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Some Past Elmswell Pictures

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Elmswell Football Club, 1922-23

Elmswell Football Club, 1922-23

Elmswell School 'Class ?’, 1920-30s(?)

Elmswell School 'Class ?’, 1920-30s(?)


Farrow, King and Palmer families, 1909
This family picture was sent to BFP by Gordon Temple. It features his wife's mother and father in 1909 in Elmswell.
Back row: Lillie Farrow, Rosa Farrow, Henry James Farrow, Agnes Farrow, William George King, Sarah King.
Front row: Evelyn Farrow, William James Palmer, George King and Blanch Farrow, Edith Maud Farrow, Lillie Palmer (possibly).


Football Team, 1919-20
G. Everitt - H. Ainsworth - J. Hassel - G. Brand - A. Fenton - W. Gould - A. Millar - R. Pye - Mr Hansen - Rev. Sayer
B. Manning - A. Robinson - S. Baker - A. Piper - A. Mulley
E. Pask - A. Fuller


St. John's Football Team, c.1920
Photographed in front of the Old Rectory by Rev Sayer who took a keen interest in the team. The St John's Team was known as "The Lily Whites" whilst the Elmswell Foot- ball Club team - drawn in the main from the Bacon Factory - were "The Blood- and Sawdusts".
Back Row L to R: William Manning (the only one with 'proper' boots), George Mulley, Dan Hurst (linesman), Cyril Collett, Neddy Gould, Fred Redit, Len Cardy, Fred Farrow.
Front Row L to R: Reg Cooper, H (cigarette in hand) Redit, Bill Farrow (aged 15), Cecil Cooper.


Football Team, 1928-29
Ted Nicholls, Herbert Baker, Bob Mulley, Ian Hazell, George Ball, W. Hammond, Frank Elliston

Pat Manning, P. Rose, Ted Salmon, Steve Mulley, L. Schuer, Jack Goymer


Elmswell Football Team 1947-8
G. Wade - Vic Wade - Ginger Howe - Ted Woolnough - D Everitt - Sam Birch - P. King - ? Duncan - Len Blaker - D. Atkins

Ron Pike - D Pask - W Pleasance - R Burch - C Salmon


Haymaking in the churchyard, c.1910
Haymaking in the Churchyard around 1910. The horse was either Fly or Bowler and Mrs Dalton, who loaned us the photograph, lists the men from left to right as:
J. Howe, Tom Manning ,William Manning aged about 5 at the time, Jack King - Stanley's grandfather, Jack Armstrong, Joe Armstrong - known as Long Joe, Jack Fuller holding his dog, W Fenton, W Mulley who is still with us, Albert Fuller one of the two lads, Herbert Mulley with the beard and two unknowns (perhaps you can help identify them!).


Trip to London
Trip from Elmswell Baptist Church to hear Billy Graham, not sure if it is Wembley (confirmed by the Rudlands), not sure of year. The four youngsters in front are Leonard Pearson, John Fenton and two unknown.
On the left Mr and Mrs Goldsmith, behind Leonard are Harry and Mabel Pearson, Doreen Rudland, Vi Cook, Maureen Fenton and unknown.
At the back of the group, Charlie Rudland is to Doreen's left shoulder, and then his father Bill - others not known.


Railway Tavern Darts Team, Stowmarket & District League Winners, 1960
Names, left to right:
Back Row – Harry “Knot” Goodwin, Fred Kidd, Eric “Shrimp” King
Middle Row – Eddie “Goggi” Goddard, Ron Coomber, Owen Nunn, Jimmy Cobbold
Front Row – Billy Cammell, Harry Whatley, Ernie Bennett (Captain), Barry Scase, Trevor Scase


Harvest Thanksgiving, c.1960
Harvest Thankgiving Service at Elmswell Baptist Church, pupils ready to walk in with gifts, Year approx 1961. Back: Lenard Pearson; Back left to right: Eddie Hart, David Goldsmith, David Parsk, Dennis Cook; Next row: Susan Bloomfield, Ann Rudland, Linda Powell; Front row: Paul Summons, Robert Rice, Rosemary Rice.


Bomb crater, 1915
During a zeppelin raid on 30th April 1915 a bomb was dropped at Woolpit Warren / Warren Lane. Thomas Manning (2nd from right, in uniform) can be seen with his son William; other folk not yet identified). Bill Farrow also witnessed this event.