World War I, 1914-18

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June 2015 – History Group members are carrying out extensive researches on Elmswell during World War 1 (then called ‘The Great War’), and mounted their first exhibition in April 2015 to commemorate the 100th anniversary of the start of this war and to show the preliminary results of their researches. For the WW1 Elmswell Aerodrome information, we hope to have a new linked website in due course. Meanwhile, here is a short report with pictures of that exhibition, and other general WW1 information uncovered so far.

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Exhibition Poster – 20+21.7.19, Portrait

Sat 20th + Sun 21st JULY 2019, 10am-4pm : *FREE ENTRY*

An EXHIBITION of the Royal Flying Corps at Elmswell’s WW1 Aerodrome

Held at Great Ashfield Village Hall, School Rd, Gt Ashfield, IP31 3HN.

Guided tours of the WW1 aerodrome site, and light refreshments available all day.

Everyone welcome.  Look out for our posters on village notice boards.

This exhibition marked the culmination of our four-year project on this topic.