down. Much better. Mrs. Pitter had tea and Kathleen McQuirk came later.
Josie in bed. Chris and Jill and Margaret at the Ipswich Musical Festival. Sibel at Diocesan Meeting at Bury.
C and S went to Ipswich Festival, C came home with bad headache. Finished J’s stockings (1 pair).
15th May Heard Mr. Fretter at Wes. Chapel. Motorride to Eye and ?. Kathleen came for the day. Started Josie’s second pair. Visited Mr. & Mrs. Scase. C Harrison called to see us.
Dr. Stevens. Migraine. The Rector called. S played for Mothers Union at the Church. C went to London to stay with Nancy. R in bed with a cold.
22nd May Stow in morning. Chris returned. R better. Saw Mrs. Parr. C had bad bilious headache. Jill in bed with slight cold.
Harry went for a sea trip. Bacon Factory Show Day. Empire Air Day (28th). S and Jill went with Harry to Mildenhall.
29th May Wes. Chap. S.S. Anni. Went morning and evening. C went to bed early. Had a throat attack at dinner. Maggie returned. Had a visit from Betty Mewson and her husband.
Bury Show today. Had Scotch cheque. Dad went to Bury for a . meeting, Mr. Hale came for S.Ann, at Baptist. Dorothy arrived for a week. Miss Nunn started her holiday.
5th June Heard Mr. Hale at the Bap. Chapel. Jack Hemsley called and stayed to supper.
Duke of Kent’s visit to Wetherden. H went to Lincoln. Dorothy left for Nottingham. Migraine. Dr. Stevens saw Robert, and took Jill and Josie for a ride.
Nan came from Kathleen to finish holiday. Earthquake in London. R in bed with a cold.
12th June Wes. Ch. in evening. Fire at Hardings Farm. Dr. Stevens. Dr. Dolman came to see Robert. Saw Mrs. Scase. Open Air church meeting.
Earth tremor in London. Went to Stow and bought my summer hat. Heard Dr. G? at the Cong. Chapel for S. Benevolent Social. Josie in bed with slight cold. Migraine.
19th June Went to WeS. Ch. morning and evening. Kathleen came to tea. Peggy started work again. Nancy left. Called to see Mrs. Parr, also the twins. C took Josie to see Dr. Stevens to sign Hos. paper.
Went to Stow. Josie left for hospital. Josie had her operation this afternoon. Sibel took Jill and Margaret to Felixstowe. The hospital report of Josie was good.
26th June To Stow in morning. Miss Mawson had dinner with us and H drove her back.
Chris in bed all day. Chris better. Jill in bed – cough troublesome. Josie home from hospital. Mrs. Vince called. Migraine. Dr. Stevens to see Josie.
Mrs. Barkshire came. Josie very weak. Rev Dolman and Kate had tea with us.
Dr. Stevens came.
3rd July Wes. Chap. in morning. Dr. Stevens – Josie much better. Dr. Stevens to see Chris and Josie. Motored to Bury to meet Kathleen. Josie down to tea. Mr. & Mrs. Ennals came to supper. Dr. Stevens.
10th July Wes. Chap. in morning – Harry motored to see Hilda Slater. Chris and Kathleen went to Felixstowe. Had a slight stricture turn at dinner. Church Fete – Dr. Stevens – migraine.
Chris went to W.I. at Mrs. Chamberlaynes. Visit from “Uncle Ted”. Mr. Barker called.
17th July C had bad sick turn. Jill went to Cromer to stay with Salters. Chris went to Ipswich to see Dr. Heath. Kathleen came back. Mr. Dolman came to tea.
Chris and Kathleen leave for Bramhall. Sibel went to Stowlangtoft to a church meeting. Sibel went to Bury. Mr. Williams called and waited for his bus to Stow.
24th July Wes. Chap. in the evening – heard Mr. Winter. Had migraine when I woke. Kathleen came to supper. Angela came to play with Josie. Paid Mrs. Parr a visit.
Harry. starts his sea trip. Dorothy arrived. Saw the Scases. Sibel left for Scotland.
Jill came back from Cromer and Nan came for Bank Holiday. Kathleen ill all this week.
31st July Nan left. R went to Bury meeting. Fire alarm at Crown Mill. Holly and the boys came home. A.R.P. meeting. Doctor’s bill £2.15.0. Slight migraine. Chris came home.
The Rector had tea with us. Harry came back from his Scotch trip.
7th August A.R.P. Black out. Heard Mr. Bell at Wes. Chap. Chris had bad sick headache. Josie had tea at the Rectory. Called on Mrs. Richardson and Mrs. Bell. Chris took Jill to Dr. Heath.
