The name of Pattle is quite familiar, as it appears several times in the few available old papers about Elmswell.

E-mails from Mary Pattle Hover in 2002

Daniel Pattle (1736-1816) – “…in 1785 & 88, he had land in Elmswell & various parishes stated in deeds of the Barnardiston family & one by inheritance, & in 1770-80 he paid 85 pounds & 110 pounds in rate assessment. In 1790 he owned freehold in Bradfield St. George.

In 1807 he bought Elmswell Hall Estate, having lived there 20 years) from Rev. Tilly Walker for 8000 pounds (& left it to Zachariah).” Zachariah was his son – other children were Daniel Moss, Robert, Alexander, William, Elizabeth, Mary Ann, Harriet, John, Charles, George.

If I find any more, I’ll let you know. Above, it actually said “…BARNARDISTON FAMILY AND ONEBY INHERITANCE…” but I figured it meant “one by inheritance.” This was taken from the text files inserted in the family tree directory by my brother, Roger Pattle, of Holbrook, Suffolk (passed away in 1997). There was more to the file, but not about Elmswell.

Mary Pattle Hover
5th May 2002, by e-mail –

Me again – found on the Main Pattle Directory that Daniel Pattle, a commercial traveller, was born in Elmswell in 1815. He first married an Ann ? and then Frances Watling. His parents were Zachariah Pattle and Mary Davey. Whether any of these lived at Elmswell Hall (there is such a place, isn’t there – sticks in my mind – heard my Dad speak of it), I don’t know and don’t seem to have any info in that direction.

Note by Norman Kenyon

Daniel Pattle appears in the Suffolk Poll Book of 1790 I’m sure I’ve seen land areas marked “Daniel Pattle” on the 1814 enclosure allotments, and my scribbles say “(incl. Hall Farm)”.

There is a Daniel Pattle in the 1841 Census (aged 75, Warrant Officer) – no connection that I could see to the Hall, but at or next door to the Rectory.

White’s Directory of 1844 lists a Pattle among the owners not residing in Elmswell.
I told Mary about the Suffolk Chronicle article and had the following reply:

Thank you, Norman, for the article. Very interesting! I think it must’ve been John Pattle since he seems to be the only Elmswell Pattle born around the right time (1781 – he would’ve been about 44 yrs. old). His parents were Daniel Pattle & Mary Moss. He was born at Elmswell Hall. Or it could’ve been Robert Pattle, I suppose, but he would’ve been a bit older. It’s a shame they didn’t include his first name! Thanks again…. Mary.