A.R.P. meeting. Mrs. Kemp came for hospital subs 10/-. and ? for Josie. Chris went to W.I. at Miss Head’s. Wrote to Mrs. Pitter.
Harry went to London to attend a meeting at ?Mark Lane. Chris had headache but not severe. Angela and Dodo came to tea.
14th August Agnes Glew paid a surprise visit. Went to Stow for evening service. Saw the Black Watch arrive and another regiment. Nora and David came to tea. Children went to Kate’s to tea.
Mr. Jones of Stow Cong. Chapel paid us a visit and stayed to supper. Jill left for Warrington. CMS Missionary meeting at Miss Head’s.
Harry motored to Diss and took C, D and me with him. Saw the tanks. Visited Mrs. Scase. Angela and Dodo came to tea with Josie.
21st August Mr. Wagstaff had dinner with us. Motored to Lavenham. Saw Mrs. Parr. Saw Verey lights at 10 p m. Wrote to Blance.
Walked over to Crown Cottage. Kate, Mrs. Pringle and the 2 boys came to tea. Chris and Josie went to Felixstowe with the Ennals. Annie came for her fortnight’s holiday.
28th August Stow Chapel – heard Mr. Jones. Motored to Wattisham aerodrome. C, D and I had tea at the Ross’. Mrt Rogers had dinner with us. Rosa and Annie spent the evening here.
C, D went to Dovercourt with the Ennals. C & D went to tea at Miss Head’s, and C motored with the Ennals to Ixworth to a lecture on Spain.
Dorothy left for Bexhill. C ran a nail into her foot.
4th Sept Wes. Chapel in morning. Wattisham again in the afternoon. Elsie came. Called and read to Mr. & Mrs. Scase.
Elsie motor C and went to Ipswich to a chiropodist about her foot. Elsie took Chris for a motorride. Annie and Rosa to tea and supper.
Sibel returned. Chris and Josie went with the Ennals to Stow. Mrs. Barkshire.
called. Annie left for Bristol. Charlie and Sophie arrived at Crown Cottage.
Josie’s birthday party.
11th Sept Wes. Chap. in morning. Josie went to S. School and Jim and John. Long motor ride to Thetford and Brandon. Sophie left for London. Had throat trouble at dinner.
Elsie motored us to Framlingham and Laxfield. Lovely day. Elsie left.
Biddy had a very bad attack on Sunday but recovered soon. Angela had dinner and tea with Josie. Jill came home after her holiday.
Prime Minister flew to Germany to interview Hitler. A daughter born to Mrs. Dolman. Jim knocked down by motor. Not seriously hurt.
Sibel took Jill and Josie to Felixstowe. Mrs. Ross came to tea and Mr. Lang and Mr. King finished auditing. Angela and Dodo came to play with Josie. Neck rather painful. Started blue matinee coat.
18th Sept Jill started school. Neck still painful. Paid the Scases a visit and read . to them. Charlie left. Kathleen McQuirk came to tea. Sibel started school.
Chris, Jill and Josie went to have tea with Nora and David. Mr. Holton’s funeral. War news serious. St. Matthew 6.34.
25th Sept Stow Harvest Festival. War news very serious. Still very anxious. Finished matinee coat. Hitler asks for another interview. A gleam of hope. Gas masks being fitted.
Went to Stow. Spent R’s pants £1.1.0. Sundries 3/5. Fitted my gas mask. 30th Sept. Peace Pact signed. Great rejoicing. Church Harvest Thanksgiving. Saw Mrs. Parr.
2nd Oct At home all day. “Uncle Ted” came to dinner. Chris took Josie to dentist.
Migraine in evening. Visited Fred and Mrs. Scase. Jill’s cough rather bad.
Jill in bed with cold and nettle rash. Sibel came to tea.
9th Oct Josie in bed. Have slight cold. Kathleen came to tea and supper. In bed with cold. Still in bed – Chris went to Ipswich. Feeling better.
Chris & Sibel went to a drawing room meeting for Waifs and Strays at Mrs. Kirkwood. The two J’s up to tea. W.Inst. Angela in hospital with double mastoid.
Dodo at home with pneumonia. Wrote to Dorothy. Mrs. Robinson lent me a book and stayed to tea.
16th Oct Kathleen spent the day with us. Better news of Angela and Dodo. Jill in bed. Miss Head and Miss Lovatt to tea. Josie went to the dentist and had tooth stopped.
Men started on the artesian well. I came down to tea.
Angela back from hospital. Stayed in bed today after a restless night. C and D went to Missionary Show at Bury. Chris went to tea at Nora’s.
23rd Oct Harry and the two boys had tea with us – candles for H’s birthday last Tuesday.
Mrs. Alice King buried (Alice Hawes). Mr. Cook conducted the service. Mr. Ebb Ennals paid a short visit. Jill started school again. Chris went to tea at Miss Head’s.
Wrote to Dr. Stevens. Sibel left for weekend in London.
Harry left for a trip to Cumberland with J. Borley. Chris took Jill and John to see Snow White at Bury.
30th Oct R brought a Mr. Stone to supper. Half term holiday. Chris took Jill and Jo to the dentist. Sibel came home. Started Sibel’s teacloth. Miss Mawson came to tea. W.I. Social.
5th Nov – hottest day on record for 5th Nov. No fire – sitting with window open. Fireworks and bonfire in the evening.
6th Nov Went for a motor ride. Mrs. Warren to tea and supper. 7th anniversary of darling Barbara’s death. C took Jill to the dentist. Traveller called and I gave order for tea.
Sibel went to London for the day. Frank Downing married.
13th Nov British Legion attended church. C had headache. I had migraine. Chris took Jill to the dentist last time. Heard of the death of Miss Peace. Josie in bed with a cold.
Had a short visit from Evelyn Cawston. Chris left for Aldeburgh. Josie better. Dr. & Mrs. Dolman called. Josie down to tea.
20th Nov Went for motor ride. Kathleen came. Chris came back from Aldeburgh. Paid Peggy 10/-. Milk 10/6. Sibel went to the Diocesan meetings at Ipswich. Saw Mrs. Scase.
C & S went to the Rectory to tea. C took Jill to Ipswich. Saw Mrs. Parr.
27th Nov Went for motor ride and called for Kathleen Chris in bed with a bad sick turn.
Had migraine. Maggie arrived at Sibel’s house after 5 months. The Rosses moved to Elmswell. Kathleen came to tea. Went to Stow. H took John to have tooth out.
He had xray and gas. Visited Mrs. Scase.
4th Dec Josie in bed with cold. Finished S’s tablecloth. Wrote to Kathleen and Jack Hemsley. Had migraine. Josie’s cold rather worse. Nora and Mrs. Douglas called in the evening.
Maggie left for Braunton. C & S went to tea at Kirkwoods. Josie much better. Had Scotch cheque yesterday. Josie better and down.
Miss Shields cameto tea and spent the evening with us. Jill and Josie both in bed, C & S went to Bury.
11th Dec Stow with the Ennals in morning. C headache in afternoon. Kathleen, for tea and church with John in the evening.
13th – Jill’s 12th birthday. 14th – Sibel’s birthday. 15th – Dorothy’s birthday. 16th – Sibel’s children’s party. Migraine.
18th Dec C had headache. Jill in all day. Sibel went to Ipswich shopping.
22nd Dec GOLDEN WEDDING DAY. Gifts, telegrams and flowers and a big gathering for tea. Great sorrow for H in his domestic trouble. Nancy arrived.
25th Dec Chris’ birthday. Family gathering. Nan not very well after tiring train journey. Dad in bed all day. John and Jim came to dinner and tea. Joe and May Smith came to see us in the morning.
Chris had temperature this evening. Chris ill – Dr. Hardwicke came to see her. I feel very anxious about her. Chris not much better. Dr. Stevens called to see Chris (29th).
30th Dec – Dr. Stevens saw Chris and took blood test – also gave R a look. Mrs.
Kirkwood called. 31st – Charlie came for short visit. Goodbye 1938. Dr. Stevens came. Nan came for weekend. Harry motored to Bramhall. 1st Jan – Nan left.

Notes on the people mentioned
Under preparation

Sophie’s children were Chris(tabel) (c.1890), Dorothy (1891), Anne Sibel (1893), Ruby May (1894), Henry (Harry) Robert (1900), and Kathleen S. (1901) – the birth years are approximate. So by the year of the first diary Chris was already about 44 and Kathleen 33. Harry’s son John was coming up for 5 (1st Feb.) and Jim would have been a babe of less than a year. The Jill and Josie mentioned would be Barbara’s children, orphaned in South Africa and now living at Ivy House.

Sophie’s birthday was 12th July and Nancy’s 24th, Dorothy’s 15th Dec, Chris 25th Dec, Jim 17-24 April ’38, Robert 24th June, James (Robert’s brother?) , K(athleen) 4-10 Nov ’34, Jill 13th Dec [aged 8 in ’34], Josie 4-10 Sep, Maggie 21st Dec, Biddy 23 Dec, John 1st Feb, Harry 19th Oct, Sibel 14th Dec. It is difficult to reconcile the birthdays of Harry and Kathleen with the 1901 census, if he was born in 1900.
Ennals next-door neighbours living in Linden Croft
Warren Nathan Warren was one of the village blacksmiths